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Avatar m tn Herbal medicine only uses coffee for enemas, generally, and most schools believe drinking it is overstimulating. Herbal medicine generally strives for balance. Still don't know where you're going with this. If you're really looking to work on your mind and mood, try a good introductory book called Natural Highs, a bit old but a good book by a psychiatrist at UCLA, Hyla Cass, who uses natural medicine in her practice and teaching. I doubt you'll find dandelion in there for this purpose.
Avatar m tn I don't use coffee enemas, but I think I can help you out. I do know that coffee enemas can have a Catch-22 effect, where the more you use them, the more constipated you'll get! And actually, I'm not a huge fan of enemas, altho sometimes they help. I prefer using BabyLax or PediaLax, squirt two tubes from the small box in the rear, and some waste will normally come out in minutes. You can repeat once in the same day if you don't get results.
Avatar m tn Dental work -- My NP recommended that I hold off getting my teeth cleaned this week to lower the risk of infection from bacterial seeding. Currently I'm on antibiotics for what is may be a bacterial prostate infection. Wondering what advice you've been given regrading minor dental work such as teeth cleaning. Currently on I'm on a 6-month schedule so I suppose I can push it off for another couple months when I should be finished treating.
Avatar f tn I am a 36 year old female at the age of 29 I had to have a hysterectomy I started to have trouble with bowel movement so I started using laxatives after a couple of year they stopped I tried enemas they did work so IV been using enamas for 3 years u have been to several Dr have tried fiber supplements better diets different medicines I also had a vowel duct surgery also. I live in bad pain every day when I wake up its the worse always bloated hurting I my chest n back.
695000 tn?1316139648 What they don't know is 1) exactly what triggers these changes, 2) exactly how the medications work 3) what is the trigger that makes a person's MS deteriorate 4) exactly how to predict who will be the most disabled and when and other things. But, they do know enough to design treatments that target some of the things that go wrong and that cause damage. They are NOT working in the dark. And the treatments are no being tested in the dark. About the Ann Boroch site.
1401023 tn?1280784958 I eat the yogurt. I'm not sure how much good it does those of us with adhesions, but it seems to work for others. I have to eat smooth foods like yogurt, bananas and that's about it! Everything else hurts but I eat it.
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788392 tn?1249876407 He is currently on lactulose which sometimes seems to work ok but other times not so well so we too usually have to use the enemas. I am going to try getting him to drink prune juice again and see what happens. I have decided after reading through this site and what others have to say that we are going on a search for a new neurologist. Everything I have read here is the complete opposite of what his neurologist has told us.
148354 tn?1211237506 I been on ensure,yogurt,orange juice,rice,chicken,turkey,crackers for months,hard to tolerate solid food so I mostly drink ensure,could milk products make it worse? I also smoke ciggs and drink 1-2 cups of coffee in morning.I try to work back solid food for normal diet since i have alot of hair loss from lack of proper nourishment,I get scared worrying if it will trigger more painful attack so I avoided food..I know..dumb..
1763947 tn?1334058919 I bought all the components to do coffee enemas, but my hubby and mom talked me out of doing them. Some Lymies insist they feel better after the enemas.
92903 tn?1309908311 Sure you're not. You just like to log onto gay web sites and are obsessed with colonoscophies. We all understand that.
Avatar m tn Even though I was consuming about 50g fiber a day, drinking 70 oz of water and walking, I quit having bm's without taking a laxative (have taken them 2 times - 1 week apart). Before trying the laxatives I did 2 enemas (2 days apart) with very little success. I have stomach pain and bloating. My pain seems to be in my lower left quadrant, but if the gas is bad, it is everywhere in my abdomen. I wonder if I have a bowel obstruction, but thought if I did then the laxative would not work.
Avatar f tn Dear Clara, I know you asked for Morecambe, so until he pops in here, I'll tell you how to get that digestive stuff out of there. Usually if people wind up in the hospital with a clogged-up colon, the nurses administer water enemas. The water begins to break down the waste, and slowly but surely, a little comes out, allowing more to move down, and after several days of this, it'll all come out, but in its own good time. But I have a couple other tips, too.
Avatar n tn My daughter went thru this when she was about 3 years old. She had a "thing" about using the toilet. I ended up having her eat more fruit and cereal (like Cheerios) and the problem resolved itself. At first she still did not go every day but that was better than holding it for up to seven days at a time! I hope it works out for you and I wouldn't try anything radical. I have a friend who does those "coffee enemas". I always thought that they couldn't be too good for you.
Avatar n tn I feel like im gonna blow up, if i dont releive myself,but no matter how hard i strain , the gas is trapped. This is when i believe the gas is forced out my pores, creating a toxic affect to the air . People start choking and rubbing their nose and eyes. But no one will agree that my conditions are the cause of their discomfort. Does anyone suffer from this gassy ora disease and can anyone help me understnd whats going on with my body?
