How long can hiv positive live

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Avatar m tn he is not considered "positive" until he has a western blot to confirm his results.
Avatar m tn i want to know if retro-screening very effective for HIV test.
Avatar n tn CDC says that HIV does not survive long outside the human body and that they can only survive for days or weeks in labs under the right conditions. So what are the requirements for HIV to survive outside the human body? I looked on the web and all I can find is how it takes over the T cells, which I already know. My assumption is that since HIV can only replicate itself with the precense of T cells, it can only survive when there are T-cells.
Avatar f tn I read in another post that hiv does not live outside its host. Can it live in wet fresh blood outside the host( bright red blood)? Some say it must be dried? Is this true? And this may sound silly, but I cleaned my freezer and found what appeared to be frozen blood. Can it survive in this environment?
Avatar n tn Could you please advise how long the HIV virus can live outside the body in semen or blood?
Avatar f tn could i have a positive as long i am freakin' out thinking about it? i will not test, but the fact is you cannot give me a single argument that these symptoms are not ARS. just a single one. especially lymph.
Avatar n tn s been recommended by HIV experts to people as well as med students?. I found out that my wife has been with another man that has been HIV positive and I have had unprotected sex with her not knowing this. I am trying to move on and would like to know as being tested if I am absolutely in the clear without any worry in the future. Hence the questions at the start. I am worried about being positive in a years time or later. Since my last exposure I was tested at :3.
Avatar n tn HIV is only transmitted in adults from having unprotected anal or vaginal intercourse with penetration or sharing IV drug needles. You can not eat HIV. HIV is inactivated by air and saliva. So, fruit is not a means of transmission. This answer applies to all of your future queries that are anxiously derived.