How long does it take for pristiq to work

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Avatar m tn My 18 year old daughter spent the last 4 months weening off Pristiq and now feel she really needs something for depression and anxiety. So my question, how long to start feeling the effects of Zoloft? She is starting at 50 mg for a week then moving up to 100mg. Any information would be helpful.. I realize everyone is different, but would like to know some experiences.
Avatar f tn Usually they give these meds 6 weeks and if you have'nt started feeling better they may try something else. Some of us need a little longer though. Have you had a dose increase since you started taking it?
Avatar f tn The above post doesn't appear accurate to me -- Pristiq is not usually prescribed as an adjunct to another antidepressant. It is the newer version of Effexor, is very strong, is a very stimulating antidepressant so isn't usually used if anxiety is the primary problem unless all other meds have failed to work, and can be very difficult to stop taking.
Avatar f tn i heard about the b12 shot today.... does it really work to lose weight? im thinking aout getting it. how much does it cost?
Avatar f tn Hello I have a question how long does it take for urheitis to clear?
1269044 tn?1393189903 I'm on day 67! Which is awesome. My question to myself is does healing really take this long? Are there studies that support this? I sometimes wonder if my assumptions of needing more time heal prolong the healing. Afterall if you watch a pot of water come to a boil it takes forever. So if u keep saying only blah blah more days and I should be healed! Will this only make it worse.
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Avatar n tn how long does it take for you to heal from a root canal?The nerves are going in my bottom back tooth.I suppose to go to work that night will i be able to work?
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1337425 tn?1278173987 Day's getting off to a bad start, don't know how much more I can take of this.
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1047962 tn?1253728090 I went in for my lp test and some blood work, they said they thought they were sending the lp to the mayo clinic but werent for certain. They said it could take up to months? Does anyone know when i should except to get some tests answers from my doc? Or when I should call my doc and find out if they heard something? I had it done thurs the 24th but I am so parionid of what it could show. I just want it to be over and done with finally. U know. Thanks for all the repsonses ahead of time.
1107844 tn?1261163610 I was on b/c for 8yrs with no periods and now I want another baby. I stopped my b/c and went 8wks before having a period. It lasted 5 days and was light. 4wks later my doc put me on provera for 10 days to induce next cycle and I had period 3 days after stopping it, but was light and only lasted 2 days =( I'm so confused! I have no clue what my body may or may not be doing and I want another baby so badly!
Avatar f tn hi all...anyone taking pristiq 50? how long till you felt better? ive been on it now for 5 weeks but im still feeling anxiety im also only getting bout 5 hours sleep at nite and wake up feeling shaky and anxiousmy question is is 5 weeks long enough? ive heard it takes 6-8 weeks is that true ?should i stick it out that long?
Avatar f tn I was wondering how long does it take a baby to conceive ?
759115 tn?1256997490 I ended up on 100Mgs a day with Pristiq and took it for a good 5 months, it worked ok, but not well enough to cover my symptoms. I then got off Pristiq. (I must tell you that the withdrawl from Pristiq is very strong. MUCH worse than even with Cymbalta or Effexor. My best results were with Effexor XR (a couple years before the Cymbalta and pristiq problem) Effexor XR just worked much better.
10623188 tn?1412309749 So I have a question... might sound dumb.. but how long does it take for your baby bump to go away??!