How long can stomach flu symptoms last

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956292 tn?1334058469 Hi Everyone, Can I long have all your symptoms been main symptoms started in July 2009 with cognitive issues..memory loss, hard time finding words, and eye pain with blurry vision (left eye) August I started having numbness and tingling in left time went on my sypmtoms evolved and I began to get little zaps down my arm and leg (left side) again as time went on my left leg began to stiffin up and I would get cramps along with fatigue and weakness..
Avatar n tn Hello to all I have been taking 5/500 Vicodin for about the last 3 months about 10-15 a day. I was wondering how bad my DT's could be and how long they may last. I'm scared and could really use some thoughts and any helpful advise from anyone. Thank you so much!
Avatar m tn I am prone to IBS which may explain the diarrhea but some of the other symptoms seem to be lingering longer than other people reporting Stomach Flu. Can anyone offer me any suggestions how to relieve these symptoms and how much longer I should remain off work so I can give my employer some indication.
Avatar m tn Sorry no, there is no way to know for sure how long it may last...and it depends on you....try to relax as stress can also trigger a flare. I had bouts that lasted a few weeks....and water seemed to be the worst thing I could drink, but with time it got better. Good luck.
Avatar m tn Everyone is different, but for me, the withdrawal symptoms lasted about a week, and peaked in intensity about days 3 and 4! It really does depend on how much and how long, to estimate how strong and long your symptoms will be! If you haven't already done so, please check out the Thomas Recipe at the bottom of the page! There are vitamins and supplements that you can take which will help with the withdrawal symptoms! Drink tons of fluids like water and Gatorade to help flush your system!
Avatar f tn you'll feel better in approx 5-7 days Good Luck!
Avatar f tn I need to stop taking them but I can't call my doctor as it is part of the health system I work at. So I would like to know from others how long can I expect the withdrawals to last?
Avatar n tn I'm on day 1 of Hydrocodone withdrawal. . . I tried to taper off as best I could but as many of you know, that's difficult for us to do. I'm pretty miserable today. . . hot, cold, hot, cold, anxiety, etc. . . . I called my dr. who has been prescribing me the meds & his nurse says there's really nothing he can do & that it just has to run it's course. I asked how long that would take & she said "usually a week." A WEEK!!!!
865758 tn?1285956504 Can anyone tell me what the effect, if any, on my thyroid will be from suffering with the stomach flu? I just came down with it last night and today I am MISERABLE in more ways than one. Other than the stomach issues, it seems every single symptom I have experienced thus far has returned and with a vengeance!! Is this normal and how long does it take to level out???
Avatar n tn Can someone answer this. How long does hydrocodine show up in your system for a drug test. I take this drug for the pain I get with Lymes Disease. I'm starting a new job and they will ask for a drug test. How soon do I need to get off of them so it don't show up on my test. Thanks.
4939681 tn?1361302899 Everything I've experienced including this new flu-like rage are symptoms that I have experience on a continual 3-4 (or so, my journaling has been pretty bad) week cycle since my transfusion a year ago. The cycles of symptom flare ups got more and more intense on their own over the year and then with the doxy I am pretty much useless. I don't know if it was a natural progression or if it was magnified by the doxy, but my goodness it's extreme!
3119293 tn?1342054132 First, can someone point to a reliable web site where they list the symptoms? Second, how long I can expect this general lousy feeling last? And last, how long will it take to get back to a feeling where I want to do more than just lay around all day? Thank you all in advance for answering my questions.
Avatar m tn Hi~ Well,attitude has a lot to do with this. Have you stopped before? What do you take? How much? How long? Give us more info so we can help.. V.
Avatar f tn What is the worst of this? How long is this going to last? Even having the small dosage of percocet we still feel awful. Sneezing, cold one minute, hot the next, fatigue, insomnia, stomach issues.....He works full time and I am home w/ 2 young children so we have to have energy and keep going. I wish we could both just lay down and get through this. Just curious as to how other people got through this and is there anything else I can do to ease the w/d?
Avatar m tn My question is, did you taper? Also, exactly how long did your withdrawal symptoms last? I feel like this is lasting forever!! I know that it will get better and I will normal again I would just like to know when?? I will fight this demon, I will keep strong.
Avatar m tn ihave been taking nurofen plus for a few years now, tomorrow will be my 5th day without any substance at all. i would like to know how long i can expect the withdrawal to last,this is the longest i have been off them, this is also my first atemptand i will make sure it is the last, i take ( sorry took) 24-36 tablet in 1 go, and between 50-60 per day. does it make a difference if i took them all at once or over a period of the day, could my body obsorb that amount.
996658 tn?1249678769 I don't see anywhere on here that someone has these flu like symptoms especially with cough, can someone tell me if this is normal or should I go to dr. to see about another issue. I really don't want to go to my primary care and tell them I've been abusing these drugs so am really trying hard to do this on my own. Also, family doesn't know. Any answers on if this is normal stuff and how long it should last.
Avatar n tn When I went to the doctor to start my suboxone program he told me symptoms of w/d can usually last 6 weeks. They get better after day 4 or 5 but the malaise, horrible cravings, sleeplessness and anxiety can last for weeks. I'm going off what the doc said I never made it more than 7 days going cold turkey. I'm on day 18 of the suboxone program.
Avatar n tn he told me to check on how long the withdrawls last cuz he might be wrong on that. does anybody know how long withdrawls will last? is he right about the anxiety, if he is what do i do for that? i would like to know how long withdrawls last?
Avatar n tn I was able to sleep OK last night, but I feel no energy this morning. How long will it take before I can wake up? I had been taking the percs for 2 years. I was up as high as 20 a day. I am glad I quit, but feel like ****.
Avatar n tn How long did the spotting last? I first noticed a very light pink discharge late 10/04 or early 10/5. Then I had brown spotting on 10/6 and again today on 10/7. It is nothing that evenrequires a panty liner but it is evident when I wipe.This is my first cycle TTC and I have 3 older kids and never had implantation bleeding with them so I am trying to find all the information that I can about this. I am also trying to keep myself from tkaing a HPT.
Avatar f tn He feels like he has the stomach flu. He threw up about ten times on Monday. By Monday night the vomiting had stopped but he started with diarrhea. The diarrhea lasted through the entire day/night on Tuesday. He felt a little better by Tuesday night, but again this morning (Wednesday) he began vomiting again. He isn't sure if this is opiate withdrawal or the stomach flu.
Avatar n tn I too have been having flu symptoms for the past few months after exercise. Last week I had to leave in the middle of my workout due to hitting a wall with flu fatigue. After cycle training yesterday my entire body ached and I had to take to my bed for several hours. Specifically, my legs were throbbing and I had to take Tylonol, which I have never had to do before. Now keep in mind that I was in an anaerobic state for 45 minutes of my ride.
Avatar n tn I will not go to the Clinic or anything like that. My question is how long will my withdrawals last? 10mg for 7 months and 3-7 a day? I had one day of withdrawal the day before yesterday and it was UNBEARABLE. I sweat the bed wet constantly sweat my clothes, dirreah, extreme anxiety and my heart feels like it is going a million miles an hour. I would rather have the flu, the stomach bug and swine flu all at once rather then go through this and I am SO serious about that.
Avatar n tn Is taking 1mg of xanex to help she didn't know she was in trouble, how long would you expect the withdrawral to last would the aleve help.