How long does a pacemaker battery last

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Avatar n tn The life of a pacemaker's battery depends on how often it's used. Just like a flashlight, the more you use it, the sooner you have to change the batteries. They can monitor the battery life so it just doesn't run out without warning. If necessary, they'll replace the pacer. It's a closed unit so one doesn't just pop open the back like a remote control and put in new batteries.
329165 tn?1515475590 Apart from a bit of a flood yesterday, we in Jo'burg have had power ALL DAY LONG. I sleep with oxygen at night and the o2 machine lets out a terrible screech with there's a power failure, nearly does my heart in every time, but then my pacemaker kicks in and I'm fine again - see, pacemakers are good things after all and they don't rely on Eskom to keep them powered!
Avatar n tn If she is indeed pacemaker dependent, and she has had a pacemaker for this long then most likely once the battery is fully depleted then she will no longer have a stable ventricular escape rhythm. She may pass away from asystole in a few minutes, hours or days, one is unable to predict exactly when it will occur. If she is lucid and competent then she should be able to make the decision not to undergo the device change-out procedure.
255722 tn?1452550141 Every few months for the first year you normally go in for a check and they see battery status and tell you how long you have left. When it gets close, they can see it in the report and then you may hear a beep. When the battery runs out, you go in the hospital and have the unit replaced and connected to the same leads that they orginally placed in there.
Avatar m tn If you only use it once a year, it will last a very long time. With average use a pacemaker/ICD tends to last about 5 years.
Avatar f tn His doctor told me that it won't just quit at that time. They really don't know how long the pacemaker could last. I'm worried about pain. I will be discussing this with his PCP and his cardiologist. I would just like some answers before then. Dad's health is not in crisis right now.
Avatar n tn After 3 years he has decided to put in a pacemaker which will be done in about a month. Believe me I know how hard and frustrating it is. I feel like my life has been stripped away. I am praying the pacemaker will make a big difference. I haven't been able to work the last 2 years. From what I've read people who have the low heart rate with this condition have seen positive results. So, stay after your electrophysiologist.
678312 tn?1310014174 Need to ask the doc, I believe they can set them for how long the rate is at a certain level.
Avatar f tn Dear Medical Professional, My father is a retired former athletic coach and college professor who first started exhibiting memory problems several years ago, and who entered an assisted living facility 5 months ago (just after his 90th birthday) with advanced dementia. He has had a pacemaker for 8 years. Last week I took him to his cardiologist, who reported that his echocardiogram from two weeks earlier showed 10% ejection fraction, down from 40% from 2007.
Avatar f tn I had a holter and had symptoms but not the major one so all they caught was pacs and pvcs but not the svt. I didn't catch that until I had the 30 day. As for the dizziness, how long does it last. I have recently had a few very brief times were I felt out of sorts but it really was very quick and I do tend to low bp so it could have something to do with that.
Avatar n tn i have had a few in the last 24hour and in my sleep last night i woke up to having 1 not nice at all the big ones take my breath away and im geting more and more of them
572651 tn?1333939396 I drove thru hours of bad rain and wind before I hit a clear spot to finish my drive. I have a pacemaker check tomorrow and an appt with my cardiologist to determine the date for my pacemaker battery replacement. Also need his advice on the new drugs the neuro wants...then I'm putting my feet up for a few days to de-stress.
Avatar n tn The artificial pacemaker is an electronic device which can generate a pulse of electricity. It is powered by a battery that can last for many years. It is usually positioned just under the skin in the upper chest. Wires are led to the heart chambers via a vein, and anchored to the muscle wall. They sense the normal heart beat, and initiate an artificial beat if the normal one fails.
Avatar f tn Thank you for baring through my unpleasently long msg. -Tk PS How it is that after a pacemaker implant I would suddenly have so many new issues and so much sometimes debilitating body pain?
Avatar n tn I have sick sinus for which I have a pacemaker. Right now I am scheduled for an av node ablation in a wk. for uncontrolled a-fib and other atrial arrythmias. Apparently, I go from one arrythmia to another at various rates. I take coumadin for the a-fib. My EP made a list of all the meds. I have tried. I have gone through the entire gamut of anti-arrythmics. Amiodarone was the most successful. I was on it for 5yrs. Others have given me a dangerous long QT.
Avatar n tn Does a person with a pacemaker or ICD have to take anti-coagulant drugs (Coumadin/Warfarin)? I haven't been able to find anything about this. I wonder because of the implanted leads. If they are exposed to the blood flow in the heart, could they lead to clotting? I have lone afib which is controlled with Sotalol, for now at least. I have been in NSR since early July with only three short afib episodes. However, the Sotalol really slows down my heart even though I am on a very low dose.
