How long does it take for acne scars to fade

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Avatar n tn Now my face is clear, except i get the odd pimple on my back. My doc said it is not unusual for the acne to change to another part of the body like this. I am on antibiotics for this, both oral and topical (can be quite messy and difficult for the back) (not accutane). Please help me. I wish I was not so paranoid about my skin, it's a horrible way to live your life. I am happy to send a photo if required but I would like some expert medical advice.
Avatar n tn How does acne scaring effect you mental state of mind and is there reason not to be depressed over it!
Avatar f tn In my experience with pimple scars, as long there is a tiny bit of pigmentation, the sun will darken it. But if I can stay out of the sun long enough for it to fade completely, it won't come back. My problem is that the winter wasn't long enough for it fade completely. So at the moment, I'm terrified of the sun and every time I blow my nose from summer allergies, I'm putting more sunblock on and worrying that my skin hasn't had a chance to absorb it. Sorry I couldn't be more help.
162948 tn?1205256292 I had it in for over a year but wanted it removed because my husband and I are planning for another baby. So I have one more question, how long could it take to conceive once it is removed? and is it safe to try the first month that it has been removed?
Avatar n tn My face has many scars and blemishes from acne. What can I do or what can I buy to help get rid of these? How long should I use these treatments?
Avatar f tn The products may seem expensive on the Arbonne website, but I can show you how to get them for 20-50% off. I truly hope this helps...I know how hard it is to deal with acne, especially as an adult.
Avatar f tn HPV has controlled me for as long as I can remember, ready to break this before it kills me or her. For something I think about every single day, I have just been too afraid to really look into the subject/do anything about it, as we live in a small town where everyone knows everyone. No health insurance is another kick in the nuts as well. I wish all of you all there the best of luck, don't be like me.
948349 tn?1294383837 Lol, i feel guilty for suggesting it, but it does work for acne. But it's only a temporary fix with long-term health consequences. And premature wrinkling. If you go on Anti-biotic s... this too is only a temporary solution to your acne, it will kill the bacteria in your pores, but it also disturbs and kills the natural internal microflora inside your digestive tract...
Avatar n tn Recently I have become very depressed over the acne marks/scars. They seem to take 9-12 mos to fade significantly. Luckily, make-up covers marks at this time & I know it could be so much worse-But doesn't make me feel any less depressed or better. Anyway, I'm very happy w/my derm & that she is putting me on Accutane, stating in 1 month. Getting married the end of this year & am sad that my acne marks may not be healed by then.
Avatar n tn I have been using it for 6 weeks now and my acne has not improved as it takes about 8 to 10 weeks to clear up. My mom is a doctor and she prescribed Oratane to me. I am experiencing all of the negative side effects; cracked lips, dry skin and eyes, sunburn, etc. Keep on taking it. Results will show soon!!! -Megan Penguin.
Avatar n tn Vit E creams are supposed to lighten scars, so you could apply them directly on the scar,but it may take e long time for results to show, if at all. Scars, especially old scars, may be treated with PhotoDerm, a non-invasive, laser-like device that emits an intense flash of light that works directly on the scar by reducing the blood vessels present in the scar tissue. ref:
Avatar n tn This helps for both acne control and to prevent further breakouts. 1. How long will it take to see the effects of spironolactone? Typically, for acne spironolactone treatment can take several weeks to show its true benefits. The spironolatone dosage used differs among dermatologists but typically begins with spironolactone 25 mg tablets taken twice daily with the dose eventually being increased to target around 100mg a day. 2. Is there a difference between spironolactone and aldactone? No.
280418 tn?1306329510 That's it for my regimen. It does take about 10 mintues every time, so it is annoying and time consuming, but it's worth it in my personal opinion. I mentioned earlier that I did have back and chest acne. All I did with those was put tea tree oil on it on the really bad days and wash it with a benzoil body wash. Now it's gone, and I think in large part because of the things I've done to change my life. Aside from the regimen, I've very deliberately changed my lifestyle.
Avatar n tn I'll look at it tonight. I'll let you know in 2 months if it's worked (that's how long it's supposed to take)!!!
Avatar f tn I have not seen much improvement yet. I am wondering how long does it normally take for scars to fade?