Avatar n tn The first year was rough but it has now been 15 years and it has been heaven being healthy. My son is 22 and now has UC. I am so impressed at how many improvements there have been in how it is treated. He has had 2 attacks and this last one was not as severe since he didn't have the delays of diagnosis (as did you) and got into the doctor quickly. He is again on Prednisone. He takes the steroid enemas most days to maintain.
451053 tn?1237581349 I believe from reading about this treatment that it could be very harmful for those on chemo for OVCA, the coffee enemas will irrate the colon and will dehydrate you. the other mentions products may interfer with your chemo.
Avatar f tn Enemas Milk and molasses enemas Coffee enemas All fiber diets High fat diets Colon irrigation Massage therapy Herbal remedies Yoga All fruit diets All veggie diets Supplements Magnesium Citrate Garlic Ginger Cayenne Correctol Miralax Zelnorm Amitiza The laxative in chocolate form All fiber supplements All wheat diets Gotten drunk to cause me the runs As a side effect of all of this I have had: Headaches Insomnia Inability to concentrate Dehydration Cramping bloating gas I have woken up lookin
Avatar f tn how is this going? feel any better yet?
Avatar n tn I've lost my list but here are some of the cures from over the months that we've read here. - Removing blood, heating it, re-transfuse it back (aka blood boiling) - Coffee enemas (forget if it was one lump or two) - Aluminum hat with cosmic reception - Bee stings - Crocodile blood - My personal favorite is the chemical poisoning of the blood causing drastic side effects. (Oh, wait - that one works) - Any I missed?
Avatar f tn heavy periods are related--tons of tests ordered. Blood work, endo biopsy, ultrasound, transvaginal ultrasound, x-ray of spine, pap test & last week a abdominal ct scan with contrast to rule out a hernia & it did--no hernia. I did get a copy of the ct test & it mentioned a fatty liver intrusion & the person who did the test seen a bicornuate/septated uterus. no diverticulitis.
Avatar f tn If it works too quickly, yes, you'll get dehydrated, but colon cleansing does help rid the body of toxins that stick to the walls of the digestive system. One way to do this is to fast; no food in, food out. Another quick way is to use coffee enemas, but fast means it can be dehydrating and should be done only under the care of a professional. To do on your own, find a product based on things such as psyllium and other fibers, which will gently scrape the digestive system walls.
Avatar f tn i would say yes but coffee and that dr pepper dr thunder mr pibb should get you going now if you can make up a sse soap suds enema just reuse an enema bottle with a mild soap or baby oil you may have to do that several times try to lay down and hold it now i know older folks use blk COFFEE for enemas old coffee warm drink good ol prune juice warm with a dash of cinnamon might help also been there done that but i used the BIG gun the BAG or the 3 H's high.
Avatar f tn I am now at my brothers who is into holistic medicine and I have been weening off them doing enemas and colonics, with juicing. How do I feel. Petrified I have detoxed before the conventional cold turkey way and I thought I was going to die. For the last two days I have done 6. As of today and it is only half way through I have done two. I am starting the yawning and sneezing. Haven't had any diarria yet...but I know it's coming. I also have two children who can't take it anymore..
Avatar f tn Serious illness and death have occurred from some of the components of the treatment, such as the coffee enemas that remove potassium from the body, leading to electrolyte imbalances. Continued home use of enemas may cause the colon's normal function to weaken, worsening constipation problems and colitis. Some metabolic diets used in combination with enemas cause dehydration. Serious infections may result from poorly administered liver extracts.
Avatar f tn Then, a little over two weeks ago I knew that I had to do something drastic or I was headed toward having it removed and I DID NOT want surgery. So, started doing daily coffee enemas. I can't even tell you what this has done for me. I noticed today that my vision is clearer---how strange is that. I have no pain at all, anywhere. I hate writing about this but for anyone with gallbladder issues you have a choice 1) surgery OR 2) enemas.
Avatar f tn Either way go to the hospital to have something done about it. I know how you feel right now.
Avatar m tn CTs/Xrays showed no blockages, and doctor instructed me to go home and do 2 enemas 3 hours apart, and to drink another bottle of magnesium citrate. I did those things between 8-11 p.m., but had no bowel movement, so I went back to the ER the next day. By that point, I had been expelling clear water, which the doctor said was the bowels. He told me I would be fine, and told me to NEVER take a stimulant laxative again since I had been using them for 3 1/2 weeks.
Avatar f tn Also, if you have waste that is right there and ready to come out but won't, perhaps alongside the liquids you've been putting out, and especially if a couple enemas don't work, also get some BabyLax or PediaLax box of ointment tubes, squirt two in and some waste will come out within minutes, repeat as needed.
Avatar f tn Im trying the metamucil, and if that doesnt work after a couple of days, I will try milk of magnesia. And if that doesn't work....Then Im going to walk in my docs office and rip every strand of hair off my head until he gives me something that will work, other than castor oil lol.