How long do tramadol withdrawal symptoms last

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Avatar f tn what are the symptons and how long do the symptons last...i am also leaning on going into rehab.....dont think i can do this need some advice...
Avatar m tn I s this a common effect of the withdrawal of Vicodin/Tramadol? How long will they last? I forgot to tell I was using Vicodin for about a year twice daily and Tramadol for about 2 years , also twice daily. Never seeked or experienced any high, so I'm not psychologically addicted, but of course my body got used to it. Any input is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
Avatar f tn I have taking tramadol for about a year 300mg a day I stopped cold turkey on Sunday I took my last two Sunday morning I have been through ****. I can't get no answers from my doctos about how long this is going to last I'm tired of having this panic feeling I want to get back to normal if I would've known it done this I would've took it but my pain mangemnt doctor told me it wasn't habit forming so how much longer till I feel better?
Avatar f tn Have been reading a lot of posts, but havent seen anything yet that might give me an indication of how long symptoms will last, but will keep looking. Still have to work out how to manage chronic pain from back and fibromyalgia.
Avatar m tn How long can I expect this to last and is there anything I can do to ease these symptoms? I am a 58 year old male, 5’10” and 200 lbs. I do not smoke. Also, my primary care manager doesn’t know much about opiate withdrawal symptoms and as a result isn’t much help. How does one find a doctor with knowledge and experience with opiate withdrawal and should I be looking for a medical doctor or a physiatrist?
Avatar n tn I just need to know if I should wean off slowly and how long these withdrawal symptoms will last. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.
Avatar m tn My doctor doesn’t think it will still be the tramadol as she thinks the withdrawal will have gone by now. I think it is the Tramadol. Do you think it might still be the tramadol 45 to 50 days after stopping (cold turky from 400 to 500 mg daily) making me feel very uneasy and panicky?
Avatar m tn Don't quite understand. You said that you have been taking Tramadol for 1.5 years @ 250mg/day, but now are taking 50mg/4hrs (300mg/day) and experiencing withdrawals?
Avatar m tn With that said, I'm in day 5 off of the Tramadol and thinking I might as well tough it out. Threw the rest of my Tramadol out. How much longer can I expect to not sleep?
1325193 tn?1450131036 First, that is a very fast taper you are on and dangerous to come that fast from Tramadol. You need a better plan. the "zaps" you are getting could lead to seizure activity. You will have to work with your doctor to get a taper schedule (we don't give them out here). Please listen to your doctor and follow the plan. If you follow his plan and all goes well, you should feel better in 5 to 7 days once you come off.
Avatar f tn The withdrawal got so bad, I had to take some. I took cut down to 12. I am having mild withdrawal symptoms. I guess my question here is: Does anyone have experience tapering themselves off Tramadol and if so, what regimen did you use? Also, does the Thomas receipe really work?
Avatar f tn Faye~ I think you ARE making progress now that you're down to 75mg per day after several weeks. What you describe are typical symptoms of withdrawal from Tramadol. Your doctor could help IF he knew what he was doing... There are meds that help with the symptoms that can be prescribed. Do you have another doctor by chance? Tramadol contains an opiate AND an antidepressant component similar to Effexor. Some folks begin an antidepressant after stopping Tramadol.
Avatar m tn I have another day and a half before I have to go to work, and my wd's aren't nearly as bad as I had expected, but the anxiety and depression is lingering. So my question is, how long should this last? On day one I had rls, and the usual opiate like symptoms, today I just feel cloudy, indecisive, and lots of anxiety/depression. I started taking 5htp yesterday, and got some tylenol pm and valerian root for tonight although i slept about 7 hours last night with just melatonin.
Avatar n tn Dr says he cant help me, that I will just have to withdraw or chance my baby's health. No option there eh!! So how long does this last?? Who knows!! Everybody is different, some understanding goes a long way though! I understand where you are Sabbath but really it's down to us to get this stuff out of our bodies and start living totall drug free and help others do the same like you have just done with me!
Avatar f tn how much less for how many days and totally how long to wean off. I am so scared...I do not want to go thru the hell I went thru with Percocet! Thanks everyone!
Avatar f tn If I were you, I would research everything u can about the w/ds, what are the typical w/d symptoms, how long it lasts and see if u can manage it. If you start feeling really horrible, you could always go to an ER. I know that sounds drastic, but at the very least, they can check out whats going on with your body and maybe keep you at the hospital just until you get stable. Or they can refer you to a new doctor. They won't just let you walk out if you are in acute w/ds.
Avatar m tn prescribed her a sleeping pill tonight but she still cant sleep. I dont know what else to do. How long can she go without sleep before i take her to the er Please help me....
Avatar f tn This is why you get so darn depressed when you stop taking the tramadol as well as the other withdrawal symptoms. I recommend drinking plenty of fluids, eat as healthy and as much as possible, take hot baths, use a heating pad as needed, and go to the doctor and get something to help you sleep. Winning this battle can be done. You have to be strong and fight the urge to take them little devils...They are the devil and they will consume you.
Avatar n tn I have heard various opinions, but I certainly would like to hear what someone with knowledge of opiate w/d to give me an idea of how long this could last. Since I've been on Tram for 2 years, do you think this could last as long as 3-6 months? Since this is my first rodeo with any drug whatsoever, I just have no clue. I thought after 4 weeks I would be out of the woods, but here I am in week 5, still feeling like week 1 except for the anxiety - that has wained quite a bit.
Avatar n tn I just want anormal life back and so I can just deal with morning sickness rather than having the flu, a water infection and major withdrawal symptoms from a drug, I do not think should be given out without serious long consideration from the doctor and being told about its effects on your life. A copy of people,s statements of trying to come off should be given aswell. My doctor has given me no help whatsoever even though I have tried suicide in the past.
1647482 tn?1301337572 Okay - BOY do I know what you're going through. Tramadol was my DOC for 6/7 (not sure because tramadol STOLE my memory) years and in my opinion, the WORST pain killer out there - it's not only a synthetic opiate, but also contains the chemical components of an anti-depressant which is why the withdrawal is SO horrible. But I will tell you that if you haven't taken it for a couple of days I do NOT recommend going back on to do a taper.
Avatar n tn Mr Junig I currently quit cold turkey on tramadol and was taking a very high dose and am having really bad withdrawal. How long do you think i will feel this way or what can i do to get the opiates out of my body faster than just sitting it out?
Avatar f tn How long do the withdrawal symptoms last I have been taking TraMADol hcl for over a year for a back injury. I am trying to go cold turkey.
Avatar f tn Tramadol causes typical opiate-like withdrawal symptoms as well as atypical withdrawal symptoms including seizures. The atypical withdrawal symptoms are probably related to tramadol's effect on serotonin and norepinephrine re-uptake.
Avatar n tn yea hey, my DR just gave me 120/50mg trams because i missed a **** test & have 2 "get back right with the pain mang. team" in order to get my previously rx' hydro 10/500 & 2 /20mg oc's for my back. anyway, i have taken 2-3 at atime just to see if i felt a "buzz" trust me the last thing i want is a "monkey" that really ain't worth a cuss. i didn't feel much anything excect it did help a headache.
Avatar f tn I am going to stop cold turkey tomorrow. Does anyone know how long my withdrawal will last and how bad it will be? I have heard withdrawal from Sub is milder than say.. vicodin or oxy. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!