How do aids drugs work

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Avatar m tn thing, but it doesnt seem to work very well. At first I do gain weight, but I get pretty bad diarrhea ETC. from eating too much. And in the end even going through the diarrhea, I completely loose all appetite, which makes the gaining halt.
Avatar m tn however, from looking at the condom, it still appears to remain intact but am still worried because maybe some blood goes in to the condom from the top and because this lady who is now 25 told me that when she was 6 years old, her father died of Aids at the age of 28 from injecting drugs. She also said that she went for a check up after she realized that her father has Aids, even though she is not using drugs. The results according to her came back clear.
Avatar n tn Isnt there only 1 strength of ambien? I have been taking 10mg and I usually split it in half. I have went off of it for a few months but do not sleep. They are investigating pituitary, adrenal,thyroid problems for the reason I cant sleep. I dont even get tired ever have you ever heard of this?
649598 tn?1239117215 m going to try. antidepressants do not work on me, sleeping pills either, and my tolerance for klonopin is WAY to high to risk taking it at the levels that are effective to me. for now, i just keep on truckin, waiting to find that magic combination. i will continue to post as things progress.
222369 tn?1274474635 I've seen a lot of people lately taking drugs to get off drugs. It runs the gambit from simple muscle relaxers and anti-seizure medications such as Neurontin, to much more troubling medications such as Z-drugs (Ambien and Lunesta), benzos, and even marijuana or alcohol. It's a very understandable thought process that makes us seek anything that will help us get through the perceived horrors of withdrawal.
1327032 tn?1288840755 My blood work yesturday was CBC my bi annual aids test(neg so far) and 3 different tubes for 3 different ways to test the HCV levels. I will be very interested to see these results myself. I am going to call the dr because they answer the phones til 9 pm and sometimes they leave word in my file.
Avatar m tn t answer, but just wanted to throw this out there. They do allow rescue drugs with your trial, so maybe that will help you get through.
Avatar f tn A Harvard study of 1700 nursing home residents, with a mean age of 81, found that use of Ambien and its cousin drugs were associated with a 66% increased risk for hip fracture within 30 days of starting the drug for sleep.
Avatar n tn I used Calm Eaze (I think it was called) and I bought it from CVS. I believe I found it in the sleep aids section. Congrats on day 2! You can do this!!!!!! Keep posting.
20918205 tn?1648291755 People with bipolar disorder have more sensitive internal clock mechanisms. When sunlight regulated our sleep and wake cycles, it was difficult to regulate the timing of our days and nights. As the human population began to develop more artificial light sources, we began to change the sleep/wake cycle. While this is not the only cause of bipolar disorder, it is a common symptom of the condition.
1519601 tn?1298475950 I just bought lipozene! And i was just woundering if these pills really work... and what some side effects are! I just wanna check on here before I ask my actual doctor! From what i have heard about it... It works... just want others opinions??
Avatar m tn Someone i have had oral sex with has got AIDS this month. I had some episodes last year.If he had sores in his mouth could anything have gone into the urethral lining.I intent to help him but want to put on the oxygen mask first. Mystified why the urethra is kept safe. Anyone with a little compassion just answer I will not start a thread.
Avatar f tn Since you've had the problem since before you started the meds, it's pretty hard to attach it to them, don't you think? Depression can also cause sexual problems, particularly lack of desire. So I'm a bit confused -- are you blaming the drugs for it? Am I getting the timeline wrong? If what I'm reading is right and you had sexual dysfunction while on no medication at all, as you seem to indicate, that kind of alters the Wellbutrin question.
Avatar m tn A lot depends on resistance to drugs. Many current drugs only came out a few years ago and they offer hope even to people who became resistant to some of the previous drugs. Also, the more drugs you have the less resistance becomes a problem since the possibilities are better to form a strong cocktail, reducing the possibility of resistance. Another problem could be side effects from the medication. Again, this problem is much less with newer medication.
Avatar n tn Acer, a dentist who was shared by the six patients and who died of complications of the acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS). So how could a HIV postive dentist spread HIV to six people if HIV can't survive outside the body?? And the CDC said he didn't have sex or use drugs with any of these people. Do you guys have any insights?? Any help would be great thanks!!!
Avatar n tn Anyways Ive never used the site I mentioned above but it says its an independent, non-biased review of natural sleeping aids. So do some research on the internet about other options, check out other sites and products that may be the answer. Try and stick with the natural stuff, because all the Rx sleeping pills are habit forming and end making you totally dependent upon them for sleep. Okay well I hope this helps. I hope you get some good sleep here soon, you take care.
Avatar f tn I have tried to get off them, but the desire to sleep wins every time after about 4 hours of tossing and turning with pain. What I do not know is the side effects? Could this be causeing nerve damage? What else are the side effects and it is better to not sleep?
Avatar f tn hormone levels, type of art procedure, age, how long have you been ttc, how many eggs/follicles were seen during u/s if you ever did one... etc. cramping may mean you are having your period or the embryo is implanting. hope this helps. good luck and wishing you a bfp when you do your blood test.
Avatar m tn Hi,i am just wondering,i do know that medications do sometimes work for some sufferes,but from so many point of views,the medical doctors that i have visited so far,they refused to prescribe xanax,benzo and other anti anxiety medications,because they believed medications do nothing on anxiety,they told me that anxiety should not be label as an DISORDER because its not an illness,thats they recommended CBT to overcame Panic disorder etc.
Avatar n tn I can help answer some questions reguarding CPS, I am a former worker. How do you know your daughter has it in her system, has she been tested?
Avatar n tn Un necessary net surfing by non medical people for medical information is sometime misunderstood because we are not qualified medical professionals. Believe your wife what she said. If her HIV test is negative, by no means it can be considered at a "precursor" to AIDS, because for progression of HIV into AIDS, one must have HIV virus and its antibodies present in his/her serum.