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Avatar f tn I stopped my birth contol 2 or so months ago and my skin was fine until now. for the past 2 weeks my skin is breaking out around my mouth and my chin. They are deep cystic break outs. idk if im just stressed out or if its from going off the pill. any advice, sould i wait a couple more week or go back on it??
996490 tn?1251868470 I was always on edge because I felt like my acne was getting worse but my doctor told me to just compare yourself month to month to see if you're noticing a difference...How does your acne look from when you started to now?
948349 tn?1294383837 Is your natural skin color fair/medium/dark? The reason I'm asking is just to get an idea of how well it will work for me. I have tan/medium skin and don't make much Vitamin D in the sun unfortunately. Also I'm wondering if this works for women with hormonal/cyclic acne.
Avatar m tn He had me on spironolactone pills for the acne and on Differin topical medication. The pills worked great. I wasn't on Differin long enough to see its results. About a month ago I began using Differin because my acne began to worsen. I am no longer on the pills because I do not have health insurance. Since my skin has become very dry, I have discontinued use of Differin.
Avatar f tn Should I stop taking the medication? How long does it take for this medication to work typically? Any help is appreciated. Thanks!
Avatar m tn Hi nick, The most likely answer for the minocycline to stop working is that the bacteria bacame resistant to it, this can happen when you take an antibiotic for a long time. The bacteria find a way to 'evolve' and build a resistance so that particular antibiotic can no longer effect them. The Bactrim DS you have been prescribed contains 2 types of antibiotic and the DS on your medication stands for Double Strength.
Avatar n tn (2) Is a second course of accutane likely to do any good? I am amazed how quickly the acne returned. It didn't even work throughout the entire course. I don't obsess about acne but it does put a damper on my personal and professional life. I usually cope with it well, but occasionally it really gets me down. I never pick at my face and always follow the doctor's directions. I appreciate your response.
Avatar n tn How come it takes acne medication 8-10 weeks to work? Please adivse...we are now into our 4th week and it seems to be somewhat better in some areas and worse in others. We are praying that this works as we are afraid of the reprocussions of taking Accutane even though is has been tested since 1982. How do we really know what the long term side effects are concerning joints, bones, organs etc. Please respond...
Avatar m tn I kind of think it might be working, but I was wondering how long it could take to clear up my face. I use it once to twice a day along with non-comedogenic moisturizer. There isn't much progress, but there is one small area I noticed where the blackheads have disappeared and the skin is clear. Could it be up to a month or should I see results more quickly? Also I wanted to ask how much impact does stress have on the skin and how much could stress have to do with my blackheads?
Avatar n tn If the Dermatologist you choose to see questions they tend to take small bacteria cultures of the fluids from the open blister.Possibly give you an Rx of something like cleocin/differin or even keflex. Good Luck.
Avatar n tn I went to a STUDENT acupuncturist (since it was cheaper) and they said I have stress and I have a weak liver, so they're gonna stimulate it, and what happened, I've had this breakout since beginning of MAY, and now JUNE is almost over and its not going away!! Does anyone know how to fix this???? Has this happened to you?? I dont want to go back and pay MORE to these newbie acuputurists, they wont fix, they will probably make it worse.. HELP ME!
Avatar n tn However, the Derm seemed to think Accutane was better for the bowels than long-term antibiotics. For mild-moderate acne, does it work just as well to use lower doses to avoid the serious side effects? 3. I had a very traumatic event happen in my marriage about 1 month before I started having these acne problems. Could it be that the trauma shook me into some sort of hormonal imbalance that needs to be corrected? It seems like I am too old to start getting bad acne at 24.
Avatar n tn So far i've experienced most of the side effects. I just wanted to know how long do these side effects last and how long does it take to see the good results of accutane. Also, do birth control pills help your acne?
Avatar f tn I did not have severe looking acne either. The severity of acne is not determined by how it looks, its determined by how resistant it is to medication. I tried all kinds of medication before my dermatologist believed my acne was bad enough for accutane.
Avatar m tn So I took 1 cycle of M-Drol, unaware until after I finished that it was a steroid. I took it around mid-March and finished in mid-April, then got onto a "post cycle treatment" known as Arimidex. After 1 week of Arimidex, my back, shoulders, arms, neck, chest, and even stomach became covered in acne, and by week 2 I was forced to get off it because my acne grew so severe.
Avatar n tn She recommended that I try Accutane but since there is blood work involved and constant monitoring which I don't have time for I decided to settle for Minocycline. How long will it be before I will start noticing improvement in my skin? How long can I stay on Minocycline? Getting off the topic, will it clear up the dark spots (hyperpigmentation) on my face and back? What will work for that? Hydroquinone comes to mind but is there anything stronger than hydroquinone 4% cream.
