How common is a miscarriage without bleeding

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Avatar f tn *** How Long After A Miscarriage Should I Wait Before Trying To Get Pregnant Again? Your Body after a Miscarriage A woman is ready for childbearing again after a miscarriage once the normal cycle returns. However, it is hard to predict when the next menstrual period will return after a miscarriage. Following uncomplicated miscarriage, most women who had regular cycles will have a period within four to six weeks following the completion of the miscarriage.
Avatar n tn About 20 to 25 percent of pregnant women have some spotting or bleeding early in pregnancy, and about half of these pregnancies continue successfully. Bleeding that signals possible miscarriage is usually light. It can be brown or bright red and may occur repeatedly over many days. If the bleeding persists or increases, the chances of losing the baby are higher. Mild pain, such as cramping or low backache, usually develops at some point after the bleeding has started.
Avatar f tn You just want to make sure you are okay. It is common after a m/c to have an affected cycle. Even though it was a chemical pg there was still a pg. Our bodies have a mind of it's won everyone reacts differently. Some women have a chemical pg and never know it. It is hard to say if you are pg the only way is to have your blood drawn a few times and if the numbers are doubling or more than you are. It is comomon to have a false pos hpt after a m/c.
283175 tn?1295540865 I didn't have a D&C with my first MC but I think it's a good thing since I MC again. A D&C is a procedure that goes in and cleans out the uterus from all the nasty debree left from your MC it also helps make your uterus ready for another healthy pregnancy. I would definatly consider it. The bleeding could last for a few weeks I've been lucky both times mine only lasted 4-5 days. Shart pain is common also with MC I'm sorry for your loss I MC 5 weeks ago and the pain is excruciating.
Avatar f tn I'm sorry for your loss. I had a d&c done so not sure about the d&a but after my miscarriage I waited a while to try again. I would suggest at least 6 weeks but ask your doc to be sure. Good luck.
Avatar n tn Maybe that sounds strange, but it is how I felt. I wanted to move forward as soon as possible. My drive to have a baby outweighs all of my fears of it happening again. I found out on Monday that I am pregnant again (4w after my m/c). I believe that it is true that you are most fertile the 3 months after a miscarriage. I waited for my Hcg levels to go back down and the spotting to stop before we started trying though (it took about 10 days for me).
Avatar n tn i have PCO and was on metaphormin for a while , tried chlomid twice without any results.. in septemeber i was send to a fertility clinic.. i had a spotting from sep 15 for a few days and it was even less than spoting, just a bit of red discahrge few tissues on and off,.. the doc asked me to take MMR b4 v cud start the fertility treatment which i did on sep 30..again i had same spotting, red discharge few tissues, called my doc who said its just abnormal bleeding and took blood test.on oct 16.
Avatar n tn I had a miscarriage on 09/21/2008, and I'm still bleeding some days its heavy and other days its light. I spoke with the doc on several occiasions and they aren't really giving me the answers that I'm hoping for. Like, Why did it happen and will it ever happen again? When I went to the doc's office they checked my hgc levels and said that they were coming down to normal, but why am I still bleeding?
200957 tn?1236140523 A missed miscarriage is a miscarriage in which the body does not expel the various elements of a terminated pregnancy, such as the fetus and placenta, for a period of many weeks
Avatar n tn Are they going to have you come back in for more blood work after 48 hours? I wonder how they could say it was low without doing it again. What the number is isn't as important as if it is doubling every 48 hours. I hope everythign works out for you. I am very sorry this is happening.
Avatar f tn So symptoms can come and go with everyone, some better have them throughout pregnancy others don't have anything. the risk of miscarriage reduces to 3% when a heartbeat is detected. If you are worried can you not see a doc or something? I haven't started showing yet or getting a hard stomach and I have two of them in there, so don't worry too much. Everybody experiences different pregnancies. I panicked the last few Weeks but now I seen my two healthy babies I know that there is only so.
Avatar n tn Is it possible for a ten year old to have shingles without a rash??? He has been unwell for nearly a month now, but has had extremely sore neck front and back,chest and shoulders for about 2weeks. We have had two lots of blood tests all coming back normal. He is in excruiating pain mainly in the evening, he cant even stand water falling on his neck when having a shower and he definately wont let me touch it. He cries himself to sleep because he is in so much pain...
Avatar n tn I have been bleeding since 8/21. I have had 2 ultrasounds which showed no baby. Hcg level has gone done and very low hormone level. I just started taking the methergine today because I am passing very large clots. now my problem comes in here. After last ultrasound, the bleeding had almost stopped. My husband and I had intercourse and the bleeding has started again. What does all this mean?
Avatar f tn The short answer is, there is really nothing at this point you can do. What you had is called a "blighted ovum", meaning a fertilized egg that really didn't get a good start in the pregnancy. This can be from a variety of reasons - fertilization and implantation into the uterus is SO complicated, and things can go wrong in a variety of ways.
