How long does it take for vesicare to work

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Avatar m tn By this point I am just beat down and tell the doc that it feels like mono to me. So she ordered some blood test for EBV and sure enough it came back extremely high is what she told me. She said that all the antibiotics had destroyed my immune system and only made things worse. Now it's December and I am no better.. actually feel worse. My left side/lower back is killing me along with the weird aches radiating down my shoulders and arms.
790669 tn?1465192699 So I finally got my internet back. Really bad lightening storm, phone lines under ground had to be replaced. Found out the ethernet port to my dsl box was fried. Got my new dsl box yesterday, hooked it all up and still the same thing. :S SO I grabbed the laptop and it worked fine and now it's also the ethernet port on my desk top, ugh!! lol So I've seen a 2nd urologists and he definitely comfirmed my Interstitual Cystitis..he was it was "moderate" stage.
Avatar f tn I know Vesicare is prescribed for MS and I have had minimal side affects on it, just a dry mouth for a few days. I am not saying this will work for you but it seems to be for me at the moment. A one of doesn't mean it will occur again daily, our symptoms do come and go.
Avatar f tn My GI guy told me that if we have diahheria ( sp) , or constiptation, that the fiber bulks up the excess water,, or in the other case helps hold on to water, and it will take about 3 weeks for it to work itself out. He said that it was odd to be old that when you have the RUNS, be told to take extra fibre, but he swears that it works. So, far, evern with everything that I take, I still suffer sometimes from the constipation, and that is when I take the bisaydl sodium (sp) again, sorry....
Avatar f tn As I understand it, the bladder has to contract for us to urinate. The drugs we take - I am on Sanctura for my bladder - relax that bladder muscle. My neurogenic bladder is quite content to let the drug be in charge, much like other drugs such as baclofen might work for our limbs and other muscles. Yes, this can be a life hindering problem and you can reclaim your life if you can get the bladder under control. It's worth the dry mouth to be able to go 3 hours or longer between pit stops.
147426 tn?1317269232 Certainly there was no indication that Avonex was having an effect, because that is not how it works - It prevents worsening. It is hard to measure something you have prevented, no? But, a few people on the forum had said that they actually felt better. Could this really be true? I have felt bad for so long, that I no longer remember how I felt when 60-70 hour work weeks were normal and I didn't feel tired all the time.
Avatar f tn As someone else said, toredol does absolutely nothing for my kidney stone pain. Just be careful with how much you take. And hang in there.
Avatar m tn because you are in a VERY long and strong could take SEVERAL days of taking the pyridium for it to really kick I would keep taking it for a week...just see what happens...
Avatar m tn hey Charmed, >>I'm mainly fatigue, sleepy and numb all over or just feeling like a live wire. Its hard to plan and deal with everyday life but we just have to press on and just do it. how i can relate/empathize with that. to "force" we had to use somedays just to [do something], it is so weird to me.
147426 tn?1317269232 Now, I always hurt - ache - and I take nothing for granted - like feeling okay. It feels like I always need to release the floodgates, but often nothing is there. My next voyage out was with Vesicare and this did more to dull the waves of angry pain and seemed to delay the "puddling" somewhat more. So she prescribed Vesicare - only to be told by my insurance that I must fail trials of Detrol LA and Oxybutinin ER first. Okay, now we are 6 weeks into the drug trials.
544292 tn?1268886268 Please make yourself at home and snuggle down. It will be a bit bumpy, but worth it!
Avatar f tn My prescription plan allows me to order 3 months at a time - the GI doc wrote the prescription for me to take it up to 2 times a day, and I get six HUGE bottles in each order for $20. It is a generic drug. One little bottle of Miralax costs about $18 when it is on sale. And like Q said, it does work.
Avatar f tn My symptoms did not improve and I began on Vesicare, which did not help, and now I am on Detrol LA. This does not seem to be helping either. I am continuing to urinate 20-30 times a day. Sitting also makes it worse. Please help. I cannot continue to live like this. This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/912656'>Urinary Urgency/Frequency/Incontinence</a>.
405614 tn?1329147714 I have a week coming up where I can try it and see how it goes. I would love to be one of the ones it works for! So it was Rena that had the great success with it, ah ha. And Wobbly, too, once you got past the first adjustment. I'll make sure I'm well-stocked with supplies at home while I try adjusting to a new med if there are any negative side-effects for me. Provigil was such a wonder to me when I first tried it; I felt more alert and clear than I had in a long time.
