How does fluconazole work

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Avatar f tn Sometimes it takes 2 doses of fluconazole to work. Call your doc and he should be able to call in another dose for you. Try swishing your mouth with Maalox, the antacid. It helps to relieve the pain of the sores in your mouth. Don't swallow it, though.
Avatar f tn How long does fluconazole stay in the system having had 50mg dailyfor 4 weeks?
Avatar f tn Hi, I've been experiencing some vaginal symptoms which, after exhaustive internet research, I believe must be genital herpes. About 6 days ago I started to feel like I had cut myself with a razor, although there were no cuts there. There were just some small, red, slightly sore bumps. It just looked like a rash. There's a small cluster of them on the outside of my labia, and one set a little bit apart from the others a bit further towards my vaginal entrance.
Avatar f tn S, Ery-Tab), rifabutin (Mycobutin) or rifampin (Rifadin, Rimactane, Rifater); an antifungal medication such as fluconazole (Diflucan), ketoconazole (Extina, Ketozole, Nizoral, Xolegal), or itraconazole (Sporanox); HIV medicines such as fosamprenavir (Lexiva), indinavir (Crixivan), lopinavir/ritonavir (Kaletra), ritonavir (Norvir), saquinavir (Invirase), and others; medicine for depression or mental illness, such as fluoxetine (Prozac), haloperidol (Haldol), imipramine (Tofranil),
Avatar f tn , but I have this constant tingling!!! How much longer will it take to test positive if I have herpes? What else could this be if not herpes?
Avatar n tn type does matter and she's sadly under educated on genital herpes if she thinks it doesn't. you really should get a typing done at some point because it would be a damn shame if you had hsv1 genitally and assumed it was hsv2 and ended up contracting hsv2 later when you could've potentially avoided it. The initial genital herpes ob can alter the ph of the vagina enough for yeast and bacteria to easily over grow.
Avatar n tn All the medication that was prescribed didnt work. Even using boxes of baking soda in the bathtub doesnt work and thats what my dermatologist told me would get rid of the hives in the first place. I'm sick of just dealing with the growing amount of itchy hives. My doctor told me with aquagenic the hives stay on the torso and rarely go anywhere else.
Avatar f tn She believed that I may still have yeast and gave me an RX for Fluconazole and told me to put cortisone in the tiny area that itched. She said if it went away in a couple of days it couldn’t be a herpes outbreak. This worked in one day and the itch went away. I then get my lab test from LabCorp: HSV 1 and 2 –Specific Ab, IgG HSV 1, IgG- Type spec result: 2.95 flag: high (Negative 1.09) HSV 2, IgG- Type spec result: 3.68 flag: high (Negative 1.
Avatar n tn We have tested for lactose, gluten, colonoscopy, celiac, malabsorption, blood work galore and stool tests. Everything looked good. He did find yeast in the stool.
Avatar n tn How long does it take Fluconazole 150mg to work? Itook one monday about 1:00 pm and I am still feeling bad.
Avatar m tn i was given a power call NYSTOP by Dr. did not work. now i am taken FLUCONAZOLE it has been 4 days and so far no change. Still with the red scrotum, itch on my thighs and sometimes burning sensation.
Avatar m tn As my rash improve a lot with itraconazole and fluconazole but not with terbinafine and griseofulvin, could we determinate what mycosis it is ? How long after taking oral fluconazole I have to wait to do the tests ? Thanks.
Avatar f tn There is Fluconazole 150mg that is a single dose oral capsule and Fluconazole 50mg that comes in a pack of 7 which one capsule is taken daily for the 7 days. If you are sexually active, it would be a good idea to get checked out for any STD and also have your blood tested for diabetes. One of the conditions with diabetes is itchy skin and fungal problems as well as having cuts that are difficult to heal. Through breaks in the skin you can get a bacterial infection.
Avatar m tn Anti fungals such as clotrimazole and fluconazole have not worked. The bumps can be scraped off with a toothbrush but will return within a few hours. If they are left, they will grow to the size seen in the picture over about 2 to 3 days and then seem to get a little wider and perhaps not so round. They then seem to scrape off by themselves simply by eating something and the cycle starts all over again.
