How long does an hiv test take

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Avatar m tn how long does hiv related fatigue last? If you are newly infected? does any one know?
Avatar m tn So I heard from my health care provider today, and they told me that the "suspicious" gonorrhea result, after further tests, turned out to be negative, and also negative for chlamydia. Their suggestion? It could have been too early for the result to be positive, so I should wait six weeks and come back for another test. Six weeks seemed ridiculously long to me, so I insisted on going back this week.
Avatar f tn I'm aware. I also intend to have a 3 month antibody test when the time comes. I was only asking about the result times.
Avatar m tn Below are few of my questions which is making me anxious, 1.What are the symptoms of HIV? How long does the symptoms take to occur. 2. What are my chances of contracting HIV.(This is my first time Sex) 3.Should I consider taking an HIV test? 4. The condom did not cover all the way down to my penis? It cover almost 3/4 of it.(But was intact all the way through the process) Does this pose a risk??
Avatar f tn I have not had an HIV test yet-I will. I think the ps k of info given to me is not helping my stress. Everything I read on line points the symptoms to me having the hsv 2 virus-and with the swab test not being a good test without lesions I didn't know what to do. Waiting until feb for a blood test will eat at me for sure. Not to mention make me not want to date. We are not together anymore. If I could I'd have him arrested for not telling me and doing this.
Avatar n tn I had an hiv test (neg) about two years ago and i have had unprotected sex with one other woman. I never really paid much attention to my gentials untill the hpv. Anyway, my question(s) are; What is the poppy seed like characteristic of my scrotum? (completly smooth). Is it normal that it seems to carry into the lower shaft part of my penis? When I hardly squeeze my penis the foreskin underneath the bottom of the head looks like there are two small boils. But only when I squeeze hard.
Avatar n tn now my question is i took the 4 pills but how long do the results from the test???
Avatar f tn Hi! How long after the onset of possible ARS symptoms will an HIV test turn positive? At around day 25 after unprotected vaginal sex where I was the receiver, i noticed some symptoms which worried me. I had 8-10 insect bite looking spots on my arms and legs. They look like when you blot the tip of a red pen for a few seconds on a piece of paper. Flat and red with a somewhat pale area around it. Nothing on my torso, thorax or face though. I also have some muscle and joint aches.
Avatar m tn Does this guarantee that when I picked up the STD I also got infected with HIV? What is the probability of the PEP being successful? How long before I test after completing the medication?
Avatar n tn divorce is just a word, you are obviously still there for him where it counts, don't fret that one too much, or delay the process if you can until all the results are in. the AIDS test is done for free in many clinics, and Dept Of health, they don't take long to come back with a result. He can always have it done at the next blood work. don't forget to take care of yourself also, stress is not good for ANYone, healthy or not.
Avatar n tn How does one get over the fear of getting an HIV test. I've had protected sex with prostitutes for several years and I feel like I would rather not know and just die. I know the reasons of why to get tested by how do you all get over the "fear of getting tested" knowing ur getting a death sentence and family/social stigma?
Avatar n tn Hi sorry to be confusing! If i had a test at 6-7 weeks would it pick up HIV ? How long does it take to have HIV antibodies in the bloodstream so that can be detected with HIV tests.
Avatar m tn what type of test is a hiv 1 and hiv 2 antibody test? recently i had a test which is hiv1 and hiv2 antibody test , i went to the diagnostics centre at 10:30 am in the morning and my report got ready by 2:30 PM in the afternoon so the entire testing process took not more than 3-4 hrs so now my question is what type of test is it? is it a rapid antibody test or a conventional antibody test?
Avatar f tn I was tested almost 2 weeks ago and was negative. I had a HIV antibody test and HIV viral load test. Both was negative. I want to know how long will it take her viral load to go back down again? How long will it take her to get undetectable again? What's the chances of her body becoming resistant to the medicine.
Avatar n tn does anyone know how long implantation spotting lasts?
Avatar m tn I tested negative for HIV, I waited three months after the encounter to take the HIV test in order for an accurate result. The doctor said the symptoms were common for a syphilis infection and I tested positive for syphilis. The question: How long does it take for the symptoms to go away? I recieved my injection of Biclin 4 days ago. I like to exercise. When will I be back to my old energetic self?
Avatar n tn Four weeks is OK for hepatitis B, as long as it included the proper tests--but isn't an issue anyway since you could not have acquired HBV during the event you describe. Bottom line: Relax. You're fine and your wife and unborn baby are safe.
Avatar m tn How long does it take for herpes to breakout after being infected? I just found out I have herpes and just before showing symptoms I had had unprotected sex with 2 men within 2 weeks of finding out (My boyfriend at the time, and then following a break up a new man I began dating). Just weeks before sleeping with these men I had an STI screening and came back clean. Then I slept with them and contracted herpes so one of them must have given it to me, right?
Avatar n tn How long after transmission does it take to detect HPV in a pap smear? IE: I slept with someone who 3 years (and one other partner) later, was diagnosed with HPV (this is a lesbian relationship, just to clarify-I am female and so are my partners). I got a pap smear less than a year ago and tested negative. Is it possible that even if I haven't slept with anyone since, I have HPV and it just hasn't shown up in a pap smear yet? Or is there a window?
Avatar n tn Your odds of having HIV from an exposure over 23 weeks ago to someone who had sex with someone who has HIV but was not known to be infected are about as high as getting hit by a meteorite. This is not something to worry about.