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Avatar n tn Hello Worthy, You came to a good place to get some answers and I find a few questions embedded in your posting. I'm not a physician, but I have had diabetes for ~35 years. Often we diabetics will lose weight if our blood sugars are running consistently high. The reason is that, since the sugar is "swimming" in our blood and not nourishing our other cells (muscles, skin, organs), we urinate out lots of calories taht we consume.
Avatar n tn Does anyone know a formula for amount of Lantus needed for a basal dose vs how many units fast-acting you take per carb? I have major swings. Yesterday was told by a nurse that the Lantus I take is really low compared to amount of Humalog I take, but she never told me HOW much she thought I should be taking. I take 1.5 u Humalog per carb for all meals (for last 3 weeks - has changed many times). I'm supposed to take 11 u Lantus in am. My morning BS is usually 300-500.
Avatar n tn I figured out exactly how much insulin works for those meals (this took a bit more work), not considering how many carbs and such are in it. This helped me to further expand, and I've become pretty good at guessing insulin:meal ratios now. I don't think that it is imperative that you inform your classmates, instructors or coworkers about your diabetes.
Avatar f tn He may do a stomach sonogram and or a biopsy depending on what shows in your blood work. I personally can't tell you how to diet, my daugh who also has fatty liver is not hugh, but has gained weight since she had children & then some more weight since she quit smoking about 8 yrs ago. ( I think since they work they eat too much fast food.) You probably would do best on the diabetic diet, I know it is hard to diet, but sometimes it is absolutely necessary.
Avatar n tn I have type 1 diabetes and sometimes at work take anywhere from 3-5 shots of long acting Humalog. I also take Humalin twice a day. Once in the am and once in the pm. I have had a hard time losing weight since I have had to take the insulin. Insulin will make you retain weight. The best thing that I have done to lose weight is to eat every 2 hours. Eat a good breakfast and supper with a small lunch and a small snack in between.
Avatar n tn All of them have happened at night, usually after a long day at work when he did not take time to eat . He is not living at home but does have roommates. Thank you for your help.
Avatar n tn I would not be changing your humalog dose at this time. however, you do need to work out how to do a correction of high blood sugars using humalog. For me, 1 unit of humalog will drop my blood sugar by 2.2 points. So if I am say 9 and wanted to be 7 I would take 1 unit of humalog. btw the coversion between numbers is 18. Hope this helps. Strongly recommend the book "think like a pancreas". See if you can get it from your library or find it in a bookshop.
Avatar n tn He has a friend who goes to his diabetic camp and she does the lantus and humalog method, but she gives her shots at school with a humalog (I think it is humalog - maybe novalog) pen. This happens to work for her. Please do let us know what you think about the 72 hour continuous glucose monitoring. Best of luck!!
Avatar n tn All is fine and then several days latter I have bubbles in the pen. Following the instructions on how to get air out of the pen does not working. I have called the company twice with no real answer. Can anyone help?
Avatar n tn 2004) Before that he was on NPH and Humalog. I am sorry to sound ignorant, but, although I have heard of 70/30, I am unfamiliar with how it works. I am guessing that 70/30 insulin is in lieu of NPH, but the question is...does he need regular to cover food or does he only get the regular insulin at night as you mentioned? What does his Endocrinologist say? The only thing that comes to mind for me is that he has done a lot of growing from 14 -19 yrs. of age, going through puberty, etc.
Avatar m tn This is an emergency situation which you should be dealing with and not at work at all imho. How frequently do you get numbers like that? Do you know what caused it? If it is common for you than you need to see your doctor and reassess your insulin doses. Our insulin needs do change. Do you use an insulin: carb ratio to determine your bolus dose (your Humalog)? This is the standard of care, not a set dose as you need to dose based on the carbs you actually eat. Do you do corrections?
Avatar n tn That's because Ultra is a long acting insulin that doesn't have the peaks that NPH does. Now there is an even better long acting insulin, Lantis, that also doesn't have the peaks. So part of your problem may be caused by those two insulins kicking in at the same time. You don't say when or why you also were taking Ultra with the NPH and Reg, but it sounds like overkill to me.
Avatar n tn very much in control, he had got the pump 6 months prior Long story short, he changed his pump prior to going to bed one night and the site had come out under the sticker and he was unaware, it was horrible! And a 22 year old died after removing his pump before surfing and drowned while in the water due to hyperglycemia. This is a very serious desease that I do not take for granted. As normal as I wanted to be all these years I had to realise how different my body works.
Avatar n tn Bernstein's - although I now dispute his protein diet as red meat does horrible things to my gut. I find that humalog is nifty but that regular did a better job on the longer-digesting proteins and fats (unless you use Lantus as the long-acting insulin with humalog). Hope that helps.
Avatar n tn My lifestyle is much more limited now, but still I question how both Lantus and a pump would work in strenuous physical activity. When you actually physically contort your body and organs, producing sometimes surprisingly strong physiological results (in Yoga), is the pump able to stay put and handle the rush, so to speak, safely? I think I would be able to predict Lantus better than the pump just because of lack of experience/knowledge with the pump.
