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Avatar m tn My dr. gave me these when I went in this week........I've only tried one and didn't really notice much difference. She said it is good for localized pain and for me to use during the days I'm at school and am sitting all day and don't want that "drugged" feeling. I'll let you know how they work out as I try them out over the next couple of weeks.......I"m anxious to hear how other people have used these as well.
1182304 tn?1349309551 I do use the lidoderm patches and they help me. I do not use them all the time but I do when I have a bad pain day.
934553 tn?1275277979 Im so sorry your going through this! I dont know how these patches work but perhaps giving them alittle bit more time? I dont know..sometimes medication needs time to work but maybe it doesnt. I understand that kind of pain. Where it hurts to be touched. Its a real bummer. I was on Amitriplyine at night to help me sleep through my pain and it did work for me.
Avatar f tn I haven't heard anyone say they tried Lidoderm patches-they work well for any part of your body you are in pain, and you can cut the patches into smaller ones if you want. They are only made up of lidocaine (numbing) for surface pain, muscle pain, any pain. You wear up to 3 for no more that 12hrs and then take a 12hr break. Only one bad thing is they don't stick well, I have to use heavy duty med tape, but they are worth it. Plus, they are 235.
694135 tn?1299022583 Can you let me know how it has helped you? I totally understand that what works for one does not always work for someone else. Just looking for some input. Every little bit helps when you are in so much pain all the time. Thank you everyone for all your support and will be waiting to see what happens.
Avatar f tn Hi everyone, I am having trouble at work and would like to know if anyone can relate or has any suggestions. I am a nurse and have been working 12-14 hr shifts in the same unit for the last 8 years. I had severe leg pain, numbness and tingling, burning as well as many other symptoms when I was diagnosed about 1 1/2 yrs ago which all went away except for the burning.
Avatar f tn Got married and we traveled with wife to nice places until ONE moment where we had a heavy patient and I did what I trained not to do and wreck my L4, L5 disks got medications at the hospital percocet I remember 3/day it was 5 years ago. Now I am on 80mg/day but this doesn't work, I finish early every time. I don't drink (5years) but one day I decided to finish it all. My wife ignores me same with my parents. Nobody wants to operate.
1412606 tn?1282885729 So how does that work? I get that a compounding pharmacist puts together the gel, but are you responsible for pumping it into a "blank" patch? How do you control the dose? Just curious. I live in one of the largest cities in the nation and compounding pharmacists are few and far between. I personally know of two within 25 miles of my house. My brother used one out in the suburbs for his son who has serious epilepsy.
Avatar n tn Most are looking here for advice on how and where to get what we want. How to convince Dr's etc... we have what we say we have. And then how to get the meds we want without them catching on. Do you feel that male or female Dr.s seem to be more skeptical? I don't know how everyone got started often I think it has to do with under medicating in the first place. I sometimes wish darvocet had never been invented, for me I would rather take an 800mg Ibuprofen for all its worth.
Avatar f tn I'm not giving in to him. By the time I get home he should be passed out. That's what he does. Goes to work comes home and take a handful of pills and passes out in an hour. Ya'all I've been very lonely too. He's been this bad for almost a yr. I was too stoned to see it. It's worst to be lonely with someone you love talk about depression. I will be on my phone today. I love this site. I can tell all my dirty little shameful secrets and not be judged. Bkitty I may need you.
Avatar n tn I had a breast reduction Dec 29, 09. Was wondering about these sharp pains. After reading, I am disappointed to find that this may go on for a very long time. A few times I have wondered if I, too, have a heart issue because they are pretty sharp pains (sometimes when I breathe deeply). Two years ago though had a normal EKG at a check-up. Guess this is just a normal part of the process. I was pleased with my doctor, but he did minimize the pain part (and I have given birth naturally)!
Avatar f tn He wasn't an addict by any means, but he does make a comment every now and then about how the OTC meds don't work as good as vicodin and how much he could get done taking them since his mind wasn't on the pain. However, he has said that he realizes that if he pushes himself through the pain, he finds that it isn't as bad as he thought. Me? I went Cold Turkey. It was the only way for me. I couldn't taper. If they were around, I took them.
Avatar f tn Not sure if this will help but my primary prescribed Lidoderm patches, before she died, for mine. While it does not make it go away, some times it takes the "edge" off the pain enough for me to bear it........... I know they have found that this works for Fibro patients (if you believe in fibro, which I do not) also and many primaries will prescribe it for that. They used to have "samples" for it, which is what I tried first.
5592133 tn?1383883103 I'm so glad you freed yourself of the opiate prison Butch ! How are you doing today ? I sit here hoping beyond hope that you have been able to string a couple hours of sleep together.. I look forward to reading how you are doing today..