Avatar n tn I also had a miscarriage in June and am now pregnant again without having had a period in between. They checked my HCG to make sure that it doubled and it tripled over the weekend. So far so good, although I am being cautious about my excitement and not telling ANYONE. Good luck!
Avatar n tn They want me to wait till I'm closer to 15 weeks because they can't fit me in! Am I having a miscarriage? Is there a baby or was it lost long ago? Why wait so much longer if they can just speed up the inevitable? And if there is a baby, all this stress since June 15th can't be good for a pregnancy!
Avatar f tn Hi sweetie I'm sorry to hear about this. I know how hard it can be to have a miscarriage... how emotionally and physically draining it is. Don't beat yourself up though about not going to the doctor... at such as early stage they wouldn't have been able to stop it. A lot of people are more fertile after a miscarriage as well.
686463 tn?1249920379 I guess my uti was really really bad in sept, the only issue was I wasn't having any symptoms so that is why it went undetected. All a uti is, is bacteria I truly believed that is what caused my m/c. I too can't seem to relax all I do is obsess on the fear of another m/c. I have a u/s on 11/26 so I will be able to breathe alittle easier once i see the heartbeat. How are you feeling?
Avatar n tn You said it doesn't hurt... Today, I have a crushing migraine, and a teeny bit of spotting.. Is headace common before a mc?? Or is it just my messed up body... with yet another baffling symptom?? Oh, and as for the cramps to expect: I normally have horrible cramps, do you think it'll be much worse than that??? Thanks in advance for any advice you may have....Still sending baby dust to you... We have to think positive, right??!!!
674725 tn?1367443230 ( I bled for about 3 weeks total, in the beginning it was just spotting, then I had the miscarriage and continued to bleed for a little bit. I never had major bleeding fortunatly. I do not have regular periods and I had been on clomid so that I could ovulate, and I was hoping the miscarriage would restart my system but I ended up having to to Prometrium to induce a period.
Avatar f tn I just want to know how common missed miscarriages are... I have had a miscarriage before, this past December at 6 weeks. Currently, I am 8 weeks and 4 days, but definitely not feeling pregnant like I was in weeks 5-7...
Avatar n tn I didn't realize that it would have affected me the way that it did. I also, became a computer junkie after the m/c and it is shocking how common they are. My doc says and from what I have read it is mostly chromosomal. It's natures way of I don't know the proper word I should use but, I will go with expel something that is not healthy. The whole making a baby is very very complex I watched videos and it truly is a miracle.
Avatar n tn I recently had a D &C in March 2014 after I lost my 3 months pregnancy. I don't think bleeding after a MC is a good sign.
427454 tn?1315504550 I realize that it is a miscarriage. I am bleeding very heavy and hurting badly. What do I suppose to be doing; doing this time? I never had a miscarriage before, and I am very lost. What can I take for the pain, and what do I need to do, and what I don't need to do doing this time? Thanks for all of your prayers. I will try again when God say its time.
Avatar n tn I would talk to your dr about why your periods have been affected and how long he or she is having you ttc unsuccessfully without intervening. Every dr is different mine was not doing anything until we tried for 2 yrs. I would ask them what your next step should be. I would ask for a check up and maybe a u/s to see if everything is functioning right. I understand the frustrations of ttc it can be a very long and painful road. Best wishes for you and I hope you get some answers soon.
Avatar n tn I am hoping that what I am experiencing is implantation bleeding...the blood is barely enough to fill a pad in one day...and is light (not heavy like my normal period). Are HPT accurate at this time...the time that I tested...meaning the day before I am expecting my period? Tonight, I am not bleeding at all now. Can someone help??? Thanks!
Avatar n tn Hello. I was 8 wks pregnant and went for my first US to confirm. The US showed a sac but no heartbeat. i took Cytotec to hopefully induce the miscarriage but unfortuntately everything did not come out so I needed a D&C. I am completely sad and paranoid about everything. Is it common to have infertility or subsequent miscarriages after a d& C? Is scarring common after a D&C? Should I be worried? How would i know if there was aproblem? thanks for any help you can offer.
Avatar f tn Prior to jetting out the door she briefly explained that this is Pseudocyesis and not a miscarriage. The uterus will grow up to full term size but a baby was never there. She went on to say that a D & C(?) is required. My sister is distraught and I need to help her with answers. Can you please help?
186877 tn?1208613799 each was a little different-first one was over about a week of bleeding and the second was only 2 or 3 days of heavy bleeding. I went back and forth with the d&c idea but my doctor and I decided it was better at this early stage to let it happen naturally. I too was afraid of too much scarring (I've already had a csection) because I want every chance to carry another baby to term. do whatever you feel is right for you and take care-I know it's extremely hard emotionally.