Avatar m tn Milk has very complex proteins in it that are very difficult for the body to digest I don't see any benefit. You will have to do some other things like take a lemon detox drink in the morning. 1 lemon in warm water. Use lemons juice on your skin as well on acne prone areas. You should take out caffeine from your diet as well. It will greatly increase you cortisol levels. Even if the drink is just diet coke or black coffee. Please read my thread. I plan to add more to it later.
Avatar n tn you have to use birth control whilst on accutane, so it is more likely that she had a Depo-shot or used a progesterone pill, after which it could take a long time for your periods to return to normal. If you do decide to go on accutane take a modern low dose eostrogen pill such as Diane35, Yasmin or Femodene. There is no evidence that these cause fertility problems. Don't be put off by other people's experiences, it is possible to have an allergy or bad reaction to any medication.
1132930 tn?1260328333 Also the doctor can prescribe another medication to take orally also that helps to clear acne. Other then this please try to cut down on chocolate and greasy foods which clog your face with oils. Also try to not get your face dirty, and wash your hands before touching your face most of the times. Wash your hands with dial. Also watch out on the shampoo and conditioner you use. Do not use overly fragrant shampoos and try not to touch your forehead nor face with your shampoo and wash well.
Avatar n tn When the liver and the kidneys are overloaded with toxins, the next the body does is to use the skin to take the toxins out. Of course depending on the genetics of the person, the body can come up variety of ways to take the toxins out. Fungus which come out within the toes is another way. Have you ever tried going on a cleansing diet ? No dairy, no wheat, just fruits, vegetables & nuts ?
Avatar n tn In your experience with this condition, is it long term and untreatable? How long does the minocylcine take to work? Can I stay on it long term for POD treatment? Would it help to go back on the orthotryclen? My skin was great while taking it. I greatly appreciate any information you can provide to ease my mind. Thank you.
Avatar n tn I don't know about the perjru part, but I am inclined to agree with your dermatologist that if Accutane has failed to give you a long-term remission over two courses, a thrid course will probably result in another relapse. Also, treatments like doxycycline that don't work before Accutane often work afterwards.
Avatar m tn Thank you for your reply , I am not sure if these products are available in Canada -Calgary where we live but I will try to start my search tomorrow at different places in town. I have bought my wife Elizabeth Arden Eight hour cream based on your suggestion and she is very happy with the results os far. she wanted me to thank you for your advise. she is now very interested to find out whether Tretinoin can help her rejuvinate her skin and get a brand new skin on her face.
Avatar n tn I know you've addressed this problem before, but could you tell me how long it will take for my hair to regrow and how long it will take the Acutane to leave my body completely? Thanks.
Avatar n tn I see a lot of comments about cleansing your face and scrubbing and such but I just want to make sure you know how important it is to moisturize it. I have the same problem, and after all that drying out your skin is going through it's never going to heal completely if it's not moisturized enough. Over drying can lead to your skin producing MORE oil than it should because it's trying to keep up. That is partial to why it continuously clogs.
Avatar f tn my social life is obsolete, i refuse to leave my house, i refuse to work at times, ive gained over 30 lbs due to lack of esteem, i refuse to let my husband look at me, and therefore has led to martial problems because it has made me a very resentful person. I want to never have to wear makeup again, but i cant leave the house without a mound of makeup on not only to cover the acne but to cover up the extreme purple and red scarring its left behind.
362888 tn?1203267889 org to look at all the reviews on acne medications, and it does have prescription medications also. I looked up Differin and it didn't seem to work for a lot of people, they gave if 3 stars... which is out of 770 votes. I use to go to the dermatoligist when I was about 12 b.c when I started puberty I got acne really bad. They gave me Differin... I don't recall it ever working for me. The antibiotics cleared up the acne on my back though... but I don't get acne there anymore.
Avatar n tn This helps for both acne control and to prevent further breakouts. 1. How long will it take to see the effects of spironolactone? Typically, for acne spironolactone treatment can take several weeks to show its true benefits. The spironolatone dosage used differs among dermatologists but typically begins with spironolactone 25 mg tablets taken twice daily with the dose eventually being increased to target around 100mg a day. 2. Is there a difference between spironolactone and aldactone? No.
Avatar m tn I really hope and pray that this helps, and if it doesn't, I pray that you'll find something that does. Would you do me the favor of contacting me to tell me how it's going? Here's my email: ***@**** I hope to hear from you!!!