230262 tn?1316649534 Im on day 8 now and getting pretty depressed that my back still hurts as bad as it does today. I was hoping it would subside more since my leg pains and other bodyaches have passed from the WD, but my spine stuff just wont go away. I am wondering again about Sub... because I cant go back to vicodin or its ilk, I cant take it as prescribed and I end up right back in teh same stupid boat every time. my main question is DOES SUB HELP WITH PAIN much??
Avatar m tn When can I expect the withdrawals to end and how long does it take to get back to my normal self with no effects whatsoever of the Fentanyl? I seriously need help!
Avatar f tn I'll not be outpatient. I will have to stay a couple of days in hospital. Has anyone had surgeries following detox? Does anyone know about medications that won't make me sick? Should I give in to the meds? I'll have to following surgery. Please help me.
Avatar f tn If I may ask why you use it, and why do more doctors not prescribe it. Does it really work. I have nerve pain.....would it work for that. When I talked to my surgeon he told me that meds really are not a good solution for me because they dont work for nerve pain??? and that physical therapy is out of the question because it will do nothing for "nerve pain".....I have been reading a lot of your posts lately and i must admit......I thought you were a just a disgruntled ex-addict.
Avatar n tn THanks to all for the response regarding pain management. I too find that the Lidoderm patches are useless...I use them but I don't really think they work. Maybe if I slap it on my forehead. I spoke with my pain management guy today...and he confirmed that it was withdrawl. I have six slipped/bulging/whatever discs in my lower back. I forget whoever said it but it's true about the mind game....when the pain is bad it's horrible.
Avatar f tn They work up to 8 to 12 hours and you can wear them under your clothes. My hip pain is pretty bad from the arthritis, but the Lidoderm patch does help quite a bit. It doesn't take all of it away, but it makes it much easier to go up and down the stairs and getting in and out of the car. And, for me, the 800 mg. ibuprofen helps as well. I find if you can piece together a bunch of things to get a little relief here and there, it can add up to a fair amount of pain reduction.
Avatar m tn Does this help with leg pain associated with the sciatica nerves being irritated by the discs?
Avatar f tn So of course I'm depressed becuase I don't feel like I can do anything right, my pain shot isn't until August 13th and I feel that is a lifetime away, my doctor is on vacation so it's nothing that I can try to change. I guess I'm just sick of feeling this way this week. Sorry to vent on everyone, but does anyone else get tired of feeling like crap everyday? Especially with the heat, I just don't feel like doing anything but trying to sleep.
728965 tn?1266377245 I guess I could say yesterday it began, because I had the sciatica nerve problem I've had since I was hurt 2 years ago. Is this my FM? Does anyone else have extreme breakthrough pain (I call it that) in one area from time to time?
Avatar m tn Celebrex, Neurontin, Baclofen, Skelaxin, Relafen, Flexeril, to mention some. Things thar really work for me are Baclofen and Lidoderm patches, although some days I still have the spasms. A Cervical MRI showed: Straightening is noted suggesting spasm. Correlate clinically.
Avatar n tn I like them because they reduce my pain, although Ultracets, which are a lower dose with tylenol, does not work at all for me. I use the Ultram along with Lidoderm patches. The patches are expensive unless you have good insurance, and are essentially like having novacaine absorbed through the skin to the spot which is in pain. You can cut them if you don't need a large patch and they do come in several strengths. I use the 5% Lidoderm patch, and use 3 per day.
Avatar n tn u will need something for anxiety and sleep if u plan to is hard to work without sleep and for some this is part of the withdrawals..
Avatar f tn I am currently very happy with the way this is going - no drugs, no surgeries - but if it does not work as I am hoping, I am curious to know how to figure out which practicies would consider prescribing medication if deemed necessary.
Avatar f tn They can switch your pain patches to the lidoderm patches. I know they don't work as well but they are safe. Also a TENS unit is safe I got mine from EMPI Recovery Science. I also am doing physical therapy mostly ultrasound treatment, heat and light stretching. I also take a warm bath every night with Epsom salts and sleep with a heating pad. I'm not going to lie it DOES hurt. But with proper pain management it's possible to do :).
279234 tn?1363108849 Just wishing you relief. I'm glad the Lidoderm patches work temporarily at least; I've used those thing on my neck and many other places. I hope someone comes along soon with a brilliant idea for you.
Avatar f tn Lidoderm patches (non-opoid). My husband just broke two toes...I cut them in strips and wrap around his toes. He said it reduces the pain dramatically. Voltaren Gel (non-opoid). The gel is used primarily for arthritis etc. I used on my shoulders because I have arthritis and bone spurs and within an hour of starting work I'll be in agony if I don't use some. These are the two things that I'm going to be relying heavily on so I can stay off the opoids (8 days clean now yay). Stick around..