Avatar n tn I think the doctor I saw yesterday really could see how emotionally this was making me. And, i'm hoping that it won't take long, but seeing that the holidays is coming it might be awhile. Did you do anything with your purple scars? If they were on my body, I wouldn't be so worried, but it's on my forehead, and i'm 27 so i'm so self-concious about this.
529981 tn?1212853666 I am a busy college student, who unfortunately does not have the time and money to deal with this.
Avatar n tn This could be the case. Some women get heavy depends on how long it stays and how soon it is before your AF is supposed to arrive.
Avatar f tn My eczema usually acts up when I'm stress and sometimes I do get it at my ears and sometimes its so itchy, red and peeling, I feel that my earlobes could detach and fall off anytime. I just need the scars to fade off but it would take time. In the mean-time I just wanna know how to boost my self esteem.
Avatar n tn 4)i get these red marks on my face that look liek extremely cracked skin, they are not liek zits or pimples 5)what perecntage of people dont respond to treatment and do lot of people see major improvement after they stop taking the drug? ^)how long will ti take my red marks from old spots and minor scars take to fadde? Please write as much as you can to help me.i am happier about everything but am still not 100 % there...
Avatar n tn non-drying wash and i would apply moisturizer after that, 3rd month my acne seem to start heeling, now almost done w/ my 4th month my acne is bad to how it started or worse.There are deep pumps under my skin that hurt and some come to the surface and i can see more and more scarring. I'm a female,15 yrs. old and 120 pounds. I take Accutane 1 a day, 40mg. My derm. doesnt want to up-my does, incase i need to re-take the Accutane when i'm older.
Avatar m tn It may look like it's going to scar but then it will fade. Be prepared for visual remains of the removal to last for a little bit but it will fade in a month or two. What little mark remains if any do will not be noticeable to anyone unless you point it out. d)Gardasil not recommended for women your wife's age. nor is it necessary unless you both plan on sleeping around.
Avatar m tn Which it is but if you search it up on Google, its more of a mental thing, not a hormone imbalance that a drug would take care of it. I recommend not to take any prescribed drugs for this problem, because I can already tell you NONE will work. Probably just a medication that would mess with your mind or make you depressed. Try these helpful hints that I'm going to be trying out also... When tempted to pick, care for your skin by applying a moisturizing lotion instead.
Avatar n tn I use a fade cream and exfoliate at least once a day to lighten the scars but it is taking a very long time to get rid of them. I don't think my husband really notices the hair (he has never said anything) but like the rest of you I feel extremely self-conscious about it and it really affects my sexual confidence. I was thinking of laser treatments but if the effects are not permanent, then I don't think I will bother.
Avatar n tn I knew it was not acne but it took several months before I was able to see a dermatologist so I put it off. Over two years I went from having about 5-80. I could not take it anymore and saw a dermatologist who did not seem very knowledgeable of flat warts on the face and told me there was nothing he could do except give me topical treatments and said they should disappear on their own. The third year I had hundreds of flat warts on my face only.
363243 tn?1331037450 I have two children. What makes it difficult for you to conceive? Is your menstruation regular and how big is the cyst in your ovary? I don't know if you have regular contact with your physician regarding this concern of your's because you should. A lot of women that have problems conceiving take the drug metformin and this seems to help. I'm a little older than you (12 years older) but I've been dealing with excessive hair since I was 13.
Avatar f tn They aren't particularly itchy except for before a breakout as if it's trying to blister and the itch is from it forming. They hurt and water really irritates them. I wash my hands alot, hot water is used often. I did take the antibiotic (still on them, trying to finish the 10 day script) but they are of no help at this point (day 4). I can't live on oral steroids but I sure love how well they worked! I have 2 cysts in my hairline, very small and not at all bothersome nor infected.
Avatar n tn To all those who used this as a form of treatment, how long did it take for the white spots to go away? I'm hoping to get rid of it by this summer!
Avatar f tn - How long did it take to recover form this procedure? - What is your scarring like? Doc claims it will be 2 incisions no more than 2 inches each near the pubic bone so they won't show in a swimsuit. Can that be right? - How long until intercourse can be resumed following the surgery? I am assuming it is a number of weeks? - Should he have done a CT or MRI? - The ultrasound is the only test he performed prior to scheduling me for surgery.