3204881 tn?1345503526 He doesn't seem to concerned with anything at this point but I will bring it up with him tomorrow. In regards to Copaxone, how does it work for you? How long did it take for it to start working for you? How do you fare with the awesome burning at the injection site? You are the first person that I have talked with that has taken the drug so any imput you have would be great.
1373769 tn?1278607210 They are a bit graphic, but they tell the truth. The first is the explanation of how our bladders are supposed to work and some of the things that can go wrong.
1034549 tn?1255428213 I hope and pray that you get some answers, help to your chronic problems today at the Doctors.
Avatar n tn I just went to my GP this week for a physical, more urine - all clean. I have to go back to him on Sat for blood work. The last 2 days all i think about is how i am not urinating normally. And i am frustrated to go to the bathroom for almost nothing... i have no leaks or incontinance my muscles are strong. My GP suggested my next step is to go to a Urologist.
Avatar n tn I forgot to mention his white count blood work has been consistently low. How long does it take to get results of a Lyme Disease Blood Test? Son took on 2 weeks ago along with many others and has not gotten any results as of yet. I am beginning to understand this will be a journey getting a diagnosis but something in my mind and heart believes it is Lyme Disease.
1176711 tn?1265341941 I have had ongoing problems of numbness, nerve pain in that area for a long time, because of loss of sensation it has made it difficult for me to feel the normal arousal but I also think that if your legs are having spasms and your mind is else where it also plays a part and the more you worry about things like that the worse it gets.
Avatar dr m tn dx = demylinating disease/white brain matter disease detrol didn't work so the urologist changed me to vesicare. That seem to be helping. Without the meds I am up every two or three hours without much output.
1323278 tn?1298126088 I never managed to find out about that for you. Been feeling vile until the last 5 or so days (you know how it is!). As for Aussies, there's me of course, Udkas, and SupermumSS that I know of. Maybe one of us can help. The US dollar is neck and neck with the Aus dollar this week, in fact the US $ is set to be worth LESS very soon. Apparently your Federal Reserve are printing money like some tin-pot regime.........1000USD per annum is 20 bucks a week......I don't think you'll get it cheaper!
1225331 tn?1333369369 I would talk to your neurologist about your symptoms, and about how they're getting worse, not better. Neurological damage does take a long time to heal, so it's hard to tell at first whether you're getting better. But if you're having new symptoms, or worsening ones, then CIS is unlikely. If you have questions, take a look at our Health Pages (upper right hand corner) - there's a lot of info on MS, PPMS, and CIS.
Avatar f tn hello all, YES methadone does cause weight gain...ALOT of weight for some people.It seems to cause it more in women than men. I am on the methadone clinic now, and have been for a few years!! Not my plan of course, but if you use for a long time, it will obviously take a long time to feel "normal" again (no it does not cause you to feel "buzzed,@the clinic it is liquid and time-released) as well as get your sh-t together.Anyway, for me it took a while to gain alot of weight.
Avatar f tn How long ago did all this happen? It can take up to two years for recovery. I will read some and see what I can find out.
147426 tn?1317269232 Mike - Yes, there is a good chance the ankle will eventually heal, but in reality, it might take longer than 6 weeks. It will be weak for a long time. I really would not like to be screwed.
Avatar n tn Mine makes me feel like I have to pee all the time and when I do I get a pain in my side/back then when I am done it usually goes away. I am usual aware of the stents pressence and I hope to get rid of it someday. I hope you have success with your clinical trial. I am on doxil now it is so far not so bad. Better then taxol/carbo. But I am not sure if it is working yet. Do you know what drug you are taking on clinical trial? I will pray for you!!
Avatar n tn I don't have any pain either just pressure and a need to go feeling, worse when i sit down or lay down on my side. There is no pain,no leaking and no feeling i won't make it to the bathroom. I have noticed a little less intense feelings without drinking coffee. I'm trying to narrow down what might irritate my bladder and cause some of this. My Dr said he would send me to a Urologist but they are expensive without insurance and IC can't always be seen in a scope unless it's severe or ulcered.
Avatar m tn Please, before you spend ungodly amounts of money, ask your doctor nicely (at first) to schedule an ultrasound of your abdomen to check for hernia. I have my doctors appointment on the 9th. I am going to discuss it with him and insist that he push it through. For my own piece of mind. i am even going to bring in the forum post that i have printed out for him. BTW, lyrica works quite well for the nuerology of it. Good luck to you. guys story: