How long do heat blisters last

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Avatar m tn it would be my first outbreak if it is indeed herpes. so how long does a normal outbreak last for? how long does it normally take for the red dots to turn into sores? or maybe i don't have herpes? i'm praying i don't have herpes and think some of my symptoms might be psychosematic. but if not herpes, what else could little read dots with white heads be on the underside of my penis be? pls help!
645390 tn?1338558977 Cant really be on the computer too long, having lots of vision issues right now, and cant see well. How long does it take to get back to "normal" body/vision after cooling down? Cant find this? Anyone? Thanks in advance...
Avatar n tn Hi! I am also getting these heat rashes in the manner similar to the post of the gentleman above. I would like to add some more details to my situation so that you could narrow down your diagnosis. I understand that heat rashes come as small boils as the sweat pores are blocked and as the sweat tries to come out at the hair follicle. When there is no place for the sweat to come out, we get the rashes i.e., boils (the skin looks like I have chicken pox). Hope I have got this right.
Avatar n tn Hi, There are several causes of blisters. 'Blisters are usually caused by injury to the skin from heat or from friction, which create a tear between the epidermis—the upper layer of the skin—and the layers beneath. Short periods of intense rubbing can cause a blister, but any rubbing of the skin at all can cause a blister if it is continued for long enough. Blisters form more easily on moist skin than on dry or soaked skin, and are more common in warm conditions.
Avatar n tn 6) which is around the same time it started last year. It is independent of the shoes I wear. For example, the blisters appeared last week and I've been wearing those sneakers for over a year. I ski often in winter, but I haven't put my boots on yet this year. My diet hasn't changed. My address and work haven't changed. The only pattern I can see (if there is one) is that it happens in winter months. I have no other symptoms or allergies.
Avatar n tn I'm going to try washing my hands more frequently and I'll tell you how it goes! Oh yeah... The itchyness is made worse with heat so I stuck my hands under cold water and it gave me some relief. I also got a lot of sun on my vacation and I have heard of people being Allergic to too much sun in a short period of time so maybe give your skin a break from the heat. Take Luke warm showers for relief and try cortaid.
Avatar f tn I am 26 years old and I have been suffering with this condition all of my life and the Doctors do not seem to know what it is. I suffer with blisters that have appeared on my cheeks, lips, eyes, ears, neck and once on my thigh. When they erupt they are very itchy and are not noticeable to look at. This is the most infectious stage- if I touch it at this time it will spread. The next day a cluster of blisters will appear and the area swells immensely.
Avatar n tn After it drains and the skin is peeled, you can see a tiny hole that seems to lead into the flesh. The blisters are painless and do not stop me from walking around but the few times that it has gotten infected, it has caused me great pain. I normally have these blisters 2-3 times a year a for a period of about one a half weeks. I have been to the doctors office many times but they are not able to give me a reason for them. Would anyone know what may be the cause.
Avatar n tn My hands were so incredibly blistered and swollen. My blisters only last for about a week before they start drying out and turning into thick yellowish itchy skin that peels so that the new skin comes in. The flare ups can also be stress related.
Avatar f tn By the way, the blisters are deep seated and do not break easily. They are needle point size to start, then they cluster & become red and flattened. It just looks like little bubbles at first, but not later. Later, flatter and redder and wider (clusters merged).
Avatar n tn I'm really confused and frustrated as to what it is and why now, and most of all worried about how long this will last. From the sound of it some of you have dealt with this for years. I've been searching the web to try and find an answer and as of this moment I am stumped. I think its either allergy-related, or an autoimmune disorder where your immune system attacks your own body for unknown reasons.
Avatar n tn I feel better with the itching again, but at night, I think I touch the area, so when I wake up in the morning it's red again. I feel like these treatments aren't working. How long do I have to wait for the treatments to work. Am I just expecting it to cure the yeast infection too soon? Is this something that takes time to heal? It's just really irritating. It's been almost 2 months and I would like it to go away. Can anyone give me some insights?
Avatar m tn i woke up a few times last nite and wondered how you were doing. so did you do 1 or 2? you did great. 48 hrs. when was the last time you lasted that long? years right? that was the first time out of the gate, so you made it to the 50 yd. line. how do you feel now? i mean physically?
