How long does it take for risperidone to work

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1985196 tn?1402193698 Also the Lithium does take a little while to work but it is a medicine that is prescribed to a lot of us. I tried it for a while but switched back to Lamictal because it worked better for me. It does take a while and you will have to have your levels checked every so often but I know for a lot of people it works wonders.
Avatar f tn That's one of the reasons I do not want to switch to another med, because it works so well for me. He sees me for about 5 minutes and tells me I can work and I'm fine! He doesn't know me, really, how I've been feeling lately, or what triggers my extreme anxiety nowadays. I guess, that's my fault for not relaying that information to him. Actually, I had a job interview last month, and I was so uncomfortable during it, I thought I was going to come out of my skin!
952564 tn?1268372247 So since I am allergic to Lamictal my doctor is deciding to try Risperidone. He thinks it will also help me with my paranoia and repetitive thoughts. However, being an anti-psychotic I'm scared. I read through the side effects, some of them are pretty crazy, I know a lot of the bad ones are rare, but so far I'm 1:1 for bad rare side effects. >.
Avatar m tn I have a pertinent question to members of this forum which is does anybody know for how long we have to continue taking meds as sometimes I wish I could live a life without taking any meds.I have been having BP since 12 years and have been on an MS since eleven years.My Pdoc does not answer this question of mine and himself is not sure.
603015 tn?1329866573 Going off your meds could end up causing you to go right back to where you just came from. I know that it would be nice to live med free, and I did it for several years until 2 years ago when I started rapid cycling again, with devastating consequences.
439168 tn?1307935340 Ask him if it is likely that the amount of meds will decrease and what has to happen for that to occur. Is it possible to take a drug off now? As I said in another post, I'm down to 2 now, and I didn't change doctors. If you want, you have the option of getting a second opinion from another psychiatrist, who is a bipolar isorder expert on the meds you are on. Ask your doctor and/or your insurance how you can get a second opinion, if you aren't satified with the answers your doctor gives you.
Avatar m tn You really can't get any sound sleep at those doses and that may explain why you sleep so much when you take it away. Get to a doctor for some lab work to check your liver and try to get away from this habit.
2216810 tn?1420860476 I can't contact to my pdoc because he is out of state for few days but I wonder if it's right to take antipsychotic for anxiety?I'm so worry! Does anyone take that med or do you take antipsychotics to treat anxiety??
Avatar f tn ya all medication concerns have those things listed that is why it is a prescription medication, but it works and you dont have to take it for more than the beginning of the withdrawal so its not bad at all
574118 tn?1305138884 I myself take 3 of them in minimum doses (risperidone, seroquel, stelazin), i tried to get off stelazin for 3 weeks but failed having extreme anxiety and returned yesterday to take it. Of course it prevents mania as well. Really the decision to take it or give it up is the pdoc decision, we are not an authority in this only our personal experience and readings that's all.
598237 tn?1225647072 The only thing I'd like to invite parents to do is to take the medication themselves for 2 weeks before giving it to their kids. We're talking here about a drug which directly stimulates the nervous system, akin to cocaine, or opium more precisely.
Avatar f tn But if you are like my cousin and have major episodes early on from out of nowhere, then there isn't really a way to prevent that. Lithium works great for her as a restorative. It doesn't work for me (right now I'm trying Tegretol.) We seem to have different flavors of the illness, so it's no wonder we require different treatments.
Avatar f tn Okay i have been on trazodone for six nights now, and all it does is decrease my appetite. Funny thing is the doctor gave it to me for insomnia and hoping for weight gain, but all it does is the opposite. (Could be I need a higher dosage) I did get rid of the headache 2 days ago. It does give my brain energy, like a hyper feeling. I want to take my ambien, but the on call doctor told me not to and to continue the same dosage until my regular doctor comes back from vacation.
11119474 tn?1428705770 I've been going to this guy for 8 years. He should know me by now. He has always just "skimmed over" and not listened to my neurologic or pain issues, and offers no support, other than he'll talk for 30 minutes on the benefits of stopping smoking. Yes, I get that and am working on it. He dismisses all of my complaints as they can be cured by this. Yes, maybe they can be better... but it's not what's causing my symptoms. During my last visit with him, he made me cry... Why?
Avatar f tn id=1369 Probably wouldn't hurt to try it for a bit longer. If or when you decide to stop it, make sure you read up on how to do so! When you do find a new doc - make sure he knows all of the meds you are on. I would definitely look for a psychiatrist who has a specialty in ADHD. And do take the time to check out the sites I mentioned - plus the link above is from ****.com which is also quite good. Keep us posted and let me know if there are any more resources you need.
Avatar n tn And ya, he is on a ton of meds. Something does need to be done and unfortunately, it will probably take trial and error to find what works the best. Keep in really close contact with your new doc. Report all that is going on. This is very complicated and beyond anything I have dealt with. And do keep in touch. I would like to know how things are going. I can recommend some good sites for working with the ADHD if you are interested. Best wishes.
