How long does an angiogram take

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Avatar m tn Thanks alot for all the reassuring words. It does help. Does anyone know how long a stent will last. Are there any stats. What if you do everything right , take the pills, exercise, proper diet. How long could it last. Do you know anyone who has had one for a long time with no issues?
Avatar f tn A tilt table test is where they take your pulse and blood pressures while lying on a table you are strapped to and then they tilt you up and take blood pressure and pulse rates several times in an upright position. They might give you something like nitroglycerine under your tongue while lying down again (they did me) and then tilt you up again, monitoring your blood pressure and pulse.
776302 tn?1241095453 My friend was rushed to the emergency room following a rash of violent vomiting. Long story short she had an angiogram procedure done, she felt a pain in her chest and went into cardiac arrest. after 35 minutes she was brought back. The doctor said she had 2 blood clots and it magically disappeared and no surgery was needed. She is up and very well. She feels that the angiogram caused her heart to stop.
Avatar m tn There would be a good valid reason for investigating with an angiogram. With regards to collaterals, you are correct, some are invisible because they are too fine. BUT, you can generally see in an angiogram if there is collateral feed from somewhere. I can give you such an example from my own history... In 2007 I had an angiogram which revealed my LAD was totally blocked at the top. Now, I was not dead, so obviously there was blood coming from somewhere.
Avatar n tn He said that 64slice is actually getting old now, the 128 is far superior but even this doesn't give all the answers. An artery can look clear in a ct AND an angiogram, but it is known from a nuclear scan that there is a fault. Irregularities at cell level can cause turbulence and only a Fractional Flow Rate device will show this up by measuring the pressure at different points down the artery.
Avatar n tn You could also question him as to what will be done for you, if a blockage is found. But in answer to your original question, an angiogram does make more sense to me, in response to the type of chest pain you are having, than an echocardiogram. Good luck.
Avatar m tn Published results show an Angiogram with 7mSv if it is only diagnostic and a CT-A at 16.0mSv. Therefore, the X-Ray load is more than twice as high for the CT-A.
Avatar m tn I have to agree, you will have a very difficult time finding a Cardiologist willing to take the risk of doing an angiogram as a first test. Have you asked about a nuclear stress test? These will find significant CAD when present 97% of the time and have very little risk if any. If that test comes back as abnormal you will get your angiogram.
Avatar n tn Were there any tests prior to the angiogram, and how does your father respond to medication? You can google for the COURAGE study regarding the expectations with medication, stent and bypass. You may want to consult with a non-interventional cardiologist for a second opinion before any bypass or stent implant. Hope this provides a perspective and helps you and your husband going forward. If you have any further questions or comments you are welcome to respond. Take care, Ken.
Avatar f tn 1) What tests do you think would be warranted for an total blockage? Either an angiogram or a stress test to look for ischemia depending on how invasive you would want to be. What risks is this blockage for future heart problems? The presence of coronary disease is a marker for increased risk for cardiovascular complications. The goal for you would be to lower that risk as much as possible through strict control of your cardiac risk factors.
Avatar m tn In any event, old CSR does not cause the symptoms you have and I believe it won't take the new consultant too long to discover what the problem is because of your rather pronounced symptoms. You did not say if your symptoms are constant or periodic. If they are periodic, it could be a migraine aura which would also match your personality type. Just a thought.
1318351 tn?1313385021 The worst part of it is having to lie flat for a time. My back coudn't hold up for long. I will write you in a bit and see how you are doing. How are the kids and hubby? Take care!
Avatar n tn I took some ativan so I actually feel pretty relaxed except for these extra beats. Will my rhythm go back to normal on its own and if so how long should I wait it out. I've had all the HEART tests in the past coming back normal but I've never experienced an episode lasting this long without a break. Please advise!
1175033 tn?1492204828 The doctor said 5-7 days, it should get better. But I wanted to see how long it has lasted with Chiari patients. So please let me know how long, and what you do to help cope with it. I started getting vertigo for the first time yesterday and it was scary. I now know the difference between dizzy and vertigo. I was sleeping when I had my first attack, laying in bed my phone chirped and i rolled over to got my phone and my whole head spun around. I put my head down and went back to sleep.
