How long does a pacemaker procedure take

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1331422 tn?1326570197 I guess the monitors I have worn can't give a total picture of what is wrong. It's not a sure thing I will need a pacemaker yet. I have a slow heartbeat which has gotten progressively slower over time. Since April it has been more and more noticeable and I feel crappy more and more. Since I feel every single pause, I am miserable and feel bad. I haven't passed out or felt pain, but I feel woozie sometimes and have to stop to catch my breath. Thanks for the link.
251395 tn?1434497886 I know first hand what it's like when you have to deal with heart issues for a long time. Take it from someone who had SVT for 36 years. I know all will eventually work out fine. It's good they cured your Vtach now because it would have become an issue for you down the road. That's now out of the way. I know how frustrating this must be for you-we are all here to get you through this.
Avatar f tn as a patient I would much rather it take a few hours longer and not have to have procedure redone. Interesting info, I'm going to look it up I haven't seen anyone else have this type done.
Avatar n tn My family DR just refers to the cardiologist's recommendation. Thanks for the help - cause all I am getting from the DR is how soon can I get a pacemaker... Travis...
Avatar n tn Gee, and a lot of the US advocates of governmental intervention in health care say "look at Canada"... I think in the US most of us would simply change our doctor if we got the kind of responses you describe. I know a couple of people with Pacemakers and they seem to get along fine with the devices.
Avatar n tn hi! Is it a constant pain or does it come and go. i have a pacemaker as well, got it back in feb. and i occasionally feel pains shooting down my arm. is hers a duel pacemaker, that has a difibulator? i dont know why her pacemakers implanted, but if it has a difibulator the pain would come but it should go. if not she might want to see her cardiologist or electrophysiologist again and make sure she not expierencing a heart attack.
88793 tn?1290230777 I didn't feel a thing, I slept through the whole procedure. I wish to ask, if anyone has a pacemaker implanted under the sedation? Did you wake up in the middle of the procedure? Did you feel pain or uncomfort during the procedure? Or you slept through the whole procedure without knowing anything? Why they only let me choose from either local or general anesthetic? Is there a sedation performed during this kind of procedure?
Avatar f tn Hi all, I've just gone thru a 4 hr procedure, ablation to eliminate a couple of rare arrhythmias. Have a complicated med history so won't be launching into longwinded details. Basically I have an implanted ICD for VT and had an episode of torsades de pointes before due to Long QT. my complex ablation to do away with Junctional ectopic tachycardia had ended up with ablation of another arrhythmia found during the procedure; a very Atypical AVNRT.
Avatar n tn I'm not sure, but does 1 mth seem long enough to warrant a dx of PTSD? I wouldn't want that to stay on my long term medical record if after 3 mths it went away and I was able to cope with the situtation then. They then go on to say: It is important to remember that not everyone who lives through a dangerous event gets PTSD. In fact, most will not get the disorder. Many factors play a part in whether a person will get PTSD.
Avatar f tn I am not sure how long it would take normally but it was about three weeks before I started feeling better. It is really sore the first three or four days. Did you have it yet?
Avatar f tn they want to do an ablation nfor atrial flutter because i am only 32 years old and he had to do the pacemaker first because of the syncope. how long does the typical ablationlast and does it always get rid of the palpatations that seems to be geting wors even though i am on multaq 400mp twice aday. i relly would appreciate an answer. i am scared and worried and not getting anwwers anywhere.
Avatar f tn I do not understand how an ablation does not stop the AFib, and yet a patient would one not feel the symptoms of A-Fib. Since I am still symptomatic, are there any other options for me now? I am beginning to feel depressed. Thank you for any help you can give me.
Avatar n tn I have a biventricular pacemaker and it has made a world of difference for me. I have a long story so I will just summarize it. I had a mitral valve replacement that went very badly and had to have it all redone about 11 months later. During that time I had multiple cardioversions for rapid atrial flutter/fib. Two ablations were done with poor outcome. I went into heart failure with an EF of 30% and had very poor function. I couldn't talk and breathe or walk and was awful.
Avatar f tn But during the recording of these pauses he did not suffer from any syncope, he has not had any syncope from january 2017. Our cardio told us that he requires a pacemaker (DDDR) to act as a safety mechanism if any further syncopes occur. We (family) and he is totally unwilling of the procedure. Is it totally necessary? Or will he die without the pacemaker?
