How can i make my breasts produce milk

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1785035 tn?1314882818 I around 6-7pm I am having to use my milk from my storage supply because my daughter starts to get frustrated and fussy like there is no milk in my breasts. Is there anything I can do to help myself produce more milk? It just seems like I am nursing my daughter all day long and pumping all day long! I am going back to work in a month and i just don't want to give my daughter formula. She is growing like a weed! Help!
Avatar n tn However, I know when he feeds he is only getting 2-3oz from me and then he wants more so I have to resort to formula. He is a big boy and eats about 7oz per feeding. How can I produce more then 2-3oz. I have changed my diet and pump every 2 hours (as the book mentions) to hope that this will make more milk. What can I do? How can I get it so that I don't have to resort to formula?
Avatar f tn I've been breastfeeding and formula feeding since my daunghter was born, she's three months old now and since she was born it seems like I've just got less and less milk coming in. She feeds 10 minutes on each side each feed then has a 4oz bottle. I have never really gotten any milk from my left breast, the right one I can feel the milk coming out and she prefers that side and the left she just doesn't care for.
Avatar n tn But is there anything that I can do or take to increase milk supply? Because I dont feel my breasts as full as before. Also is reglan a prescribed pill or can I find it any where?
Avatar n tn Is there anyway I can get myself to produce milk, this is my first child and I'm not sure when this is supposed to happen but I'm due in 19 days.
Avatar f tn t be able to produce milk? Like I said they are not sore and I have read that some of you ladies started leaking. I would be disappointed if I won't be able to produce milk and breastfeed.
7989976 tn?1403493624 You will produce colostrum after you give birth, and this is all your baby will need for the first few days and then your milk will fully come in. Many think that this isn't enough, but it truly is, as their tummies are so small, like a marble at birth. Good luck with the breast feeding, it's truly worth it!
Avatar f tn A nurse told me to take a break from pumping for a few days, so I did. I pumped again after that because my breasts had filled up and were hurting. A lot of milk came out. But now, my breast never fill up, and when I pump it's only a little bit of, it barely covers the bottom of the bottle. Am I losing my milk?? Is there a way to get it back?
Avatar f tn From the beggining I wanted to breastfeed my son is 19 days old. My baby didn't want to latch on so I just used a breast pump and I wasn't producing enough milk. I started giving him formula (enfimil lipil) but ever since I started giving him formula about a week ago he started spitting up a lot and throwing up. I had to take him to the emergency room bc he spit up while he was asleep and stopped breathing.
Avatar f tn I want to breast feed my 2 month daughter but no milk comes out can i have ideas to increase my milk supply
Avatar m tn my baby never breastfeed and as I am not able to produce enough milk for her she refuses my breast, even I try when she is very sleepy, she rejects that and start sucking her hand. seems breast feeding is not an option for me. Also I tried fenugreek that also didn't help so I stopped using that, is there anything else I can try to produce milk?
Avatar f tn It is also a very good idea to continue your prenatal because it helps to make sure you have nice and healthy breast milk. These are the things I do to get my milk supply up and make sure it is very healthy for baby. I am a nurse and was very insistent to do lots of research and make sure my baby had the most healthiest breast milk I could provide. I have always heard that the brewers yeast in a beer would do good at helping with milk production.
Avatar f tn Make sure you're drinking lotssss of water!  Oatmeal or granola bars with oats in them, carrots, mixed nuts (cashews,almonds, macadamia ect.) Cookies! Not just any cookie, but special lactation cookies. You’ll need: 1 cup of butter 1 cup of sugar 1 cup of firmly packed brown sugar  4 tablespoons of water  2 tablespoons of flax seed meal (don’t skip this step, and no substitutions!
5154295 tn?1372284196 Shortimama - oh dear! That's insane! I've always had small boobs, 32B and I'm still the same size just a little fuller. So I was starting to worry, but I'm glad I don't have that problem, I can only I shine how annoying it may be!
Avatar f tn Your body will still produce the proper hormones to make you lactate regardless of how big or small your breasts are. No worries. All sort of women are able to breastfeed with smaller breasts. You still have quite a bit of time for them to grow also.
Avatar f tn All size boobs are able to produce milk as far as I know. With my first I gained a lot of weight during pregnancy and was a dd and had a slow start to producing milk. With my second I barely gained any weight so my boobs stayed their regular size, b, and I had an over production of milk. I had to pump after I was done feeding in order to be comfortable. I wouldn't be worried. Some women's milk doesn't come in until a day or two after the babies born!
Avatar f tn Real milk doesn't usually come in until a few days after birth. If its colostrum you are thinking of it varies. With my first pregnancy I didn't leak prior to baby. With my second it was like a week or two before delivery and with my recent pregnancy I was 23 weeks pregnant but with this last pregnancy my breasts didn't get any larger until after delivery.
Avatar f tn My baby boy is 3 months 14 days. I have very less milk supply. How many mins do u all ladies breastfeed ur 3-4month baby?
750055 tn?1364771370 At times I'll feel something weird on my breasts and when I go to rub it I feel little bumps on my brests(around my nipple). When I rub it, it seems to go away but then it'll return later on in the day. Is that just my breast getting ready to produce milk? Does anyone else have this experience????
Avatar f tn I'm 19 weeks pregnant and I already have milk coming out. It's been happening since i was 17 weeks. My doctor told me that it means I will make a lot of milk. I'm a 38D.
Avatar f tn How will I know if I can produce milk or not? I'm 32 weeks and I haven't experienced any leaking. I do feel tenderness in my breast and nipples, and I can feel something hardening (milk ducts?) I am committed to breastfeeding my child but I'm so worried it won't happen for me since my mom was incapable of doing so for me or my sister. I know it might take like 5 days after the baby is born to start producing. Are there any tips to kind of get that going? Diet wise?
Avatar n tn I have noticed a bic decrease in my milk production. Jow can I increasemy . Milk production? ??? Plz anyone help!! I would appreciate it.
Avatar f tn my mama had a shot to help dry up her milk before she left the hospital, I plan on asking my OB about it.. I know from all the women in my family just how painful engorged boobs are!! good luck!
Avatar n tn It wouldn't hurt to do a pregnancy test. What sort of bleeding did you experience? Normal period bleeding or light spotting? Sometime you can bleed in early pregnancy. Do you have any other pregnancy symptoms?