How long does it take cozaar to work

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Avatar m tn As far as which drugs you can take, that is something you and your doctor are going to have to figure out. Your doctor knows your medical problems. All drugs do not work on all people. Many people have good results from some drugs and yet have poor results from others. Your doctor should know any other medical problems that you have and which drugs may be the best possible drugs to take instead of the drugs you are now taking. One size does not fit all.
Avatar m tn my pdoc explained that while alcohal doesn't interact negatively with Lithium, it does dilute it, so it does affect your levels. He said that drinking a little is ok, but remember that alcohal is dehydrating, which is also dangerous when you're on Lithium. If you can, avoid it as much as possible. A little won't hurt you but don't make a habit of it. And don't use it as medicine (self-medicate).
Avatar n tn He said throughout the day it probably keeps mildly elevated more than I think, I was already taking 100mg of atenolol daily in divided doses, he agrees with taking it like that and cozaar 50mg once daily. He upped my cozaar to 50mg twice daily and added hydrochlorothiazide 12.5mg daily, but kept the atenolol the same , now my B/P pressure is 105/60 most of the time going to low as 90/50.
84483 tn?1289941537 Hello There is a link on the forum to change the dates to appear in "date posted" order or "date of last post." Maybe that's why your dates are mixed up.
Avatar n tn but i am no judge a nothing.......but me!--I did take a walk in the woods today,then a long hot bath--talked w sum lovely ladys,mite just get lucky tonite!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!--i find that to be extremely good therapy.Got blood work done on monday,saw Doc tues-i expected viral load test #'s (no good reason-just nuts) I then suspectef my Doc was holding out on me:didn't want to RUIN my holiday spirits--such illconsidered,dellusional,paranoid mind meanderings--LOL---test 3's just aren't in yet.
Avatar n tn give you a tilt test to determine this..does 90/60 feel ok to you..i know females that there bp is 88/55 they work all day,,so if yours is use toi it with no sytoms than thats mine runs on lisonpril and minoxdil very strong med..say 140/80 in its 95/55 im good but at times i take it wile standing its 88/55 as long as you dont have sytoms then ur ok..but you did say its ussaly up..
Avatar m tn Robert Menendez and Frank Lautenberg -- each had appealed to the FDA on ReGen's behalf, according to accounts last year from Rothman and spokesmen for the three others. In a statement Thursday, the FDA said it is taking steps to revoke Menaflex's approval, although it also plans to meet with the company to discuss what data would be needed to prove the device is actually safe and effective. An FDA spokesman said the agency has revoked device approvals before, although the step is rare.
Avatar n tn Just some info. on Tylenol PM. It does work well and is non-habit forming....but the sleep aid in it is Benadryl which can cause a feeling of anxiousness and tachycardia in some individuals. My heart would race after taking just one and I have MVP with freguent PAC's and PVC's.
Avatar m tn My question is how much does it cost? The grapefruit caution is on there because it can lower your blood pressure to a dangerous level. I hope that you have a blood pressure cuff and measure your BP daily. If you see any drop as a result of eating your 1/2 grapefruit, stop.
Avatar m tn Asthma is such a horrible things to live with isn't it? This coupled with arrythmias, wow. How long have you been dealing with your arrythmias? Do you often get these tachy bursts? Do you feel this is do to using my asthma inhaler? How long did you deal with your arrythmias before you knew you wanted to get help? I thank you for responding to my posts. I hope everything is well and good for you and your health. Thanks.
Avatar n tn Currently I am on Inderal to lower the BP and Proamitine to raise it. It has made a huge difference in how I feel on a daily basis. Might be something you could check into.
Avatar n tn I just went off of it. Any idea how long it would take for the Raynauds like symptoms to go away? Thanks in advance!
1257043 tn?1269460915 It is a good feeling to have someone other than myself state, as you did that, the treatment that I seek does not seem unreasonable. It does not seem at all unreasonable to me either. I need to make an important correction in my last comment above. I meant to type that- " conclusion I reflected back "in a nutshell," what I understood his (Dr. Gee's) stance absolutely nothing about this.....
Avatar n tn In 2009, I started noticing throat discomfort (they called it globus and told me it was anxiety), air hunger (had to take 2 Benadryl and lay down to sleep just to have some relief). This returned any time I was awake and became what felt like a choking sensation/panic attack. I was told after an endoscopy that I had some mild reflux and prescribed an acid reducing med, then a mild med for depression, had plantar fasciitis, no sex drive, hypertension, constipation, and constant fatigue.
Avatar f tn did give me Nitro and I do use it when the chest pain does not go away after a while, but I hate using it because it causes me to have a severe headache. But then again, my chest pain does usually go away. The other question I had is my Dr. told me that chest pain can be related to the CM, however other people I have spoken to told me they do not get any type of chest pain. Am I the norm? Or is my chest pain really unheard of? Thanks in advance!