Avatar n tn Hi, What does a-fib feel like? I once had a totally fast irregular heart rate and i felt a fluttering sensation, like a twitching. Is that what a-fib feels like?? What do you mean you only had a single run?? How long did it last?
Avatar m tn My step dad has a pacemaker and every once in a while he goes into a-fib. (they know this when they check the pacemaker). The pacemaker itself doesn't keep him out of the a-fib.
Avatar n tn I am a 33 year old women who was diagnosed with svt when I was 16, I have many episodes of palpitations my doctors have tried me on numerous medications and it has not shown any signs of helping, I am going in to talk to my doctor about doing the ablation but I am a little nervous about the procedure how long will it take and will i be in the hospital do u get to go home the same day or do they make u stay the night for observations as well as how long u have to stay off work.
Avatar f tn The doctor explained the procedure and gave my husband an estimate of how long the procedure would take (2-4 hours) and how long I would be in the recovery room (about 3 hours). The doctor took my husband’s cell number, gave him the number for the EP lab, and promised to call my husband as soon as I was moved to the recovery room. (I had encouraged my husband to go home and work from home, rather than sit in the waiting room, which would make for a very long day.
1210142 tn?1266080631 My sister is an MD in Bulgaria and the practice there is almost the same as here- stopping Plavix after 12 months. So, no matter how much and how long we discuss this- the statistics should speak for itself.
Avatar m tn Right heart catherization (RHC) is a very invasive procedure. How long do I have to stay in the hospital? 2. Should I get the RHC done as soon as possible? I'm asking this stupid question (my instint tells me yes, the sooner i start the treatment, the better) because my family doctor has been taking a long time. Usually, he asks me to come back 10 days the previous test. Also, since my family already booked our vacation in mid May, I want to know if we can still take the vacation 3.
Avatar n tn Ten years ago if I'd had it done there was a 20% chance I'd ended up with a pacemaker. Ten years later I was told I was a perfect candidate so I had the ablation and the chance of having a pacemaker was less than 1%. That's how far they've come in 10 years. Like so many of you, our concernes have fallen on deaf ears, or misinformed ears and I think doctors just are plain annoyed with us because they don't know what to do because the answers aren't there yet but they will be.
678312 tn?1310014174 Need to ask the doc, I believe they can set them for how long the rate is at a certain level.
Avatar n tn the doctors told him if it dont slow down after 5 min to go to the hosp.but what does he do if hes at a place that it takes a little while to get to a hosp? Is there anything he can do to slow it down himself?
Avatar n tn While I fall, my head hit on the leg of the steel bed. It didn't hurt. Perhaps it was a very comfortable pressure hit. Didn't know how long it passed. I woke up (my hand is still holding the toothbrush)! My whole body was very very cold. Still having the fade vision but able to climb back to my bed. My head (hitting spot) started pain..... Covered with the blanket and slept until a big group of doctors and nurse came in. That time I was only 16 years old.
7014780 tn?1395591257 Wow, 312 is dangerous (same as a rat!). How long did they last? Did your blood pressure drop or was your left ventricle able to fill with enough blood to keep your blood moving? So once a week you were 220 or 4 beats/second (same as a monkey), whereas I'm sporatic 160 bpm or 2.7 bp second. Your accessory pathway in the left Atria was not close to AV node where my Cardiologist thinks mine is, which is often damaged with AVNRT surgery resulting in AV Block needing a pacemaker.
Avatar f tn i know people have it way worse off,my 29 year old sister just got put on university hospitals transplant list..she has a pacemaker -difibulator in as we chat well its an icd..they will be putting a pick line in her shortly to give her heart liquid meds till the transplant i know i could be way worse off..yet i like the rest of you would just like some normalicy in my able to hold my kids go walk at the zoo for 5 hours..tired of being tired..
Avatar n tn And you will feel tired for about a month. Also you can expect some arrythmias after the procedure because it does irritate the heart. Typically one doesn't know if it worked for about 3 months afterwards.
Avatar n tn one recent study reported a high success rate for atrial fibrillation ablation but did not include left atrial flutter as a failure -- it is known that about 1/4 will have a left atrial flutter after AF ablation and require a repeat procedure to get the success numbers you are use to reading. A center can make their numbers look as good as they want to by playing with numbers and definitions. There are a lot great AF centers across the country. I would not limit them to MI or Penn.