How do lip injections work

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11538743 tn?1419151329 forgot to mention...NO I do not think it is looking better, infact it appears to look like the ACV is burning the lip....:( I wouldn't advise using any longer.
Avatar n tn I have been on the shots for a month this week. I have lost 19 lbs But i have a question what do you eat? I have been eating 1,200 to 1,000 cals i try to do alot of protein & i do about 20g Fat. Do you work out? I work out about every day for around 2-3 hours. Mostly treadmill & elliptical. I’m trying to see how I can increase my weight loss. Maybe im not doing something right. I need to lose 45 more lbs to be at a healthy weight.
Avatar n tn 1) Does the area now represent a scar? 2) When will red lip color return to the area or will it remain white? (how long?) 3) Will it remain raised or will it level out with the surrounding skin (and how long should I expect this to take)? 4) Do I have options available to make this less noticeable or go away? It will help to know what to expect as I am quite self conscious of this.
Avatar n tn I am reading about the Lip-O-Den and how it claims to work quickly for those who want to lose weight fast on the website!? I am presently going to a clinic in Houston that offers the HCG/B12 shots for $12. Is there a clinic in Houston that offers the Lip-O-Den? I know you can purchase from Thoughts anyone!!?
Avatar n tn I wud apply it all over and wait for an hour or so and just b4 going to sleep wud apply vaseline...dat seems to work. However if i apply lip gloss or lip balm(while going out ofcourse) it wud b alrite for a while but the next morning my lips would start to get dry and the tiny bumps pay their visit again :p.. this even after i remove any traces of the lip gloss/balm before going to bed..
Avatar f tn All the doctor gave me was hydrocortisone cream to use for a week which hasn't worked. And now she says there's nothing else she can do! I work in the performing arts so its very insightly and is affecting my confidence. Any suggestions?!
Avatar n tn i'm going to be flying to minneapolis over the weekend and was wondering if anyone has experienced (more recently especially) flying with injections (ivf related) and their meds (vitamins...). during my ivf class they said that i'll need to get a note from the dr. which i will be getting right before my flight - i have an appt. friday morning and heading straight to airport from there.
Avatar n tn Surgical removal of lump? Or/And 2. I was also wondering if injections to plump the unscarred lip around the lump would be possible to conceal the lump? 2. If I seek a surgeon to remove the lump, who would be most practiced at this sort of procedure?, and what would their medical occupation be? (i.e. Maxillofacial?), and what qualifications should they have?
547836 tn?1302836432 all kinds of things are happening nearing the end of tx, i've got 9 more weeks to go after 39 injections of Pegasys so far. just 4 days ago, i was eating some cereal and a flake cut between my gum and tooth in the back of my mouth, it hurt for about 3 days and stopped hurting today, didn't want to take any antibiotics bc those give me terrible diarrhea, so i thought i'd skip if i could bc i'm already having enough bloating troubles.
Avatar f tn This was more than just a migraine and eventually, as above I was able to get a GP to work with me and specialists to do tests which I am still undergoing as I still have some ENT to go. But all the numbness in my face and skull is coming from the nerves in the neck from what I can understand so far. I hope this helps you. I am still working it out and if you have found more information I would like to hear more too.
Avatar n tn does the lipotropic pill from diet solution work?
Avatar n tn I've recently had a second episode of symptoms of MS, it was four years ago that I had a mild one (lip only bells palsy.) Since late December I have had a brain MRI, an upper and lower MRI, nerve tests, blood tests and most recently a Spinal Tap. My last symptoms were tingling and numbing of feet, legs, hands, lower back and torso. I felt what has been described as the "MS Hug" and I was very fatigued.
469210 tn?1219191728 I have like blisters all over the front 1/3 of my tongue, both sides of my mouth are cracked, and inside my bottom lip is raw with a couple sores. It is SOOOO painful!!!!!! I went to the drugstore and bought some stuff and it is helping a little, but I was wondering if this has happened to anyone else.
Avatar f tn 00AM no matter how well I have slept the night before. I got back to work, but it is really hard to work like that. - I have almost no headaches (except if look down for too long) - Until a few days ago I had pains that would move from one part of my body to another. I am not sure whether this is from a throat infection though. - My heart rate was historically around 65. Now it is inexplicably around 95. I have no idea if this is due to the surgery itself or due to a messed up hormone.