Avatar n tn I went to a doctor and he said he believed it was a yeast infection and prescribed fluconazole. It also appeared to work until i fell asleep drunk with jeans on , the next morning i was irratated again. I returned to the doctors, the fluconazole no longer working and he sent me to the lab for a urine analysis; which returned negative. I heard herpes cant be detected via urine and when i asked him if he was sure it couldnt be herpes he reassured me it was not, only irratation.
Avatar m tn As for treatment, I was given a single dose of Fluconazole which didn't work. Two weeks later, I was given another dose. No help. One month later I was given seven doses to take seven straight days and that didn't work. Tomorrow I will begin another seven days worth of doses. My doctor told me that I could not pass it on to my wife but her OBGYN informed her at her appointment yesterday that she had a yeast infection.
Avatar n tn I get staph sinusitis all the time (not MRSA, though) due to a spot that produces excess mucous in my posterior nasopharynx. Usually treatment with either the combination of bactrim and metronidazole or clindamycin alone eliminates that infection. However, after we switched to clindamycin, I've become susceptible to secondary candida infections in my sinuses. These are quickly remedied with a short course of fluconazole.
Avatar m tn Im now halfway through this course and am seeing no improvements, how lomg does this treatment usually take to work?? And how effective is it? I am confident that what I have is thrush as an internal examination was done and that was all that was found. My symptoms are mild, mainly itching, no discharge. But after a year I just want to be healthy again!
Avatar f tn How does the doctor know it isn't PID? Did they do an ultrasound or any other test to show that it isn't? You may want to get an ultrasound to see if there is anything else going on. Also, Ectopic pregnancy could cause pain. For the oral yeast infection you can get a mouthwash from the doctor for treating yeast. A lot of the yeast is resistant to the antifungals that end in azole (like fluconazole) so if you try that and it doesn't work they can give you amphotericin B mouth wash.
Avatar f tn This will help to cool down the itching and soothe the soreness. Yogurt also helps to lessen any inflammation that is likely to be present. It does work.
Avatar n tn of not feeling well,my finance is about ready to give up on me as we had a lot of plans that had to be cancelled because of me not feeling up to it. How long does this go on?
Avatar n tn candida yeast overgrowth and toxic liver. Say I did have a toxic liver or candida yeast overgrowth, how would I get rid of it? Would I need a colin cleanse, if so what would you reccomend? Did I mantion I am 16 and overweight?
Avatar f tn Ive had a barium swallow ( normal) oesophageal pressure testing ( normal), various scans, xrays as id cancer treatment, blood work appears normal. everyone appears baffled, im on heart medication after a stent was put in, they think my heart attack was caused by 10 weeks of chemo radiotherapy. it doesnt appear heart related, ive had fluconazole for suspected oesophageal thrush, acid reflux meds,lansoprasole,gaviscon, sucralfate, no improvement.
Avatar m tn I then took medicine for a yeast infection, it did not work. The skin has stopped peeling, but there is like a swollen tube around the head of the penis and it hurts. A lot. And it is very painful to masturbate. I have seen 2 doctors, one of which was a urologist and not one of them has any idea what it is. I am going to see another urologist, but I was wondering if any of you guys had any idea what this is. I have never had anything like this before. I am 101% sure it is from the sex.
Avatar n tn I was given Fluconazole and it does not work. She also ran a culture test and said there were no white blood cells present in my lab work so that it had to be a yeast infection. I have changed doctors and currently waiting on new lab work and treatment. *Would having a yeast infection affect any of my test results? I know the standard is to wait the 3 months and test, but my high anxiety and stress have really got me feeling sick to my stomach, so I’ve tested pretty much every week since.
Avatar n tn Is it common for a test to come back positive for a kind of yeast and also to have a different STD? How likely does it sound that I might have a more serious STD?
Avatar n tn As a precaution, she gave me an antibiotic cocktail and 100mg of apo-fluconazole roughly 36 hours ago. The tingling has been replaced by more intense general pain (vaginal dryness, slight redness and a bit of tenderness and swelling in the nodes under the skin immediately to either side of my vaginal opening, right side more pronounced and sensitive to the touch).