Avatar n tn i do weight training in the evenings and have hypo's middle of the night despite lowering my glargine long lasting insulin. Does anybody have any advice why blood sugar increases after weight training and stays up even 2 hours after dinner ( i do my weight training in the evenings before dinner) and blood sugar only comes down by middle of the night and goes so low that i get hypoglycemia. PLEASE HELP ... thanks i m going crazy trying to figure out how to adjust my insulin..
Avatar m tn Larry, Thanks for sharing that precaution. I'm using a pump but know lotsa folks who are Lantus users and I'm not certain they knew about the precaution either. (I passed along the website info to them) The folks I know who are using it, however, are very pleased with what they call "rock steady" basal coverage.
Avatar n tn Your doctor can advise you as to how the Lantus is affecting you, and how to adjust your food, and time you take the insulin. You might also want to ask about the insulin pump, Which does the same as the Lantus. It gives you a base line of insulin and you just dose your self when you eat according to the amount of carbohydrates you eat.
Avatar n tn I agree the lantus just never worked for me. I take the levimir, however, it doesn't seem to matter how much or how little I take. In the morning, I have been experencing many more lows, like lows (35 or so). I had been on pump therapy for 15 years, so I guess I'm still getting used to this.
Avatar f tn My daughter was diagnosised with Type 1 Diabetes Aug 2008. We have learned how to inject insulin and check her blood sugar numbers. We keep her on a pretty strick diet to ensure that we keep her Blood Sugar Numbers between 80-180. The past two days she has been very low. We have tried to make sure that the insulin that we give her is only enough to cover the food that she has eaten. However, just today, she woke up with her blood sugar #s at 64. She ate about 32 carbs for breakfast.
Avatar n tn I'm having trouble with how to know his carbohydrate-insulin ratio. I think I'm goind to start at 12 carbs/ 1 unit...Does this sound like a reasonable place to start? Also, what would be a good website to read up on this?
Avatar n tn I don't recommend suspending your pump when you exercise. My son really never suspends his pump. Insulin does work more efficiently when you exercise which may result in lower blood sugars. Also, exercise takes some glucose out of the body to use for energy during and after exercise which also lowers blood sugars. So instead of suspending, you may want to use a temp basal. Many times the sugar goes up right after exercise due to the glucose being released from the muscles.
488724 tn?1253554835 1 so it went down but i know its gone back up because during the last month i've gotten 300-400's and thats with taking 1000mg of metformin twice daily, 45mg actos once daily and taking 12units of Lantus in the Morning and 8 at night. My doctor gave me humalog for fast acting but its not in the pen form like Lantus, and i dont have access to a fridge everytime im gonna eat. so i never do it.
Avatar n tn I'd love to hear more about what insulin you are on and how long you have had diabetes and any other concerns you might have. I know it's hard having diabetes at your age and you are not alone in the struggles you may be experiencing. I'm sure there are other teenagers with diabetes who can relate to what you are dealing with. Good luck and let me know how you do.
Avatar f tn i would make sure that you keep getting blood work done to check for arthritis and lupus. sometimes lupus takes a very long time to show up positive and sometimes it never does at all. Anyway i am suffering everyday the pain and stiffness is so bad that even my jaw hurts to move!! joint pain like crazy and nothing showing up at all!!! my last hope is a bone scan because this will show more then a x ray will if something arthritic is going on.
Avatar n tn As long as our liver is processing alcohol, it will NOT dump the glucose we might need -- no matter how low we go. That's the big added risk to drinking. Having said all that, and remembering well my college days, I'd encourage you to think about these approaches. Clearly, you're a very bright person (4.0 plus athletics is tough to achieve!), so I hope you'll consider these ideas carefully. Never drink alone and never drink without food.
Avatar n tn carbohydrate ratios, your time-of-day effects, etc. You've taken the all-important first steps by acknowledging you want to do better and reaching out for some help. I imagine you'll feel better (physically & emotionally) when you take the next steps to improve your overall management. Good luck -- it does take marathon (not sprint) skills to manage our lives with diabetes.
Avatar n tn I am prone to profound hypoglycemia reactions, and also have hypoglycemia unawareness. I am a wondering what the experience with this drug has been? My RX plan does not cover it, and I am told it runs in excess of $97/bottle! My other issue is that it may involve shots 2-3 times a day, when I already do the pump routine for every meal. The doctor says the elevation post meal is due to glucagon. It seems to straighten out by my next meal, and I am wondering if this med is really needed.
Avatar m tn i take two pills for it in morning and at night also insulin 3 times humalog and lantus at night .irt has been hard to stay on a diet i am out of work was a union carpenter and unemployment has run out so i cant afford to be to picky about what i get to eat and the weight is not coming off.and now i am scared every day that i will have another stroke. i got back all movment but am still numb in my left hand and some parts of my left side more like i just got out of dentist office kind of numb.