How long does it take for cefdinir to work

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Avatar f tn ) I am impressed with this book because of the thoughtful and thorough discussion *explains* how the various herbs work, how to take them, what for, etc., giving *context* for each one. Most of the other herbal books seem to list what to take but without any coherent explanation, and it sounds like gossip. In this book, however, for example, in the section on Babesia, there is a brief description of the disease, then moves to three possible herbs, the first being artemisia.
Avatar f tn I thought you typically see a reaction immediately after you take a medication. Also, how long will it take for the amoxicillin to be out of his system and for him to be rash free? I thought it would have only taken 24hrs for his rashes to go away and things would be back to normal. Does having a low grade temperature with the rashes be common because of the inflammatory process or should I be concerned and take him back to the doctor?
10506901 tn?1431354357 it is short for 'Lyme-literate medical doctor', meaning an MD who understands the unique qualities of Lyme and how to treat it. It is not a degree or a certificate, and identifying a doc who practices in the manner of an LLMD can be difficult, because many of them do not want to be identified for fear of ostracism by the medical establishment. The politics of Lyme are often quite ugly.
Avatar f tn You need to consider this as a possible cause and work toward a solution. Main stream doctors are not going to be able to diagnose this or treat it. If it is in fact toxic mold, you need to get out of the environment immediately.
Avatar f tn before that, it was amoxicilian for 3 months... does anyone know how LONG it takes for Doxy to work..I heard 2 months...I've already had 3 flares and 1 Herxs HELP!!!!
Avatar n tn Ended up taking him to Children's hospital where they treated him for pneumonia for 2 days then sent home to take Cefdinir for 12 days. Once the 12 days were over he once again started with the high fever and his cough never left. His doctor did x-rays once again and put him back on Cefdinir for 10 days. He ended up going back to Children's E.R. where they said he had decreased air movement in his lower left lobe and put him on Amox-Clav ES for 14 days.
Avatar f tn I work in the medical field, I have heard of the drug but I have not seen or heard of the side affects. I will check the nursing book info on it if I get time at work tomorrow for you. I was wondering what meds you have been on and for how long? Has your blood tests all been good? I am now on Ceftin 1000mg twice daily and doxy 400mg twice daily. I hope this works for the brain fog.
280418 tn?1306329510 It is distinct from ordinary tiredness, and like you say it does not make it easy to sleep, just makes it hard to be up and productive. Even as I started to make overall improvement, my fatigue persisted and I think it was even worse after many months of treatment than it was early on. I agree with the above that you are on a big load of medications. I've topped out at 3 at a time, not counting anti-fungals and anti-inflammatories.
Avatar m tn I had blood drawn and then was given an IV antibiotic, told to stop the z pack, and prescribed cefdinir. I have asked for a referral, but my PCP wants to have the results of one more round of bloodwork before he submits his referral. This will be done Monday, so I am hoping to get in to see someone as early as next week. Right now, the pain in my upper-left abdomen is so bad that I am walking hunched-over and applying pressure.
Avatar f tn I want to help my son and keep him well with as little meds as possible, but I dont know what to do or how to tell As far as the yogurt goes, he eats it like crazy,LOVES it.Still not sure about the singular.
Avatar m tn I feel better when I lie flat, it begins to ache after standing for a while or a short walk. I am able to sleep well and do not have pains when I wake up. I do not have any discharge from the urethra, no burning feeling when I urinate. It hurts sometimes while I ejaculate. 1) Can the hernia on the right side cause pain to either left or right testicle? 2) Did my 1st dose of Azithromycin cause any incorrect results in the tests I took 20 days later?
Avatar m tn Lyme, babesiosis, Ehrlicia, and some others)? -- What medications were you given and for how long? and ... -- What does your Lyme doctor say about your continuing symptoms? It is possible that you were not treated long enough, or that there were hidden infections that the medication you took was not the right ones to kill all your infection(s). Do you have copies of all your test results? Sometimes taking those to a different Lyme specialist will bring new ideas.
Avatar n tn If you have pain in your heel when you stand up for the first time in the morning, you may have plantar fasciitis. Most people with plantar fasciitis say the pain is like a knife or a pin sticking into the bottom of the foot. http://www.plantar-fasciitis.
362692 tn?1248642793 and I know that here we have alot of people not being Dx for this. thanks for this info and I will bring it to my Dr again. take care and stay in touch...
Avatar m tn Thanks Jackie, How long did it take you to get down to "just one"? She has been on meds about 2 months. She has probably had only about 3 "good "days in that time period when she could get out of bed and eat etc... .
Avatar f tn I had scheduled it because when I increased my doxy dosage, my heart started doing funny things so I had to decrease the dosage. First, after waiting 3 hours to get in, it was too late for them to do the IgeneX testing for my husband because there were no more FedEx pick ups that day. So I'm really annoyed about that. They KNEW that I was coming up to get him tested and he had taken a vacation day off from work.
4451049 tn?1387157037 However, she did send a letter to my GP and asked her to start me on it. So anyway long story short, my GP told me to stop taking the doxy she was more inclined to think i was allergic to it, and i have been ill ever since. I gave up and now have councelling just to get through each day. LYMES if untreated for a long time, can take a long time to shift. I would stick with the programme. Perhaps you changed the antibiotics too quickly. It can take months to see an improvement.
Avatar n tn I am going to give the fluoxetine another week with the lorazapam if it does not work I am just going to stick with the lorazapam. Good Luck to you. Try to learn now how to control it so it does not get out of control like mine did.
Avatar m tn It all started at the end of last September when I got an ear infection in my right ear. It took forever for my hearing to come back but then it eventually did and everything was fine. It was all fine until 3 weeks ago when I started getting tinnitus in my right ear. What I was hearing was a swooshing sound that would go with my heartbeat. I could only hear it when it was completely silent but it was enough to irritate me when going to sleep at night. A couple days later it finally subsided.
798555 tn?1292791151 Given how expensive the pharmaceutical meds for babesia, I would want to be tested to confirm infection -- months of expensive antibiotics vs the cost of a test? Not even close. And in general, I don't like to take meds not needed for all kinds of reasons. To each his own.
Avatar f tn pdf I'd print and take it tomorrow. Since it is rare, I'd not expect your doc to know about it. Notice that it comes with: -- coagulopathy (your intestinal bleeding) from not absorbing vitamin K -- neuropathy (your numbness & tingling etc) -- shows elevated bilirubin It requires expensive genetic testing to confirm, but you might ask for and get a "blood smear" to look for misshapen red blood cells (RBCs) called "acanthocytes".
Avatar n tn One thing that is a different approach I'll suggest is neck problems. It took me seeing 2 different ENTs and all the other specialists for me to even open up to the idea that it might be my neck. I had a clean CT and MRI and was on antibiotics without much gain. I'm not sure my neck is causing 100$% of my problems, but its a least a contributing factor. See this page:
2125872 tn?1335238667 Or, go back on the hunt to find another one. Keep us posted, okay. We know how frustrating it can be to get diagnosed and treated for this nasty disease.
Avatar n tn It just made me think of all possible diagnosis from Cancer to Multiple sclerosis. I challenged to take care of it myself without any antipsychotic drugs when my physician wanted to prescribe antidepressants.