How long are breasts sore during pregnancy

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Avatar n tn I have a friend that wants to know how long usually do your breasts stay sore as a sign of pregnancy? Is it throughout the pregnancy, or several weeks early in the pregnancy?
Avatar f tn It is perfectly normal. Your breasts will be sore because they are getting ready for breast feeding by swelling up and producing the fluid that you have seen come out. I know that when I get in the shower and let the water run over them, it does help with some of the discomfort.
Avatar f tn I've gotten aches and pains, sometimes very sharp, in my breasts since early pregnancy. It's not uncommon during pregnancy, but if it's constant and the pain is really bad you might put in a call to your OB. It can't hurt to double-check.
1124862 tn?1303850973 Mine is about 12 days so after I ovulate I will get really sore breasts until I get my period. Is sore breasts common for you b4 your period? If this continues for 18 days, you may be pregnant and would test again then.
1097577 tn?1262719747 It could be the case but I usually get sore breasts through my whole luteal phase and sometimes they can be really sore. It's a difficult symptom to be able to tell.
Avatar f tn t as sore as others, or some days it looks like my nipples are getting darker, then the next day not as much... weird? Anyone else notice your breasts are really sore one day and not as much the next? I feel nervous when I'm not in as much discomfort because I feel like as long as everything is going well, it should be getting worse!
Avatar n tn I dont think they are growing. Your 30 so you just finished lol. Are you sure you are not prego. And you say your not expecting your period, why is that?
Avatar n tn It varies with every pregnancy. With my first son I had sore breasts at 6 weeks and with my pregnancy now I didn't get sore breasts until 8 weeks and now they are still pretty sensitive. Consider yourself lucky if they don't get sore!
Avatar m tn And yes sore breasts are a sign of pregnancy.
Avatar f tn Does anyone know if the breasts will be more sore some days. I am scared that the HCG levels are leaving. I don't want to be scared and I am trying to have faith that this is our time!!!
Avatar f tn Hello, Soreness of breasts with delayed periods can be due to pregnancy. If you are apprehensive regarding the status of your pregnancy you can get it checked. Most home pregnancy tests that check urine beta-HCG are sensitive to 20-25 mIU/ml of HCG. The test can be positive anywhere from about 2-3 days prior to a missed menses to 4-5 days after, but usually it should be done 7-10 days past your missed period.
Avatar f tn I am 5 weeks pregnant, how long does tender breasts last for, as mine are very sore!!!!
Avatar f tn I seem to remember a little less discomfort near the end of my pregnancy with my first but not much. Supportive bras without underwires are a good bet. I slept in sports bras for most of my pregnancy with baby #1 but have decided that going braless at night actually really does help. Let 'em breathe. And go in for a fitting when you notice a size difference... making sure that your bras fit right can definitely make you feel better!
Avatar f tn When you girls y that sore breast are an early sign of pregnancy does that mean that they are sore to the touch or constantly sore?
Avatar f tn Anyone else NOT having sore breasts? I'm worried that I'm not having this symptom at 5 weeks.
Avatar f tn The past 2 days, I had brown spotting and then this morning I woke up and my breasts, which have been sore since ovulation, is not sore anymore. I am going to have my levels checked tomorrow. Has anyone had this? What were your experiences? I didn't have breast soreness or spotting at all with my 1st pregnancy, which resulted in my active 4 year old. Please share your stories.
505857 tn?1329681517 Can anyone tell me how sore do your breasts have to be as a sign of pregnancy. I am due my period on the 7th of July and hoping it doesn't come. I usually have cramp 1 or 2 days before my period with slight breast pain which i can cope with. But the pain i have in my breasts at the moment is unbelievable especially around the nipples i can hardly touch them its unbearable.
4762847 tn?1360881934 Everything that i have read says that my breasts should be sore or tender or whatever and i haven't had any pain or changes.... Is that bad?
689528 tn?1364135841 oh yes still sore !.. my fatigue is slowly going away .. and the heartburn is stilll very very bad .. how are you feeling ?
Avatar f tn Usually hormonal changes are what causes sore breasts. I get some soreness before AF too, but during pregnancy it's 10x worse... I could barely stand a shirt touching me.
Avatar m tn Which is why you have to wait almost to your next period to take a pg test. So, I am pretty sure your breasts are not sore from pregnancy, but are sore from your body ovulating.