How long does celexa withdrawal last

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Avatar m tn So, now she is off the butalbital - cold turkey and says the withdrawal is hell. Does anyone know how long the withdrawal lasts? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Avatar n tn The withdrawal symptoms (sounds like yours) are usually over in three weeks. In the meantime, if they are particularly awful, as you have described, you can ask your doctor to prescribe some quick acting anti-anxiety drugs to help you with this period.
Avatar n tn How long does it take to withdraw from Celexa? I have been on only 10mg. for about 8 months now, currently am weening off first started taking 10mg every other day, now every other two days, noticed a little bit of dizziness, is this normal, and what other symptoms should I expect and how long before it is complety out of system.
Avatar m tn Has anyone out there experienced this with such a short course of Celexa (Citalapram)? How long will this continue? My Doctor says it will be over soon but I'm not sure he really knows. These drugs are not to be trifled with. They are potentially dangerous. Any thoughts on how much longer I have to endure this? Thanks in advance for any inputs.
Avatar n tn I have been on Celexa for 1 year and I am crying as I am trying to go off of it. Electricity feels like it is going through my head. Does anyone know how long I will have to go through this? I am extremly exhausted and feel like I need to keep my stomach full at all times so that I don't vomit.
Avatar n tn I really hope that everyone else going through these withdrawals will hang on for just a little more. I don't know how long these withdrawals will last, but to go back on Celexa will not solve anything for the long run. Wish I knew before how bad it would be to be off it! Take care everyone.
Avatar n tn 5 mg in the morning and at night i dont want to take these anymore so i decided to go cold turkey here i am on day two and i feel like crap no vomiting but i am nausus i get lightheaded i should have never started taking these i hate it sometimes im not sure if it is withdrawls or if it is actually anxiety ive delt with anxiety my whole life and never took pills and the stories i am reading are scaring me even more does any one know how long these symptoms last hopefully no more than a week caus
Avatar f tn all i can say it is normal...for me it was not so much anxiety as it was fatigue, depresion and loss of lasted a few months....exercise helped...often an AD can help..i also used the thomas recipe as well...have u talked with ur dr about sumpin to help with all of this?
Avatar n tn How long will these withdrawal symptoms last? I would like a medical answer to that question, as well as an explanation of their cause (especially the brain zaps, but also why abdominal cramping is so common). Thank you.
Avatar f tn I was EXTREMELY sensitive to the celexa, which is why I stopped after 2 months. My dr. doesn't seem to think it's withdrawal because he said he's never had a patient react that way to it. I have NEVER had anxiety like this before I started on all this medicine. I was only on xanax as needed for mild anxiety before all of this (probably used it once or twice a week), and now I'm on a benzo daily and terrified of what's going to happen when I stop taking it.
656309 tn?1224493459 I think he's only tolerating it because the sex has been so amazing - LOL (at least I have THAT!) I just don't know how long I can take these symptoms. Have tried no caffeine, no sugar, exercising. I try to keep my mind off it by surfing the net, hot showers, baths, TV, reading... nothing helps. I am coming unhinged and completely spun out. I just need to know if this sounds like Celexa withdrawls or Wellbutrin side effects.
Avatar f tn but anyhoo, my doctor put me on celexa 40mg last week, i did that for 2 days and that was too much. so i called and asked if i could cut them in half and he said yes. well i still feel like that is too much. i am just really tired and dont have much desire to get out of bed. i am thinking i should cut the half in half. i only weigh 120lbs so i am thinking maybe i dont need such a high dose. does anyone have any experience with this. and by the way, i have never left this site.
Avatar f tn After being on 20mg for 10 years, I have been taking 10mg for one week and am now experiencing flu like symptoms. How long does this last and is there anohter way to wean??
Avatar n tn Your nausea is most likely caused by suddenly discontinuing Celexa. How long were you on the celexa? Did you not taper off of it at all? Withdrawal symptoms from Celexa and other antidepressants can easily last 8 weeks. Contact your doc if things get worse.