Avatar n tn I've read from you before that heartburn and angina are 2 different beasts. How does your angina feel? Also, does using the nitro take all of it away? The EMT told me that it's a diagnostic tool but not perfect. I am very uspset and frustrated especially with the way the ER doctor treated me. I'm still in pain and was sent home lickity split. Any advice? I hope you're feeling well yourself (: Thanks!
Avatar m tn Now I ask again, what tests did you have on your heart? Did you have an angiogram? a stress echo? an EKG? Or did they only do a troponin blood test? which was normal? However, they should have repeated the test 12 hours after you got to hospital. It can take that long for the elevation to occur. You say "had I had more tests ....low". Are you guessing?
Avatar f tn Do some research on him, I have looked up all mine on the internet to see their qualifications, when they left medical college, their area of expertise and how long they have been practicing stenting.
Avatar n tn The cath can also visualize for soft plaque by including an ultra sound unit at the end of the cath. An angiogram whether ct or cath involves medium (dye) injection to view any blockages. It seems to me that a ct score involves the degree of soft plaque, and provide percentages, doesn't make sense there is an inability to not be able to determine the degree of blockage within the lumen.
Avatar m tn I am 37, how long can a person live with Angina? I was negative on the exercise stress test. But I have off and on chest pain usually due to stress.
Avatar n tn I have Xanax but don't like using it and when I do use it I take a miniscule dose. It does help, at least with the anxiety symptoms. I have had EKG, echocardiogram, stress test. All is normal. The only ting mentioned was some mild tricuspid regurgitation. I live in mortal fear, daily, of having a heart attack. It also seems to be more prominent near the time of my menstrual cycle though that may not be significant.
Avatar n tn But as you say, it is disconcerting, and makes me fear heavy exertion. I think an event monitor is a good next step for you. My only concern with an event monitor is the fact that (at least in my case), it was only a 2 lead ECG, vs a 12 lead ECG. Can anyone comment on the accuracy of a 2 lead ECG reading vs 12 lead ECG? I've read that PVCs can mimic an idioventrical escape rhythm (which makes a lot of sense in my case, since my palpitations are very slow).
Avatar f tn Repeatedly in hospital my husband had told them all his symptoms, how long he'd had them and how he felt but it made no difference. We felt very despondent but knew we had to keep going.
Avatar n tn in fact Ive never ever heard of that situation!. Having an angiogram does carry a risk(Low) from bleeding or heart attack!. please try to go for a second opinion,this seems crazy honestly!. You could as the other poster said have a CT angiogram which would or could also give you a calcium score,but please make sure that you go to a cardiologist that is expierianced in CT Angiography as some cardios are just well,IDIOTS! and thats the truth. Good luck. John.
Avatar n tn I am scheduled for an angiogram next Thursday to check for blockages. Basically in good health, never had heart problems before. Heart history: my 96 yr. old mother had pacemaker put in after heart attack 4 years ago. All her arteries are blocked yet she is seldom short of breath. Dad died of atheriosclorosis (sp?) at 87 with no check ups or doctor visits. I am a female in late 60's and wondering if SVT curtails your ability to exercise.
Avatar n tn My cardiologist is not worried but says that he can do angiogram if I want. I am aftraid of angiogram as I think he will insert few stents. My cardiologis does not agree for CT angio. He thinks CT angio is not reliable. Now that such advanced machines are available, is CT angio still considered unreliable? Thanks for your advise in advance.
Avatar f tn It has taken my Neurosurgeon, until last week, to tell me that I have a 2nd ani on the other side of my brain - lhs - a 2mm one. He knew about this (for how long, I've yet to find out) .. but he apologised,and took blame, for me not being told sooner:-( To cut a long story job is cabin crew/flight attendant. I am due to go back (was due to go back) to my role in a few months. At the moment I am doing grounded duties. He has said I can choose to have this ani operated on, or not.
203342 tn?1328740807 we're praying for you and right there as you go through your procedure today. It does take awhile for all the stuff to get cleaned it took awhile to get in there (and don't ever think any question is silly) . Athleet, I was told not to have any grape or red jello of any kind because the dark color may alter the procedure. But it looks like it was okay with you. I actually had just broth, lemon jello and lots of water and one cup of tea.