How does aids kill you

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Avatar m tn m not sure I can agree with you here. First, Aids is not spread but its is the result from the destruction of the human immune system caused by HIV. Second, the viral load of the Hep is much more concentrated than that of HIV.
Avatar n tn OMG...
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1298588 tn?1330318981 but to do that you have to realize they are not going to kill you and are no way life threatening. If you can manage that, you take away their teeth and they quit being the life controlling monster that they were. I could have written your post myself some years ago. I let panic and OCD just about take over my life. Do not do that, get help now. A good therapist can help you so much. And you really could benefit by taking some meds for your anxiety. I am scared to death of new meds.
Avatar f tn NO IT CAN'T KILL YOU I've been there and still am in the same place but anxiety can not kill u
Avatar f tn I'm sorry
Avatar m tn Hi, I know there are a lot of people like me that just can't eat all that **** thats suppose to be good for you. I just can't stand the taste of the foods. The ONLY foods I really like are BAD. The doctors tell you to eat right and exercise. Well, as long as I can tast the food, I can't eat right (will power is a bunch of bull) and with rods in my back I can't do the exercise. So, the only thing I can come up with is to kill my taste buds. Does anyone know how to do that?
Avatar n tn Yes diluted bleach inactivates HIV. If you don't rinse it out correctly, you end up damaging your veins.
Avatar n tn Another option for sleep that Ive tried in the past that worked okay was l-tryptophan. Not sure if it would be strong enough for you but you could give it a try. Maybe "google" some natural sleeping aids and see what you can find, I know there are others out there. I saw one on tv that was a mix of melatonin, l-tryptophan and something else, I'll try and find out what it was a get back to you.
Avatar m tn I believe Garlic is a very strong immune booster. Once in Dr OZ. show they were saying that how garlic can kill parasites / worms in your intestines. Even otherwise there are so many benefits of consuming Garlic. What I have started from past 3 days is that I take half a ball of fresh Garlic (about 6-7 cloves) peel them off. Put then in a blender, pour in half a glass of water, make a garlic / water shake and drink it.
Avatar n tn But these go away and then reappear somewhere else. So, to make a long story short, I feel like I've got some kind of chronic fatigue. Now, a couple of months ago I found out that a girl I had been with tested positive, but this happened over a year ago, and I had been with her a few times *after* she tested positive. Unprotected. She never told me and I ended up finding out from her friend, who mentioned it nonchalantly, as if I already knew.
Avatar m tn How long does it take to have skin ploblems from hiv like red or purple spots.Or is that later in the advanced stages of hiv?
Avatar m tn You didn't mention the age, but given what you said, and that you used the term 'girl' rather than woman, I'm assuming we are talking college age? I did some searching for you, and found a very helpful link about college drinking and alcohol poisoning: Pay special attention to the symptoms.
Avatar m tn Nevertheless, am worried maybe she does has Aids as she probably wont tell me if she has it. So what are my risks of getting HIV from that situation? AM so nervous?
Avatar f tn You cannot get pregnant from anal sex UNLESS his *** enters your vagina. As for AIDS you shouldn't be having sex with him if he has AIDS anyway. Go to your doctor to be sure.
Avatar f tn I have this question. if you get HIV does it mean you will eventually get aids ? even if you start treatment early ? i read that it does not but i read that medication. slows down the process meaning you still getting the damange but it being slower .
Avatar m tn getting yourself outside and in the sun will also help. try not to isolate yourself. push yourself. it does take time for you to heal emotionally,physically,spiritually and mentally. one day at a time. try to keep yourself busy. get out of your own head. try to concentrate on something else besides your detox. listen to music, watch tv, clean, cook, read a book, go outside, even for a little walk. keep up the good work. you are doing awesome.
Avatar f tn Does feeling a bump when I press on my collar bone area means its swollen? Or does it have to visually big? how big? Sh*t I'm scared...