Avatar m tn Hi Bill, Yes, English is not my first language, it may be a second or a third language. So you know that how long I have to take, to write an Essay (thread) like this? Not all the pacemaker only paced right ventricle. Some only pace Atrial, some bi-ventricular pacemaker will pace right and left ventricles. Mine one has two leads, it paces right atrial and right ventricle. Some of them only paced one chamber but have two leads (one lead turn off)also.
Avatar f tn Mine was not reliable and at times I would end up with long sinus pauses. I did get a pacemaker. That would solve that problem for you. It will not solved the fast atrial arrythmias. I have those as well, and had attempted ablations. Last year I ended up with an av-node ablation which took me off the flecainide and no more amiodarone. I feel so much better. The av-node made it so even though I still have the fast rates I don't feel them as much.
Avatar n tn He started out with what was to be a simple microsurgery becamed infected in surgery and had a very long comeback from a 23cc abscess that formed in his spine. He then several years later injured his back at work in an industrial plant rupturing 2 more discs above the abcessed area. They then did a spinal fusion of L4 and L5. He progressively got worse, had numerious back injections, also something called prolo therapy and nothing worked.
Avatar n tn They check up yearly to make sure the pacemaekr is firing and how long of a charge it has left on the battery life and to make sure that the heart murmur doesn't get worse in it's intensity. If you have any symptoms that develop, call the cardiologist in an immediate fashion. Good luck and good night.
1917408 tn?1421955640 I have never experienced anything like the MS Hug and never mentioned it to Seville, but she described it exactly like I've read several members of the MS Forum describe it, but she was attributing it to saying her pacemaker was firing. When the put a pacemaker in a growing child, they put in extra lead wire so that as they grow there is enough wire to accommodate the extra height. Apparently her s somehow got kinked as this happened.
Avatar n tn Will he be able to play basketball with a pacemaker? This is his Senior year and the season begins in November. 3. How does this effect a teenagers lifestyle? 4. What is the life expectancy of a 17 year old who requires a pacemaker? 5. He seems to feel some better with each passing week. Is this something that could possibly improve with time, without a pacemaker? 6. His heart rate is 48.
Avatar f tn Nothing today except food shopping, going with a friend to a yarn sale tomorrow, my Tysabri infusion, pacemaker check, sewing lesson (my machine intimidates me) and yarn store visit on Wednesday, and a neighborhood luncheon on Friday, with neighbor guests for supper Friday rounds out my week, Hope everyone is doing ok
Avatar f tn I recently went thru a battery of tests and was told everything is normal - these included a stress test, heart catherization, Ekg's, CT of the chest and wearing an event monitor. My problem is I will have episodes where I become weak, short of breath, have severe chest pain that radiates down the left arm sometimes. These episodes will last 5-10 minutes and during this time my blood pressure will drop to 80's/40's and pulse will be in 40-50's.
Avatar n tn age 24 now 31 was a victim of 17 shocks in a row due to the nurse reprogramming it to dual chamber when only one was needed thank god I made it to the parking garage when I got first shock who knows what kind of tragedy could have accured if I made it to my car I now hae a dead battery for almost a year now and refuse to have it replaced.
Avatar n tn Does anyone that has a fib have a mother or father that has or had it. My father's problem began much like mine, svt and other arrhythmias, and then progressed into chronic afib. He developed heart failure and died. He also developed lung disease later in life that could have caused the afib. I just wonder if it is an inherited condition since they can find no cause for my problem, and if so what the percentagae is that other atrial arrhythmias develop into afib.
391002 tn?1200940038 It doesn't store information like a pacemaker (so many pvc's, so many vt's, etc)? And will you have it removed at some point in time? How many leads?
Avatar f tn The 4th one they made me pacemaker depended.2006,I needed a replacement due to the battery was low.Dec.2006,they tested it and everything was OK.Jan.2007,I had a episode where for about 20 mins.with the sweating,weak,and my chest was pounding with my shoulders feeling like they had a ton of weight on em.In mid Feb.I had another one,but it lasted close to an hour.I went in to my Cardio and he checked my pacer and the findings were,from Dec to the present time,I had 250 episodes but felt only 2.
Avatar n tn From what I've been told that procedure is a last resort. I know how difficult it is to have no easy answers. I have been on various antiarrythmisc as well. Some have effected me worse than others. It is difficult to be forced to make all these decisions, but it does help to understand your options.