How long can hiv positive live

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Avatar m tn he is not considered "positive" until he has a western blot to confirm his results.
Avatar n tn Hello again doctor, I have a couple of questions. 1. How long can HIV virus live outside the body? 2. Looking at my last post, I had I believe a Uni Gold Radid Test (finger prick). It came back negative at 81/2 weeks, I had oral sex. I know its not conclusive until 12 weeks. What are the chances that it could come back positive over the next 31/2 weeks? 3. What's the difference between HIV 1 and HIV 2? 4. You say it's zero risk getting HIV through oral sex.
Avatar n tn To answer how can you stay? honestly i dont think you should, can or deserve to. Go find someone who's not going to lie to you, or cheat on you.
Avatar f tn In 2013 some researchers at Yale Medical School did a study on how long Hepatitis C can live outside the body and they found that under the conditions they set up, it could live up to six weeks outside the body. They did say that a large amount of the virus did die rapidly in the first 10 days, but then a small amount that was left slowly died off after that.
Avatar n tn ) How much one can live with this deasises if he go by regular madication 2)are there any new development that can Increase my cd4. 3) shall I add any New Medication. 4)How long one can take DEVOIR E kit. &after that what are new medication. 5)any food 7 exersices can help to improve cd4.
Avatar f tn why u thinking like that man, r married or not? everything god's hand man , no one cant predict anything ..depends upon patient health ....
Avatar m tn what is my average life span...i mean how long we can live with HIV.. I have a 15 months old boy and i would like to live long enought to see him grow up and enjoy life with him...
Avatar m tn will the HSV make HIV window period long? then why my symptoms are getting worse? what could be the cause of these symptoms? I am unmarried male 29 year old, and having pressure from home to get marry with in 6month. i don't know how to move further. I need advice and helps.
Avatar n tn She has isolated her self. Although we live a few hours apart I would like to know how I can support her through this. I am planning a trip to see her, any thing I should or shouldn't say? I want her to feel the same, because that is how i see her.
Avatar n tn Dear Doctor, I am a 37-year-old man, and 6,5 months ago I had a risky exposure (unprotected sexual contact) with a woman with unknown HIV status. 6,5 weeks after this exposure, I had several symptoms such as fever for a week, sore throat, one swollen lymph node under neck and severe muscle pain. At the time of my illness and also 3 months and 6 months after the contact I was tested negative for HIV with Ag+Ab testing.
Avatar f tn I have been HIV positive for about one and a half years. My question is, how long do people usually have this before getting AIDS? This discussion is related to <a href=''>Numbness and Weakness in left hand and feet</a>.
Avatar n tn How many had an exposure? How many are being tested? Can you answer those questions? Don't expect us to give a a percentage. Move on you did not have a risk and don't need testing. If you want to test for the hell of it feel free to do so.
Avatar m tn It seems that the penetration was mostly protected, as you are not completely sure if the condom came off or not and for how long. The most would have probably been a short period of time during which you had been unprotected. Also the status of the lady is unknown. Even in the event that the lady was positive, the risk for you would be low, less than 0.1% (less than 1 in 1,000) and that is assuming that you had complete unprotected penetration, whcih is not the case.
Avatar f tn Thank you. It has been 4 months since exposure, 2.5 months after symptoms. Problem is I cant run test here where I live, I must go to the city.
Avatar m tn I don't know if i can stand to wait till the HIV test window period (1 months). I know that contracting HIV while having protection is so improbable, and that crossing the street would be more dangerous.. I know all the stats, i read all articles about HIV prevention, protection, ... But still, i can't overcome my fears. I'm in a very high anxiety status. Any professional advice to help me?
Avatar m tn It was covered in bacteria, however. How can this be after all the medications I've been on. Wouldn't all the antibiotics have wipes this out by now? Concerned again...
Avatar m tn and that may happen if you went into the doctor too soon. Most gonorrhea infections manifest in 3-5 days... but can take as long as 10. So, you may have had gonorrhea, but it wasn't prevelent enough to register on the test.
Avatar m tn I went on medication in April 2005.
Avatar n tn As a medical student I was taught that in severely immunocompromised patients with other infections/disease in addition to HIV progression can happen as soon as 2 years. For others with low viral loads progression can take 10+ years. Also there is the case of nonprogressors who never progress to AIDS. So...yypically without medication the average is 7-10 years. LoL...don't know if that helped.
Avatar f tn Is it possible I had chlamydia for a few months and it has now progressed into PID and that is why I have symptoms? Also, how long does chlamydia have to be in a woman's body before the damage sets in? Are we talking months?
Avatar m tn Ok not to drag this on, but say if she was positive for HIV and positive for HSV and I ended up getting HSV through reception of unprotected oral, can HIV be transmitted along with HSV? If I'm explaining correctly.?
Avatar n tn Well, the sore throat you had appeared the morning after the act. This in no way can be attributed to HIV ARS infection. This takes a few weeks to develop. HIV is not a concern, I assure you. You didn't have a risk, SERIOUSLY. The sore throat I'm sure came from just a virus that was going around. So hard to do but really, try and relax. Take comfort in the fact that you had NO risk with stated activity.