Avatar n tn I have found that if I become too fully awake, yes, it does take me awhile to fall back to sleep. I have practiced ignorning them so much throughout the day, I just think it extends into my semi-conscious mind at night. My worst trigger is lack of sleep, and even though I wake up often, I've told myself more that if I don't sleep I won't feel well the next day.
Avatar m tn Anyone use it? How did it work? Just stopped taking Cozaar because of side effects. My BP is only marginally high so I thought I'd be more agressive with lifestyle changes and/or relaxation/biofeedback devices like this.
Avatar f tn How long does it take for you body to get used to it? I've noticed that soon after I take it I feel a liitle sick to my stomach. Also I am starving, but when I go to eat something, I don't want it. Any ideas on what may be causing that and how to maybe get past that and be able to eat? Any thoughts would be much appreciated!
Avatar n tn You can slip in and out, and monitoring would confirm this. It isnt detrimental to be in fibrillation as long as it doesnt impact your lifestyle. It is important to figure out if these episodes are afib because it will assist in the treatment. Even if you do not feel the episodes, if you are having episodes of fibrillation it would be important to use some type of anticoagulation therapy to reduce your risk of embolism which is the biggest risk for most with fibrillation.
Avatar n tn Bottomline if your doctor has prescribed atenolol, don't be afraid to take it , it might take weeks to see a change or it may make difference a lot sooner, if it doesn't work you can tapper off it.The study released on atenolol was for its use as a first antihypertensive, nothing to with arrhythmias as i understand it. It is a very safe medication.
Avatar n tn Does your husband take ACE inhibitors? The hacking cough is a notorious adverse side effect. It usually happens at the start for people who cannot tolerate them, but I took them for almost 4 years before developing the cough, which also involved a constrictive like feeling in my throat. I stopped the ACEi and the cough and other symptom went away. I have also read that there can be a non-productive cough with CHF. I don't know how common it is.
Avatar n tn For some people, it may work and I wish those that can do it best wishes. I do not feel in the long run rediculously strict diets work. A balanced diet of veggies, fish, chicken, beef, whole wheats, grains is advantageous along with statins. The benefits of statins eclipse as you say a draconian diet, IMO. Type I Familial Hyperlipidemia patients are lucky to live into their late teens. I'm fortunate not have as aggressive case as that, nontheless I do have CAD dxed in my late 20s.
170935 tn?1225374676 It feels awful for sure but try to take some comfort in the fact that so many people on this forum have that many a day and much more and have had them for a long time and are sitll around. I know how it is to have to deal with them, i hope you feel better.
Avatar n tn I was a heavy drinker before I found out I had hep c. What alcohol does is speed up the hep c because it is working on damaging your liver to. I am not sure what stage your liver damage is. If it isn't cirrhosis you have even a better chance to if you stop drinking for the liver to heal itself. I believe my enzyme level went down in about 3 months when I stopped drinking zero alcohol.
Avatar n tn I'm not the doctor, but PLEASE stop worrying. If you've been tested, then you have no reason to worry. I am 55 years old and have been having them for about 30 years. Sometimes so bad that I too thought I was going to die. I was told by my cardiologist that "yes, you may drop dead tomorrow, but it WON'T be from these irregular beats". It will take a lot of effort to get yourself to stop thinking about it and start living.
Avatar n tn Well, that's interesting. Cleveland Clinic. Where does it end? "Normal is 100/60, and anything above that requires immediate medication"? I imagine they're hitting the limits here, but still it's annoying as hell. My BP was -- day and night, without exception and for year after year -- 120/80, and I believed then and still do that that was an absolutely excellent reading. When it started getting erratic in the late 1990s, it came as a huge shock to me.
Avatar n tn There has been much debate on the forum lately about studies showing an increased risk of death with PVCs after exercise, I know the doctor was kind enough to give us some insight into understanding this study. In simple terms, in your opinion does PVCs at rest , during or after exercise increase the risk of death in a structurally normal heart? I myself tend to get exercise induced PVcs, but they are less frequent after exercise so this subject interests me very much .
Avatar n tn does it matter if i take beta blockers or not? does it change my prognosis? do beta blockers effect the body in a negative way if i decided to take it long term? if anybody knows the answer. thanks.
Avatar f tn Hi, How are you? I'm sorry to hear what you have been through for the last 25 years. It is good to know that the results of the diagnostic tests done were normal. As mentioned by Tarea, avoiding the triggers may help. A headache journal may or the migraine tracker in this forum may help identify the triggers so that you could avoid the attacks.
Avatar m tn Curious if anyone has tried Cozaar or Hyzaar and if so, at what dose and how did it work out? Cozaar is a relelatively new class of ACE inhibitors (angio-tensin converting enzyme). Hyzaar is a combination of Cozaar and the widely prescribed diuretic Hydrochlorothiazide. As to Olive Oil per Rocker's suggestion -- given the amount of olive oil I consume a day, I'd probably need meds to *raise* my bp if olive oil had the magical properties suggested.