Avatar f tn he didn't expect to see a difference on the 1/2mg dose(10 days on that dose) but that now we have upped it to 1mg within four weeks from his starting to take it we should see a marked improvement. if not he will try 11/2ng a day. he said it is very important to get both the risperidone and medikenect working complimentary to each other and not against each other.
Avatar n tn cause usually it takes thearpy or meds if its real bad. but i've had anxiety for about 4years now, it gets easier once you learn how to talk to yourself and let your self now its okey. try taking deeep breaths when pancing and think about your self somewhere nice like a beach or something :). try and relax your body & mind. you have to keep telling yourself its fine its fine. maybe try warm bubble baths or whatever calms you down. but i hope this helps. good luck & stay calm !!
1039200 tn?1314915608 Then 100mg seroquel was added which initially reduced the hallucinations paranoia etc at first, but some symptoms have started to come back, again. Is it normal for medication which work for a while to lose their effectiveness, and what do you do when this happens? Is it better to change the medication or persevere with the same one in higher doses? Which is safer? Also does this mean my condition is getting worse? I am new to all this and would welcome any opinions.
Avatar f tn Zyprexa takes a while to build up to a proper blood level so it will take some time for it to work. I wouldn't think she doesn't want to get better but more so that this is part of the schizohrenia. Negative symptoms in schizophrenia can make a person avoid people and have trouble relating to them.
607502 tn?1288251140 I've spoken to mental health consumers in person about my disability and how to watch for it (as I've said Clozaril is an option should it occur) and they took it very seriously but never stated or acted like they would discontinue treatment although people on the internet who are anti-psychiatry misuse my disability to make that claim. And they never discuss how it should be treated when it occurs so they don't have the best interest of people like me in mind.
Avatar f tn I had an allergic dystonic reaction to a combination of buspar for anxiety and compazine for nausea....and it was one of the scariest things that has ever happened to me. It made me realize just how much these things screw with your mind chemistry. even for the people who need them...they're soo dangerous. I understand taking them because you need them, but I always cringe just because they're so toxic.
202436 tn?1326477933 Any help would be greatly appreciated! ___________________________________________________________________________________________ I think I've avoided bringing this up for a long time. I never really thought it was something like a disorder...I just figured it was just some stupid way I handled stress. It wasn't until I had an intake appt with a psychologist for my daughter that he mentioned something to me about it.
544292 tn?1268886268 I got blocked and stars thru that word so many times as I was recovering! Because it does suck. Yes. It *****. Good to see we worked thru it after all this time. :D I just love you guys! Such honesty and kindness and willingness to help. It's such a blessing! I think this place attracts some of the most intelligent and caring people in the world. So gratifying. I haven't posted for a very long time ... but I will always keep this thread going.
Avatar m tn I, too, would feel so helpless when it came to giving her the answers that she longed for. I didn't know what to say to her or how to answer any of her questions, no matter what they were. :( As Tuck has told you, you must keep up your strength and try your hardest to keep some semblance of a normal life!!! There is nothing more important than that, so that you will keep your sanity about you!!!! You must not forget about YOU!!!
Avatar m tn New tics may also begin as imitations of normally occurring events, such as mimicking a dog barking. How these particular triggers come to form enduring symptoms is a matter for further study. In some cases, neuropsychiatric disorders, such as tic disorders and obsessive-compulsive disorder, have been shown to develop after streptococcal infection. No precise mechanism for this connection has been determined, although it appears to be related to the autoimmune system.
574118 tn?1305138884 your doctor knows you... My daughters experience with the Lamictal is she HAS to take it at night because it makes her so sleepy. She currently takes 100mg.. has been as high as 200mg... Talk to the PDOC about how to adjust the time you take it. I would think that all in the morning would not be an issue- unless you can't tolerate it.
Avatar m tn It does take a period of time - almost a month if I remember correctly - before it begins to work. And it does not work for everybody. And that may be one reason why you are not as motivated at school. If you still are having problems getting work done at school, you should let your doctor know so that he can change the dose. As far as wondering about school. Well, I taught 8th grade science many years and I think a lot of the guys were also wondering the same thing.
Avatar n tn I was wondering if anybody knows how long it will take for Risperdal to get out of my system. My psychiatrist prescribed it to me last week as a supplement to the Prozac I have been on for about 3 weeks now. Both to treat GAD. I was kind of getting an obsessed about dying thing which is why she prescribed the stop the obsessive thoughts. I was VERY reluctant to use any medication...I had been prescribed Paxil about a month and a half ago and I had a horrible reaction to it.
574118 tn?1305138884 Oh my! It took six weeks just to get my head on straight when I first started Seroquel! What I mean is, it did clear my head of delusions, but it took at least six weeks for me to feel like I could trust my own thought processes. I've been on it for years. Recently, the dose was reduced quite a bit due to an annoying side effect I was having. It was a disaster. Now I just tolerate the side effect.