How long do hiv symptoms last

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Avatar n tn thanks teak and can you tell me how long generally do ars symptoms last. Can they last this long? and also the condom wasn't all the way up his penis probably due to intercourse.
Avatar m tn For most STDs, how long time do their symptoms last usually if not cured? For example, chlamydia or gonerriha, or herpes, HPV, trich, etc. Thank you!
Avatar f tn m going to get tested but I was just wondering how long after do you show signs and symptoms so I know what to look 4
Avatar m tn 90 days is a common turning point, but it doesn't stop there. Yes, methadone can take a long time to recover from. I was on twice as much as you and it took me 10 months to feel good. It is rough, but totally worth it. Hang in there. Are you taking vitamins and getting enough electrolytes and amino acids? That really helps. What are your other symptoms, maybe we can help with supplements to get you through.
Avatar f tn I was told to keep record of all your long they last..which ones they helped and not helped...etc... you will need this info down the road..OK.. it has to do with Inflammation... ? That's about all I can tell you..
Avatar m tn I had a question concerning hiv primary infection. I am wondering if if during HIV primary infection that a fever or these "ARS" are if they last a lot longer than some generalized symptoms? I know everyone says don't base it off symptoms yeah, I understand that, I am just wondering do the symptoms of HIV infection linger for a lot longer of time? And also for the fever, was it 101 for 3 or more weeks? Something high, and that lingers?