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686769 tn?1236275731 Humira is a miracle drug!!!
Avatar f tn Due to take one next week again. How long does it take to start to work? My doctor was very positive in thinking that I would feel better after a week and I could stop taking some of my other meds but that is not the case.
158939 tn?1274918797 I've just had my 2nd injection of Humira today (on 20mg, 2x month). Both times I've had no energy and felt bad for about 12 hours after the injection. Anyone else have this type of reaction to the injection?
468830 tn?1246112822 just said that she can't go off the Humira if she does get pregnant, because then she can't go back on it? Her cousin works with some Drs. in Rochester, and she said they wouldn't necessarily agree with that, and her cousin had mentioned some new drug for Crohn's that they think is better and safer than Humira, but my daughter-in-law can't remember what it's called. She has an appt. with her OB Dr., and is going to see what she says, too. You're right about some Drs.
Avatar m tn Laughter worked for me - I realized that certain things in my life I can't all entirely control - but I can learn how to cope, do my best, and accept where I am at today and work towards a better tomorrow. Hope your recovery arrives quickly!
Avatar n tn For those reasons, I recommend you be immunized with Gardasil. The official age cut-off of 26 does not mean the vaccine doesn't work or otherwise causes problems in older women. Many people with HPV are infected simultaneously with multiple strains, and this might be especially likely in your partner.
Avatar n tn I am researching headaches with Humira and you have explained exactly how I feel. Have you had any follow-ups with a doctor regarding this? I have an appointment tomorrow with an ENT doctor who wants to do a CT Scan. Any feedback would be appreciated.
Avatar f tn I JUST WANT TO KNOW HOW CAN YOU GO TO WORK AND HAVE A NORMAL LIFE WHEN YOU HAVE CROHN'S DX? i have lost so many jobs due to my condition, i am constantly going to the bathroom when i am at work, feeling tired, abdominal pain, and worrying so much to ask for time off to get my ramicade treatment or just beacause i need to go for my check up with my doctor. please can someone tell me how to deal with it?
Avatar f tn Ive learned to live with thyroid problems an have regular check ups for which my most recent a few weeks ago was fine. But Saturday after work I came home feeling rotten. I came straight to bed and in the morning I couldn't move... I felt like I'd been beaten with a base ball bat. My fingers are swollen and tender in certain places and I struggled to walk down the stairs.
680313 tn?1249316003 I got terrible headachs from remicaid 3 months after,lasting about 2months ever day. My doctor is not happy. Does this happen to any one else?I'm now on 9mg. endicort only and not doing very well! I fear I will end up in the hospital again!
Avatar m tn One thing I’ve learned is that the meds and the surgeries don’t work. I’ve all the steroids and painkillers, which only cause dependency and don’t actually heal. If anything, they masked the underlying problem by prompting superficial stimulation. My colon muscles weren’t getting stronger, and all of the painful and annoying symptoms would continue. I would be able to eliminate, but never solidly or with any consistency in texture or timing.
225275 tn?1276961493 Debbie, Actually, there is nothing to it! YEah, you get a weird feeling in your throat and stomach and you look at it and think "how can I do this?". But bottom line is that you know you have to! Just take something before to calm your nerves (if you have it). Breath, talk to it, wipe, blow, breath, and do it! Sounds easy huh? Just think that when you do it, that is one less you have to do!
Avatar n tn I know there are great NSAIDs out there, will they be sufficient, or am I daling with a monster whose flares requires short term opiates? Does anyone have experience? Did u take the few opiates that will still work in high doses, or go off the suboxone? I'm so afraid of sloping back into that addiction but I can set up a detox after dealing with a flare and use aa. Anything??? I am dying! Would ER docs just be mean? Ahhhhhh. Help???
1129232 tn?1360803958 for the TNF ALpha cytokines, i need to take Humira which is a strong drug that has side effects and can have serious side effects but it is not likely hopefully! Humira is not always accepted my insurance if you don't have Lupus and it is $1600 per shot! For the MTHFR, i will need to take Lovenox. My dr gave me a 70% success rate if i follow the treatment protocol and only a 10% success without it.
