How does clonidine work

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Avatar n tn How well does this work for withdrawls from oxycontin? I am going to the dr. on Monday to start the Suboxone. I was having really bad panic attacks last week & the dr. at urgent care prescribed me Clonidine 0.1mg for them. Even though he knew I was on the oxys. So I'm wondering if I would feel okay if I tried to quit taking the oxys & just take the Clonodine. And if I did this would I be able to start the Suboxone right away or would I have to stop the clonodine too?
Avatar n tn Can anyone tell me how to use my clonidine that my mother gave me. I am cutting down from a lortab 7.5 habit of around 6-7 day, sometimes 10 or 12. I feel awful and I have to work. I am getting off this silly merry-go-round. I know the fall will hurt, but I have read that Clonidine will help me a lot. Keep in mind I cannot miss work. I have to tough this out. I will not be cold turkey. I will still be taking around 1.5 pills a day as that is all I have left.
349859 tn?1257794573 Does clonidine really help with easing some of the yucky wd feelings??
656243 tn?1231291652 I was recently put on Clonidine to help with anxiety and I am currently on Effexor. Does anyone have any past experiences with Clonidine? Does it work? Do I have to build it up in my system? Thanks C.
Avatar f tn How long do you normally take clonidine for withdrawal symptoms from Oxycontin and Percocet?
589824 tn?1238800413 clonidine is a blood pressure medication bp must be monitored each day while using this drug i have taken it several times for herion wd, i do not recall ever having detox symptoms from discontinuing the use of clonidine i can tell you that as an addict clonidine can be addicting, it does have a sedating affect and anything that changes the way you feel an addict can become addicted to it there are people who come into na addcited to benydryl, caffiene, psyc.
243614 tn?1266201137 How much clonidine to help with cravings for percoset? To use as a taper. thanks.
Avatar n tn does any one know how clonidine works to help with opiate WD? in other words, what symtoms does it help releive? I have heard everything from tricking your brain into thinking it has some of the good stuff (opiate), and i have others that say that it helps with the restless feeling and even the panic or anxiety cuz it lowers ur blood pressure, which can't help but mellow ur body. It also helps with sleeping I hear, much better than benzos or ambien. Anyone know or used it before for WD?
Avatar f tn i have a couple of questions.. how does the clonidine patch work? my prescription says to appy to my skin for 3 days... does it only work for those three days? can i work on it? (i am a teacher.
Avatar f tn I'm glad I inquired I just picked the script up,I'm suppose 2 take 1/2 of the 0.3 in the am& the otha in the pm.4 six days!!!!! It doesn't make u sleepy does it bcuz I have 2 work 16hrs 2day??????
Avatar n tn I just want to crawl in bed with a book and wait until I feel better. DOes it work that way or do I need to keep pushing myself to be able to get my energy back. Sorry for my snippy response yesterday afternoon, but I can't tell you how good it felt to spout off a bit. I'm trying to keep it together for my kids, but it's tough when I feel so crummy and emotional. Thanks to those of you who responded tome anyway!
Avatar n tn Sorry I don't take clonidine I take suboxone I know mary does where is she lol, but I did ask my doctor on Friday about getting clonidine it supost to help you with the craving I think? but my doctor said NO he just didn't think is necesary anyways sorry you are having a hard time, are you on 2mg a day? maybe that is to low? I'm on 4mg and I been on it for 2 months now I do take the 2mg pills I started at 10mg a day now down to 4mg try to go to 2mg was a little low for me for now.
237152 tn?1206654636 yeah, I can relate some stories about falling asleep on clonidine and benzos..once on a conference call at work..once while sitting in my living room at my desk at the computer.
222369 tn?1274478235 Hi has the clonidine done for you so far? I used it myself and have suggested it many times on here. I saw that you were using it and was womndering if it had done as well for you as it had for me??
222369 tn?1274478235 i am glad to hear you are doing so well, and the clonodine is working for you. why does it work for some and not for others.......I have so many questions and doubts about clonodine but if it works.........than who cares, I guess. Nauty...................
Avatar f tn I take the natural estorgen supps when i have the sweats but mine happen during the day as well....i also have the prescribed estogen as well and both work for me....there is also prenpro available....have u ever tried a hormone replacement verses clonidine for menopause?
Avatar n tn Let us know what you have been taking, for how long, and how much per day! Then we can give you better advice on what you might expect from the withdrawal process.
610505 tn?1329607323 YES YES YES..IT DEF. WORKS, AND EVEN FOR THE MOST SEVER CASES OFA DDICTION, IT DOES WORK..sorry for the caps...didnt mean too, im not that excited bout suboxone...haha. no i was on it for 8 months and it got me off of a 2 and half year severe and ehavy addiction to snorting heroin and oxycontin, let alone any other pill i could get up my nose as well or could potentiate them. I was obsessed with all drugs and in constant fear of the horrid horrid wd's.
Avatar f tn As far as going to work, go if you have to and feel like it. Remember that clonidine will make you sleepy and drowsy. So, please be careful driving. The clonidine will help a great deal, though. I'm very happy for you!
Avatar f tn The clonidine usually starts to work in 20-40 minutes. Peak levels in the blood are at about 4 hrs.
Avatar f tn Hello There, I took Clonidine and unfortunately it didn't help me a whole lot with my withdrawals. I guess it also depends what and how much medicine you are withdrawing from. I was taking 300-400 mg of Oxycontin a day when my doctor pulled the plug on my scripts and the only thing he would give me was Clonidine. I would of rather done without. I'm not trying to scare you, but for me it didn't work very well. I guess each person is different, and the results as well.
Avatar f tn I took benadryl last month but my dr gave me clonidine this month. i am quite small. 110 pounds. the withdrawals are starting to kick in with jerks and tears without crying and insomnia. i took half of a .1 mg pill and feel nothing yet but mind you, i also am used to taking VAST doses of valium and xanax. my blood pressure is normally very low, but i'm also a benzo addict, so is this stuff gonna work to help me sleep when 5 xanax didn't? will it work at all?
Avatar f tn What does this stuff do? Like how does it help.....I take it once a night with some TARAZADONE and some VALIUM and I wake up feeling a bit weird but fine. Anyone know how this stuff works and what one should expect from it?
142722 tn?1281537216 3 3 times a day for two days 2 2 times a day for two days 1 1 time a day for three days He gave me 3 days supple of clonidine .1mg. Does clonidine help with w/d???? I start the program tomorrow and I am really scared and hope it works. I have took any pills since this morning and don't plan to. I am use to taking many at one time so I will have to take one three times a day and I am not use to that but I got to do it. I told my dr the truth and he was very kind to me.
Avatar m tn Hey I just read your post and joined. I wanted to know how well it went and how you are doing today? I hope everything went well and you're healthier!
Avatar f tn gave me a scipt for clonidine and i have not been hearing good things about it .. he said it would help the subs work better. i told him i already have low blood pressure and he still gave it to me and didn,t even check my blood pressur ....