How long does it take for premarin to work

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1194973 tn?1385507504 Arnica oil and pill , natural, will prevent scar tissue as does Evening Primrose oil! YOu can get them at a health food store and Whole foods has them! Rite Aid has the evening Primrose oil. Did you ask the pediatrician? Good luck girl, I know you do not want scar tissue since you only have one baby! I know you say you might not have anymore but never say never;) That is a hard decision, I do not know what I would do...
Avatar f tn She precribe another med but the pharmacist told us it would cost 500 dollars for a month supply. WHAT! a pill to keep me awake? No thanks It is bad enough I have to go to them every month, being nag to try those costly injections and worrying they would refuse to help me if I keep refusing... Thanks for listening.
Avatar n tn How come she has been in pain for so long? Does this pain mean it is far gone? I am SCARED for her, I dont want to loose her, we just lost our father.
Avatar f tn I am thinking about trying macafem supplements and wondered if you have tried them and if you got an results? How long did it take to start working? I'm at the end of my rope and need to get some help fast! I'm currently 42 years old and started into menopause around the age of 38. I'm not sure if I have "normal" meno symptoms or not but I have been tested and that's what it is.
Avatar n tn I am wondering how long it can take before it gets there. I have felt AWFUL for a long time and have changed my PC. Have learned more in last 5 months than in 16 yrs. I have had a positive ANA. For several yrs have had an elevated Sed Rate with no cause. I am getting a copy of bloodwork so I know what T3 and T4 are. I was sooo happy and relieved to finally have a test result to show why I feel so crappy. I appreciate any info. Thanks!!!
Avatar f tn I used to be that when i still had my period and i could use BC because of this, but now that i dont have any female organs i have absolutely no control over any of it. I refuse to use premarin cuz it causes breast cancer, but i use a plant based progesteron/estrogen....and i think the prgesteron is what i react to mostly, but like i said before i had these problems before my hysterectomy, but for some reason before it, my period had stopped completely....who knows?
Avatar f tn I have been taking Klonopin for over 4 years and I only loose weight, maybe because I am not eating right. It used to work and now it does not work, I might be maybe too stressed lately so maybe that's why. I just wanted to know, what should I do to stop this panic attacks everyday, it is killing me and sometimes I have to rely on alcohol to get rid of it.
Avatar n tn i know that it is every other day to get off the med but how long to you go every other an also when do you start every 3rd day. how long does it actually take to eventually dose down to nothing.
338416 tn?1420049302 I spend so much time fixing what I misstype, and then trying to figure out how to spell something, that posting takes twice as long as it should. I figure the more I make my brain work, the better off I'll be. If you don't use it, you lose it, right? > I know that a woman's body temperature does rise and fall with her monthly cycles. Heather, take a look at that article I posted...
Avatar n tn I have been taking 80mg of oxycontin for 5 months. How long will it take to get off the stuff?
Avatar n tn lol never was into golden showers but if it would work to get rid of the virus i guess i would do it. and you peeps can deny it but if studies came out stating that it works to rid you of hcv you would drink the golden juice without hesitation.
Avatar f tn i take a large amount (1200mg) of carbamenzapine (carbatrol) and also, take premarin for hormone replacement. Could these be causing the problem? I know i need to lose weight but it is difficult with the insulin. However, how can i find a diet that will help me lose weight and help my liver as well? How dangerous is this situation for me for the future in regards to liver disease?
Avatar n tn Katie, I am so eager to hear what you think. I have to go to bed....I am going to hang around for a few minutes. And, Yes, it is on this website; just a different forum. So glad you are feeling better. Very cool. And, you know your stuff and it sounds as if the doctor is working with you well. A little voice inside me wants to remind you not to neglect the progesterone for too long. Oh, I did read last night that the progesterone is depleated from the body quicker...
778044 tn?1299546534 Will she have me come in and get blood work done, do you take ovulation predictor kits, how will you for sure know that you are ovulating?
Avatar n tn please e-mail me and deb too, so we can talk about this. go to columbus hospital friday for test. it does help to know other people feel these too and haven't died!!!!
1522652 tn?1291241954 My doctor just guessed on bloodwork to test me for and she wanted to do a CT scan to make sure it wasnt anything serious like a brain tumor since I was having vision problems. A few days later I get a call from my doctors office and she wanted to see me to talk to me about my lab results so I knew they found something but my appointment wasnt until a week away since I had to get an EGD done for my stomach.