Avatar n tn It's nearly impossible to do because so many are new they don't know how to post or how to title it or how it works on a board so they open a new question every time they have a question. There should be some instructions or something on the first page. I guess the best way to access info here is to google it rather than use the "search/browse archives" feature. That way it will come up by subject but if you try to find info by looking thru thread titles you can't find it by titles.
Avatar m tn I have read through this forum and agree that we are all experiencing something similar. I have a really good hunch that this has to do with how our eyes put the image each eye recieves together. It also might have to do with how our eyes filter out background information around objects. I did some research about how we filter out objects and it seems that it is a complicated process which requires depth perception, focus etc.
1055869 tn?1294203119 and for the ladies developing a master plan, I continue to pray that you get a plan that will work for you. It may take a bit of research, but do not give it up. Well, looks like my body has won the war- I need to take a quick nap before work. I will be on later tonight. Blessings and baby dust (very sticky baby dust) to all!!!
Avatar f tn I have seen a docter yesterday, but everythings is fine according the doc. How everythings can be fine when i am missing work because that... I am now waiting blood test result. Beside that i do have neck pain like other have mentionned (probably du to several fall on my head) and i also have many allergy. I eat a lots and well but i may not hydrate enough. Now i hope this will go away by itself if really nobody know for sure what it is...
162948 tn?1205256292 hi everyone i just got the iud put in about 3week ago and my period been on for 2 weeks you know how long it will be on? if i go get it taken out will my period do right off?
Avatar n tn I've recently started taking the HCG injections but I didn't binge eat the first couple of days. Will the diet still work or should I eat bad now? I'm on my 5th day of injections. Does anyone have advice?
Avatar f tn Slight Case of Asthma, Mitral Valve Prolapse, Anxiety attack PSYCHOLOGICAL -Mood swings/irritability/emotional -Rage/outbursts (as a teenager) -Getting lost/disoriented in large spaces/sometimes familiar places -Nightmares are common /wake up ½ way through the night MENTAL CAPABILITIES -Short term memory problems -Brain fog, forgetting words, using wrong words , forgetting where I left off in a conversation, word searching -Read something quite a few times before I understand -Walk upstairs w
954005 tn?1304630205 For the past 4-5 yrs, I have not been able to work, so my husband drives a truck long distances so that we can afford to live, have a family, etc etc. We live in Windsor, Ontario, Canada....I'm American and grew up in Michigan, met my Canadian husband and moved here in 1996. I'm going to start with my health issues for now, and get into more personal things at a later time in a diff post.
Avatar f tn Do you get chrons disease in the mouth??? i kept going back to my doctor because my throat is very sore and bright red. they said its just a bit red. its hard for me to swallon I got told my doctor six years ago i had between chrons and colitis but the resuts didnt came clear.
Avatar m tn Perhaps you can call around for a place to go that can work out a financial plan, but if you are going to do it (which I recommend), you need to do it ASAP/immediately. Let us know how it goes.
1218873 tn?1300094816 The first i get the second has me lost on how that could work, see told you i was confused. lol I did see an add for some cosmetic thingy that you roll around your eye to help with wrinkles, said to be a botox substitute. The before shot looked like a month old wrinkly apple and the after looked like a deer in head lights, sort of startled because the skin was frozen. I'm thinking it might be worth a go, not sure how much good it would do for the my eye spasms but at least i'd look awake!
Avatar n tn ) I was wondering how many injections do you get at one time? It is hard to consider the pain factor when everyone has a different idea of pain. Although I avoid pain at all costs, I also feel I have a high tolerance for pain. I have had all 4 of my girls naturally with no drugs. I homeschool them and we are very active, I don't have time to rest. I train for triathlons and try very hard but I'm just not seeing results beyond a pound a week if I'm lucky.
Avatar m tn I am in my late 30's and the cause had never been determained. My peripheral neuropathy seems to be getting worse as time goes on, i am taking gabapentin for the pain, numbness, and tingling. I am starting to gain weight and the medication is not helping as it was at the begining. Is there something specific that need to ask my doctor, maybe a new medication? I have also started to fell the pain and tingling in my legs. Also, I would like to know how far this is going to progress.
Avatar n tn and guess what - it did not work the second time either! I am going next week to demand a refund...don't know how it will turn out. If anyone knows of a class action lawsuit - let me know - I WANT IN! They should not be allowed to continue to do this procedure with all their lame promises!
Avatar n tn I've read that RSD is treatable if one goes after it early. Is there anything else that I should be doing? Additional medicine? Injections? I do not want to have this terrible burning for the rest of my life, and any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.