How do i make my breasts rounder

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Avatar n tn Also, I have just had a mamo and my regular dr visit and all was fine there. I do know I have dense breasts but they have not been noted as fibercystic breast.
Avatar f tn Most of the time she rides right up under my breasts and I can barely breathe. So I feel your pain, the only room i have left to expand is out, and I would say that with 6 weeks left and gestational diabetes that's where I am headed. lol I already feel like a duck, waddling around and going from sitting to standing is getting painful in the hips. Bending now that is the ultimate, I can barely touch my knees let alone my toes to put shoes and socks on.
Avatar f tn My OBGYN doesnt want to do any more tests and sent me to a therapist because she thinks I might be going thru pseudocyesis. I am going to make another appointment with my doctor to get tested again or get another ultrasound. Please, can anyone shed any light on this?????
Avatar n tn i have cramps and my breasts have got bigger but not tender really like they normally are.
347854 tn?1205266167 Which did you notice first extra CM or bumps around the nipples? I am driving myself crazy since my m/c and I believe my mind is playing tricks on me. I don't want to keep asking my dh if he thinks my breast look different, so I am hoping you all can help me out. I appreicate your help. Baby dust...
801413 tn?1333542876 I think if you start out with bigger breasts you might be losing fat tissue at the same rate you're gaining ductal tissue or something like that. I started out pretty small and I've really noticed a difference but even if there wasn't a significant difference it doesn't effect how they'll work after pregnancy (unless you have breast hypoplasia which is pretty rare and with Ds I seriously doubt it). I've also noticed how my symptoms don't "just fit" with being pregnant.
341551 tn?1266984330 but I've heard after a while your breasts no longer hurt..and I think my appetite is gone because I was worried sick and now think I have miscarried, who would have an appetitie! And I've always had a bad back so my back feels the same and I've been feeling my stomach every second and at times it feels thinner and squishy..and other times it feels rounder and harder? So I don't know if my mind is playing tricks with me or not?
Avatar n tn The original line is now a little more readily obvious, but there are lines on the other breast that now seem to go deeper. I know only my doctor can give me real answers, but I wish I knew what normal breast aging looked like. Could this be a normal thing? From what I've read online, it seems like dimples become more prominent when the arm is raised, which is the opposite of what's happening with this thing.
Avatar f tn I just did my first round of Clomid and I am keeping my fingers crossed. My husband told me last night that I look Pregnant??? He said my breasts are getting bigger and rounder. Lord I hope and pray that he is right. I am so so sorry about your miscarriage. I had one back in June. I was so devastated but I am still hopeful that it will happen again. Ladies I hope that 2011 is our year also. SSBD to all of us. Happy New Year Ladies.
Avatar f tn After being pregnant with my daughter, I realize just how much my breast affect my self esteem. I was so thrilled with my pregnant breast. Now fast forward 5 months later, there even more out of shape and saggy then before. My bf thinks that once I get my breast done, I will be one of those women who shows them off. But in reality I just want to be comfortable when I look in the mirror. I want to feel like a real women, not a freak. I dont want some ginormous implant.
Avatar n tn Heh, Yes that would be very interesting, I would LOL If it happens i guess will find out soon enough eh. I will keep you in my thoughts during this time, And I will keep you posted on me too when I take another test if that SUPID AF doesn't show up. But one more question can you tell me how you can tell the difference between implantaion bleeding and AF bleeding? If you can that would help.
377012 tn?1283969035 ( i slept at 4pm and woke up at 7 something!!! lol i woke up with pain on my right overy side , its weird i dnt know how i will wait until next week to test...
Avatar n tn but I went to the doctor to get a physical and she saw how tender my breasts were and figured I was. But I also do live in a hick town at the moment so they tend to go by what the tests say. Most of the symptoms of early pregnacy I have been having plus I've been bleeding but nothing like my normal periods... So I'm hoping I am pregnant but I don't know where to go from here as far as to find out if its just me or if I am actually pregnant.
Avatar n tn I have also struggled with eating disorders for several years and this past month so I have enough problems with my body image and I just cannot seem to get to my normal weight, I have even tried fasting and nothing works. I haven't gotten my period yet, so hopefully once I do, that will tell my body that I'm not longer pregnant and let me lose the extra weight.
Avatar n tn I have had these fluttery feelings in my stomach with some mild cramping and every so often I will feel some soreness in my breasts, I just feel really weird, and I was wondering if this could be a sign, I just dont want to get my hopes up and get let down again. I hope it means I am and I want to take a pregnancy test but I dont want to waist my money because Im not supposed to start again till aug 13th.
Avatar n tn i can't sit in a weird position, stand for a long time, even when i just walk sometimes it hurts, also when i lean up against my dresser to do my hair with my arms up that hurts really bad i start to cramp. I told my ob that and she said the reason i am cramping is probably because it has moved.... where did it move to? i thought i was pregnant b4 i went to the doctor last week. all i could think about was my iud came out and im pregnant. Well they gave me a p test last wk n it was neg so...
Avatar n tn The only other time I have been late was with my first preg 2 years ago, but then I had a positive test 3 days late. I guess my advice is what I need to do...blood test. I would be very happy to have another child. Any other thoughts?
Avatar n tn My husband and I are probably going to try to get pregnant within 6-9 months, so I am trying to do a cost/benefit analysis here. I really don't want to take anything that may make my life a living hell again. Headaches-I get bad ones anyway! Fatigue-I'm trying to get my life back, and have some sense of normalcy. Is it worth all you risk and put up with?
1493153 tn?1340187360 Yes, I agree with remar. The chances of her pregnant are remote. Get some rubbers or stop having sex. You're gonna bust a capillary if you don't stop worrying so damn much. I don't even see teenagers worrying that much. "O if I touch her p**** for one second . . . can I have the power to make a girl preggers if I masturbate?" REALLY? Do you really just NOT know this stuff???? Do we really have to tell you on an American medical forum?
443968 tn?1288616289 ZUZ- I know what you mean about being tired and sleeping a lot, it seems to me that is all I do lately. All what I want to do is rest and not even talk at times. My tummy since yesterday have been feeling funny too if I don't eat feel a little upset and when I eat after a while my mouth keeps salivating a lot. Don't know what this means but is quite uncomfortable. I love pepperidge farms double chocolate milano cookies, yummy they are the best.
Avatar f tn Oh My GOD!!!! You're not alone Shawndell. I make concscious efforts to quit thinking about it and I start seeing pregancy ads, pregnant women, people at work asking when I'm gonna have number 2, announcemenets from friends that they are pregnant! ETC... Oh I was just wondering, I now age doesn't matter!
470885 tn?1326332637 Nope Definitely stressing, Every twinge, cramp, irritable moment I have I get my hopes up-- which I swear I am really trying not to do!!!! I am 7dpo now and am really irritable and tired-- just like af is coming like any second!
Avatar n tn At least now I don't feel like I'm going crazy. My period now is 21 days late with no bleeding, spotting or anything, but these test keep saying negative. I guess I'll wait it out and let another month or so go by and see what happens. Again, thanks for your response.
280700 tn?1210287416 So I finished my CLomid and now my question is.... how do I know if I ovulated? Is this a dumb question? I know the med is supposed to make you, but how can you be sure? What happens next if I don't ovulate? Thanks guys, good luck to all of you!
Avatar n tn I have not had my period for 6 weeks. I have 3 kids and I do have many of the same symptoms as b4. I think I am prego, my hubby thinks I just want to be prego. what do I do?