Avatar n tn I am very ill from the Cimzia. Does anyone know if I could move back to Remicade if only 8-10 weeks have passed. My side effects on Cimzia are comparable to the.side effects on Humira that caused me to stop using the drug. Remicade is only marginally effective now for my Crohns but the side effects are minimal. Any thoughts would be appreciated. My wife and I are trying to get pregnant so I would prefer to stay away from methotrexate and xeljans right now.
Avatar f tn I have not noticed any improvement in my pain, whatsoever. Does it take time for the MS-Contin to work, or is it too low of a dose?? I do not have any "breakthrough" pain medication. It doesn't help that the insurance is giving me a bunch of bull-crap and I have missed my second dose of Humira (medication for rheumatoid arthritis, which was really helping!). I am considered opiate-tolerant by some of my doctors. Right now I am just in agony.
Avatar f tn Does anyone have a diagnosis of "undifferentiated arthritis" with symptoms of finger, hand, and wrist arthritis? If so, what is your treatment therapy? I was originally diagnosed with SLE in sept 2010 with main symptom of arthritis but prior skin, photosensitivity, and mouth ulcers, plus ANA of 1:640. At that time my rheumy was thinking i had RA but i had no bloodwork indicating RA, so he thought i had SLE instead.
1120928 tn?1263194416 apparently mine is rather advanced for the short time that i have had it, so my drs wanted to use the strongest meds possible.
Avatar f tn I am frustrated right now and I am not sure how to proceed. I first started have joint issues 5 years ago. But I just moved from California to Florida. Which means new insurance, new drs and new egos. With my change in healthcare, I have not been able to refill my Humira which provided moderate results permitting me to actually get out of bed and have more good days than bad. So I am having more bad days than good.
Avatar f tn I can't even think of what they are at the moment - they indicate inflammation or infection... One is something about how fast the blood cells fall? Sorry, my brain has been on vacation for a long time!!! Sed rate?? Anyway, they are always high, and only a few times they were REALLY high (one time I had the doctor call me in a panic that my sed rate was over 100 and if I had a fever or anything, I needed to go to the ER).
Avatar f tn RA Nat, what surgery are you thinking about having? How does the problem you are hoping to correct effect your life?
229857 tn?1319033507 Yes your chances of passing it on is higher but its never for sure. You saying that it is really bad for the both of you...what does that mean? You have both tried multiple things and nothing is working or your insurance doesnt help. I have been going through this for 9 years and I have lots of damn experience with this unfortuntley. Try not to worry about passing things to your baby.
Avatar n tn I am a 32-year-old with Crohn's disease who suffers from a lot of extraintestinal soft-tissue inflammation (erythema nodosum, tendon sheaths, hips, hands, feet, etc). My most significant new medication started three months ago is Humira. I feel like I have been experiencing some muscle tension in my arms and legs from the Humira and I wonder whether it is the Humira that is causing my neck and head problems. I went through a thorough neuro exam last week.
422104 tn?1209767504 So, I take some Aleve which barely touches the pain and does nothing for the stiffness. Don't know why I bother. I am just learning to live and work with the pain and stiffness, to give up things that I loved to do, like my gardening, but until they can prove to me that Enbrel won't make me blind or crazy or full of lymphoma, then I shall just continue to hobble around, saying "ouch" all the time and deal with it. So, there you have my tale of woe.
Avatar n tn I have been on prednisone for at least l7 years for my rheumatoid arthritis. Recently started on Humira for the past 5 months....because I have developed nodule scleritis, they are going to wean me off of prednisone, supposedly one of the side affects of long term sterioid use? What can I expect? I am down to 5 mg...which I will be on for two months then I see my RA dr....will I ever get off of prednisone, would like to as I have some weight gain and do have a moon face... what can I expect?
Avatar n tn If you still need something more, the doctor may prescribe Enbrel or Humira. These are both injectables. I have heard wonderful things about them but currently I am not taking them. The doctor will likely also prescribe Naproxen (an anti-inflamatory) and a perhaps something for the pain. It takes time to get a treatment that works. I can tell you that while I was waiting to get better I felt like I was getting worse.
Avatar n tn He said he suspected contact dermatitis, but that it could be an infection I couldn't fight (humira) or a sign of another connective tissue disorder. He put me on a doe pack of prednisone. All labwork came back negative. Unfortunately, the eye got worse, and the rash has spread. Went back to the dermatologist who was convinced we were dealing with contact dermatitis. He prescribed a cream for my eye and one for the rashes on my arms. Fine...