How do i make my breasts rounder

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5038920 tn?1405637908 Hi! If you were my patient, I would advise waiting until your period is late before taking a pregnancy test. This approach saves a lot of money. If your cycles are irregular it becomes a bit harder. If they are irregular though, you may need to see your doctor for help conceiving more quickly--otherwise it can take quite some time. Good luck!
Avatar f tn t really noticed a change for atleast 2 yrs now, except for the fact that they have gotten a bit rounder but have not grown at all. I was just wondering if i will be a 32A for the rest of my life.
Avatar f tn my period delayed for a week too,with negative result,but i dont think u are checking too early,u may be prego,is just an hormonal change.
Avatar f tn I'm 14 weeks and random people ask me if I'm pregnant and how far I am...and my response is "who told you!" So I guess I'm kinda big...its my first baby and I feel my baby move everyone is different.
1646080 tn?1303568511 How can i make my boobs bigger? I'm currently a 34D and want to make my boobs bigger. What is the best way to do this not counting in surgery?
Avatar f tn Hello um... well im a 12 yr old turning 13 in a few days and my bestie told my im flat chested and I'm a 32 a cup and I was wondering how do you make your breast bigger because I feel extremely conscious about my size cause almost all the girls in my school are a size 40 and it feels uncomfortable. I think the reason for my small Breast are:i sleepwith my bra on, I don't live a healthy life don't eat veggies or exercise (unless I'm at school which is 50 min.of p.
Avatar f tn How do i stop breastfeeding she no longer eats off me she prefers the bottle how do i get my milk from coming out please help im a first time mom
Avatar f tn s not much you can do but yeah it starts pretty early like I had before I found out I was pregnant which was only 8 weeks and my breasts were hurting before thats how I knew I was pregnant. All I can say is support I guess just try the sports bra over a bra.
Avatar f tn I found out at the beginning of last week my baby is around 5 weeks old which makes me 7 weeks pregnant. So now at 6 weeks I feel as though I look much rounder, and my mom says I look bigger. But at this early I don't feel as though I would be showing at all.
432737 tn?1358549432 I think with my first i didnt start showing till around 20-22wks.
Avatar f tn I'm 15 weeks pregnant and my breasts itch what can I use,to stop the itching,it feels good,but I don't know if is normal
Avatar f tn just under my breasts on the right side especially. I have gone for some days without a bra but that is uncomfortable too as my breasts sit on the area and it just hurts. I did read that some persons named this chostachondritis possibly. What do you do about it?
Avatar f tn t the same as God gave me, they look pretty darn good, (a lot perkier) I just have to get this 48 year old body to look like my 20 year old breasts! Seriously though, you do need to make the decision that you can live with and that will bring you the most peace. Take care and pamper yourself during this time. It can be very stressful.
Avatar f tn m 10 weeks, I feel like I can feel how tender it is when I lay on my side. Should I be getting harder? Also, my tummy seems to be getting rounder in general. I know I shouldn't be showing yet, but I get really bloated too, and my tummy is lifting too. Is that normal because this is my first baby? I also noticed my pants don't fit me like they used to. They still close, but they seem really uncomfortable now.
Avatar f tn I got a fat butt but I got alot of atretch marks it bothers me i make sure my boyfriend don't see them.
Avatar f tn Before i was pregnant with my two boys i was size 36B after i got pregnant with my first i went to a 38C then i got pregnant with my second and went to a 40D and now wit this pregnancy im a 40DD and i guess still growing im only 19 weeks 3days.
Avatar n tn Okay, had 3 follicles in right ovary and 4 follicles in left ovary. Most were 17-18 mm 2 days prior to IUI. Doc said I responded well. Had my progesterone blood test last Friday and they called. Wanted 30 and mine is 124.4. They said I could take a pg test on Thursday or Friday; the paperwork said to do it 2 wks after IUI. So when should I? Did anyone feel differently? Should I be having any feelings or things that would indicate I'm pregnant?
Avatar n tn Yes I do.I'm 32weeks & surprisingly I increasingly get bigger. My heartburn has returned I feel like an elephant is sitting on my chest bcuz I can't breathe. All my organs have been moved around.
Avatar n tn when I have a coughing fit (uncontrollable coughing that makes my eyes water) my breasts hurt. There are multiple small points of sharp stabbing pain in the tissues of my breasts that hurt. The more I cough the worse it gets. This pain is NOT in my ribs, or under my ribs but in the breast tissue itself. It is extremely painful and gets worse each time I cough. Maybe something to do with arteries? (My mother experiences this as well when she has coughing fits).
Avatar f tn ive been very ill and my stomach is swollen. .no milk is in my breasts that ive tried to discharge but my vagina discharges white thick always aroused around my fiancee and my upper abdomen has pain. E.R says i have a viral infection and high blood pressure and the nurse said its rare to find pregnancy in blood tests but i can try.. what do yall think?
Avatar n tn When my son was a week or so old i Passed a clot that was bigger and rounder then a golf ball it fell out felt so weird, we rang the out of hours emergency number and they said as long as there's no fever symptoms or illness then it will be okay but to monitor well being for a few days :)
Avatar f tn How do i stop breastfeeding without getting huge painful swollen breasts? Im due to go back to work in 3 weeks and expressing just isnt an option at my job as there is no privacy except the toilets and i only get 1 half hour break.
Avatar n tn I did not get a single stretch mark until I was 34 weeks along in my pregnancy and did not gain weight until I was 14-16 weeks along.
Avatar f tn This is my first pregnancy, I'm 21w 1d. I started to feel her pretty early, I started to feel her move around at about 14-15 weeks with light flutters. I also have a pretty short torso. Is it normal for someone, short torso or not, to feel rib kicks this early? I feel like she has had a growth spurt.
724471 tn?1237914000 m in addiction recovery, which takes up a lot of my time (I do make friends in there easily!) and then with school work, I just get overwhelmed easily when there is a lot to do, but that is a good idea. I will have to see what my school offers. Thanks!