How can i make my breasts bigger fast

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Avatar f tn Hello um... well im a 12 yr old turning 13 in a few days and my bestie told my im flat chested and I'm a 32 a cup and I was wondering how do you make your breast bigger because I feel extremely conscious about my size cause almost all the girls in my school are a size 40 and it feels uncomfortable. I think the reason for my small Breast are:i sleepwith my bra on, I don't live a healthy life don't eat veggies or exercise (unless I'm at school which is 50 min.of p.
1646080 tn?1303568511 How can i make my boobs bigger? I'm currently a 34D and want to make my boobs bigger. What is the best way to do this not counting in surgery?
Avatar n tn i had my period six times last month and i thought that i mighr have something wrong, until some one came up and told me my boobs had gotten bigger and i said well i'm not pregnant cause i had my period six times and they disagreed and since then my stomach has gotten tighter and i think i had milk on my breasts should i take a pregnancy test?
Avatar f tn ) I ask because it is already hard to find my size as it is because my ribcage is small. If my boobs grow I fear it will be even harder.
1715474 tn?1318189449 I was just wondering if there was any way to naturally enlarge your breasts. I have heard of some exercises but nothing like that has ever worked for me. I have also tried some enhancement pills but those didn't work either. I am very self conscious of my breasts they are very small for my body size. I have to wear an expensive super padded push up bra to even feel good enough to leave the house. Is there anything I can do to make them grow without getting surgery?
Avatar f tn So I hear alot of people tell me that breast feeding makes your breast shrink smaller than the pre pregnancy size. Is this true?
3055148 tn?1368211800 Im 20 weeks and I can tell my boobs are a bit bigger but I can still fit n the same bras some girls dont get bigger some girls get way more then they want.
4808549 tn?1359436104 does anyone know if i can grow my breasts bigger naturally? or has anyone heard of anything?
Avatar f tn I have all the symptoms of pregnancy but I don't have sore breasts, I feel them bigger but they don't hurt, I had a miscarriage one and half month ago and I already had one period, so I don't know when I ovulated, all I know is we've been having unprotected sex
1089713 tn?1256767773 i have thought about that myself and i went on and looked up some suplements or lotion u can us.
Avatar f tn i am also in my teens and am struggling to ever feel good about myself because of my size i dont hink im fat fat but because i am very small for my age it looks wthey dont to me any favours orse i dont want to be unhealthy but i have tried so many different plans that just don't work for me. I really don't like my arms or stomach as they really dont do me any favours please give me some advice...
Avatar n tn m less than an a cup here and i believe i had more than this when i was a teenager. what can i do to make them grow?
Avatar f tn hello thank for your e-mail about my concerns about my right breast, i will make an appointment to see my doctor, i have had rib pain since 2005 after getting pheumonia, which was bad, i also have a condition called chronic fibromyalgia which does not help as im in alot a pain everyday. I will keep you posted when ive seen my doctor.
Avatar n tn My breasts have gotten a lot smaller after pregnancy. Is there any way I can get those back?
Avatar f tn Hi J, well its called growing up, some women stay pinkish, and some go darker, and as for your lips getting bigger and longer its the same thing some stay small and some get bigger and thicker, and you cant stop it.
317245 tn?1258737545 m not sure how to tell, but my lactation consultant recommended I get a bigger one. An appointment with a lactation consultant wouldn't hurt anyway. They usually have really good advice for b\fing and pumping. You could also call the medela help line. Good luck. You might try private messaging Tiredbuthappy if she doesn't see this question.
4540912 tn?1379630447 I'm 13 weeks and my breasts are getting bigger by the minute!!! I got sized today and she said I was a 34C, I bought a 34C, took it home and tried it on and it's SO tight. My breasts barely fit in it. I'm normally an A cup. Is it possible for my boobs to be growing this much this fast?
Avatar f tn I'm sorry to hear about your husband as well. I hope for his speedy recovery, my husband has some medical issues as well we are working through. I hope this journey will be safe for us and our spouses as well. This is my 5th pregnancy and only second child i've had miscarried three and this will be our last one we have a 13 yr. old girl, this is a boy!
Avatar m tn I hear where you're coming from. I can only fit into an "A" cup if it's padded. I was once told that if you do this exercise, your bust line will increase making it look like your breasts have grown, too. What you do is, this is hard to explain but I'll try... you grab your fingers with your fingers, kinda like an "S" shape, and pull them apart. Your arms must be parallel to the ground and you don't actually let go of the hold.
Avatar f tn I'm 30 weeks and mine have not grown but i have gotten stretch marks on them....
Avatar f tn m scared these are always going to be like this, should I go and see a doctor? Or should I just leave it?
Avatar f tn I'm 39 weeks and I only had nipple tenderness at the beginning of my pregnancy. My breasts haven't been tender at all. I just count myself lucky. My OB said I shouldn't have any problem unless my nipples were inverted, which they arnt. Best of luck!
Avatar f tn Not necessarily my nipples but the tops of my breasts are flatter than they used to be. I dont know whats happening but I want them to go back to how they were.
317245 tn?1258737545 Ok, so I just started using my pump (pump in style advance). My baby is 3 weeks old. I am really just trying to get a feel for the pump and all of the parts and make sure I have a correct fit before I really start to get serious about pumping for storage for when I return to work. My question is I have large breasts (prob size F or G right now....DDD before baby) but my nipples are on the small side, just slightly larger than a pencil eraser so maybe dime sized.
Avatar f tn my breast have not grown a bit but recently whenever I squeeze my nipple clear liquid like stuff comes out !!! Will my breast start growing now????