Avatar f tn I really want to have this talk in person, and so I am torn between trying to arrange us getting together soon, and not telling him until then...OR do I try to call him and tell him that way. How long can this wait?? I know it's a very personal decision, but I would appreciate your very honest opinion! And thank you for the energy you give this when you are working 12 hour nights!!! It can't be easy, and you are very generous!
Avatar n tn 2 questions: I did my first shot of peginterferon last nite and got the chills and shaking for a it normal? A littel fever too. Today I'm taking my first Ribavirin...should I expect to get flu like symptoms too? Thanks so much!
Avatar n tn and if you have a lesion is it supposed to crust and does it combine into one lesion and slowly healy by shrinking the skin together like primary healing and how long does that take.. the other thing is if you take Azthromycin and some other anti biotics... and you don't have the pains any more..what is that.. I still have a crawling feeling on the bottom of my testicles..and a slight pain in my hip...
Avatar n tn I had a forearm rash last week. Dermatologist gave me Clobex, a strong steriod ointment. That seemed to do the trick. She wouldn't make a claim as to riba related or not, just an elergic reaction to something. Aveena soaking products have a good reputation for any itchy rash. Benadryl helps for sleeping and itching. Wow, clearing brush? You are the man!
Avatar n tn Its on the front of my shin seemingly starting to spread towards the outside. It flares up with 1 to 4 or so little itchy blisters (2-4mm?) which stop bothering me in a matter of hours. A month or 2 later, I'll get a few more spots. Leaving me almost constantly with a healing or fresh scab. I've seen the doctor twice for it. They believed it was either eczema or contact dermatitis and prescribed a topical steroid creme.
Avatar n tn I really would appreciate anything you could do for me I'm totally lost and I've only slept with 5 people.
Avatar n tn I guess It did me a world of good to do some research into how the rest of the world lives to realize that I'm really not that bad off. Some of you may have seen me posting a few days ago that I'd gotten my hands on some OXY, and wanted to try it since it seems to be all the rage.... I found out that 80 MGs didn't even really effect me, and I wanted to know WHY...
Avatar f tn I have lupus, ulcerative colitis, and raynaud so I am not sure if this is has anything to do with it....I dont have any blisters, leisons, or any signs of HSV 2 nor have I ever had a fever blister only the common cold and chicken pops. Recently, I have reoccurring yeast and bacteria infection so I am wondering was that my outbreak? I am soo worried because I have been with my boyfriend for 6 years and I dont know what to do. I know herpes can lay dormant in your body for years.
Avatar f tn waiting 4 weeks for testing isn't long enough either. you need to wait 3 months to do the igg blood testing.
Avatar m tn Grace, actually a std clinic suggested the igm... Is hsv2 transmissble via kissing? How much protection do condoms alone offer during and without outbreaks?
Avatar f tn Was diagnosed last year with HSV 2 from a positive culture....just wrote a long story on here that was deleted because it exceeded the limit for characters. I worried for weeks that i may have been the carrier and given it to the man i had been seeing, long distance, for 2 years. We had gotten together in his town and I mistakenly suggested we not use a condom this time (he ALWAYS made sure we did) in the heat of the moment. Week later i had sore blisters.
Avatar n tn It's nearly impossible to do because so many are new they don't know how to post or how to title it or how it works on a board so they open a new question every time they have a question. There should be some instructions or something on the first page. I guess the best way to access info here is to google it rather than use the "search/browse archives" feature. That way it will come up by subject but if you try to find info by looking thru thread titles you can't find it by titles.
Avatar m tn HI, By spreading I meant, more blisters appearing on to near by skin areas including inner thighs. I have no idea how long they will last.
427340 tn?1205867731 The first time I got this blister was I believe when I was pregnant (2 years ago) and I remember my OBGYN asking me when I was about to get surgery to have the babies, if I got those blisters often. I told him not really. But since they went away we never mentioned it again. But now this blister came back and its the same place I got it last time. I'm a bit concerned. Could it be herpes? Can anyone give me an idea of what it could be?
Avatar n tn I am not sure if they're ingrown hairs or heat bumps. Either way, how do I get rid of them and prevent them from appearing.