Avatar n tn May I ask how you are doing? I'm scheduled for gastric bypass in 3 weeks and I know I have a colbalt allergy so think I may need to cancel. My Dr. didn't connect cobalt to B12 so I'm researching pretty much on my own to see if there is anything else to take.
684133 tn?1289595185 He is a great guy, but sometimes I feel like I wish I could see a nephrologist to just talk to about the long term issues.... Not sure how to do that without making the URO mad???
1344197 tn?1392822771 While the debate rages on about Bioidentical hormones an interesting review of the subject by the Cleveland Clinic Journal of Medicine has gain shown "Bioidentical Hormones" to be more of a marketing scheme than science. Dr, Sandra Fryhofer discusses the findings. Dr. Sandra Fryhofer speaks on Medicine Matters; the topic, hormone replacement therapy and the truth about bioidenticals.
802547 tn?1237850517 I asked three of my favorite medical experts to explain what it means to be fit and forty, and how you can get there. Myth-busting With Dr. Dickerson Dr. Val: I know that many women in their 40’s complain of having gained weight. What causes that weight gain? Is it inevitable? Dr. Dickerson: Many women don’t gain weight in their 40’s so it’s certainly not inevitable. There are a few common misconceptions about weight gain and aging that I’d like to address.
Avatar f tn And the Dr told me that if INcontinue to wait too long to have intercourse it will get to tight , so I am guessing thats why its sore a bit, but I am confused why my Libia is stillo sensative and sometimes still itchy .Anyone have any similiar symptons. again NO yeast infection, No UTI infection , No STDS , and I am only PERI-MENOPAUSE , Not Menopause , do anyone have any off these symptons for Peri-Menopause, I have hot flashes , irrability , mood swings .
Avatar n tn , Levithroid, Levoxyl, Armour Thyroid (which was most tolerable at first, but I hit the barrier when I couldn't sleep and started experiencing heart palpitations and racing pulse, so regretably I went off it and the 2nd endo chastised me for trying it). Naturally, all the doctors say is, 'well everyone is able to take synthroid, we've never heard of your case.
147426 tn?1317269232 Monday went to Psychiatrist he said we have run out of options for my depression so looking into getting me in for ect. This guy is one of the top Psychiatrist in the country. I have to figure how to pay for it and I do not have any support at home. I think my life is worth saving so I will figure it out. Tuesday Reiki Thursday Therapy Rest of the week rest my shoulder and continue caring for Polly my Dalmatian. I hope everyone has a good week.
Avatar n tn After my surgery for ovarian cancer in 2000, I looked for answers as to how to improve my quality of life which started dwindling rapidly approximately three months after my radical hysterectomy. About a year later, I got my life back and felt the best I had ever felt in about 5 years. Many of you know that I use bioidentical hormones. I would not give them up for the world. It surprises me that there is still so much controversy about them.
Avatar m tn You might not want to, but as long as you are married, you need to focus on what it will take to fix the marriage you're in. Trust me, a new relationship is never the answer to a troubled one. I've seen it too many times. PM me if you want my help.
Avatar f tn I have to work up to get my mind around this because I'm not looking forward to coming off my estrogen. My past experiences in stopping it were not at all pleasant. Does anybody know how long it takes to be done with all the menopausal effects after completely stopping estrogen? It's not like women who go through it naturally who still have their ovaries, so when I stop then there will be no estrogen. Unless you count what we get from eating chicken!
886824 tn?1253740254 Inheriting one copy of the F5 gene mutation increases that risk to 4 to 8 in 1,000. People who inherit two copies of the mutation, one from each parent, may have a risk as high as 80 in 1,000. For more information on Factor V Leiden and other inherited thrombophilias, visit http://AccessDNA.
Avatar f tn go to your profile page then click on account settings.... It does sound like EDS may be a possibility for you....those with EDS tend to have more "allergies" or reject foreign matter this is why knowing is so very important b4 surgery as the patch used during surgery to close the dura will need to be tissue harvested from the patient and not one of the standby items...bovine, cadaver or synthetic..... ...
Avatar m tn This type of study is called an observational study or epidemiological study. It is designed to look for or “observe” correlations. Studies like these look for clues that should then lead to further research. They are not designed to be used to guide clinical medicine or public health recommendations. All doctors and scientists know that this type of study does not prove cause and effect.