Avatar n tn Have u contacted your physician? I don't know much about Celexa but I have been on Zoloft for years and recently was tapered off and have some of the same symptoms. Did you weigh ur options as far as side effects vs treatment. I usually takes a while for a drug like Celexa to work and for ur body to get used to it. Usually side effects do not last.
5509005 tn?1369089912 So the second question is, is what you're feeling now consistent with how you felt before going on Celexa or is this different? Do you have very different emotional and physiological symptoms? That would indicate withdrawal. You have to come off these meds as slowly as necessary, particularly when you've been on them a long time.
Avatar f tn or can i just stop and start taking the celexa, as surely i havent been on the prozac long enough to have discontinue withdrawels? the reason why i am questioning this is because i am currently signed off work and i want to get better sooner rather than later, and i dont want to annoy work off anymore than i need to , as it terrifies me the thought of loosing my job , Aswell i was wondering if anybody else here is on celexa, ? and if anybodys got good things to say about it ?
Avatar n tn Is this normal?how long will it last? is there anything to help him?he really needs help with depression.
Avatar m tn so i have been on celexa for about two months now, and recently i have been trying to lose weight i am 5'11 230 pounds (now i know that sounds bad but if you saw me you would not guess i was 230 pounds, i have very muscular legs which is why i think i weight 230) anyway, i have set a goal for myself to be 190 pounds by my 21st birthday, which i think is totally achievable back when my anxiety first started and i wasn't on any meds i was running 4 miles a day + weight training and i dropped my w
Avatar n tn you can read my response about celexa in the topic above this one on celexa withdrawal. It's really hard when your system gets screwed up and the doctor starts switching meds, your body has no idea what's happening and, well, I've just had bad experienced trying to get the right combination of meds for my problems (severe depression, interstitial cystitis, arthritis, angina/tachycardia). I hope you start to feel better soon, you sound really frustrated.
Avatar n tn Be careful of withdrawal symptoms of Celexa if you ever need to stop taking it! Please do your research beforehand.. I am trying to stop taking Celexa and am having a hard time doing so. Celexa worked wonders for me for 2 yrs, but then stopped working or started doing something else and I stopped. It isnt fun. Just thought Id put my 2 cents in... =) Good Luck!
Avatar n tn I am a 40 year old woman, and I have been off Celexa for almost one week now after having taken it for 3 years. When I first started Celexa, I was able to cope much better with some very difficult, life changing issues I was facing at the time, felt much calmer, and it helped tremendously with Pre Menstrual Irritablity.
Avatar n tn Omg I am totally, relating to every body that experienced anxiety after taking celexa I thought celexa was supposed to makeit go away otonly made it worse.
Avatar n tn What can I expect to feel when leaving the medication (long term use). Also, is there any danger to this medication that we know of, how does it differentiate from Celexa. It has been prescribed for my Post Traumatic Stress Disorder after 9/11 and a car accident we suffered a year ago. Thank you.
Avatar f tn He has not taken a tablet since the night before last and is really suffering but is determined not to take another, does anyone out there have any idea how long it takes for these withdrawal symptons to pass as I am realy worried about the affect this is having on his mental health, he has started to say that he would be better off going for a walk with one of his rifles and sadly I am concerned that this is not just talk.
Avatar n tn per day because he was out of Pristiq samples (I have no insurance and no money for medicine). Not feeling well at all! How long will it be before I begin to feel better? I am on day 4 with Viibryd. Will the Viibryd help balance me out? Thank you.
221913 tn?1372280261 Celexa is not an addictive narcotic so there is no withdrawal craving and no purpose to cold turkey, but on the contrary the body's adjustment period to dosage must be gradual as the brain has to rewire, as it did when you start on it. I have been on Celexa 20s for the last week, after a 4 year hiatus but used 30s last time so have to wok my way up first acording to the pharmacist who says she never sees anyone on 30 in the first month.