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Avatar n tn have you ever tried amino acids to help with your anxiety and depression? i a;so suffer from depression and have been on many antidepressants with no good results but since taking the aminos 5htp and L-theanine i am like a different person?they are all natural so no side effects or withdrawal.
Avatar n tn This spring and last (at the same exact time, when oak pollen was strong) I got the constant burping and anxiety. For me, taking some Tussin product helped somewhat. Anxiety and allergies seem to go hand-in-hand for me and can produce some weird symptoms. Sometimes it helps just to know that's all it is. Hang in there!
Avatar m tn We also assessed the presence of depression, by means of the Montgomery and Asberg Depression Rating Scale, and fatigue, by means of the Fatigue Severity Scale. An algometer was used to measure thermal and discomfort thresholds in all of the patients and a group of 61 age- and sex-matched healthy subjects. Results Pain was present in 61 patients.
327385 tn?1378364331 my hospital is university of kentucky. i go to neuroscience and my surgeon is young. look up the hospital and the site says they spealize in pituitary . i just lost my will to fight this ,i just dont know what else to do and no help to is hard. thank you for your help and support you have been great. i honestly think if it wasent for my kids i would just stay in bed. i got sick and took my bloodpressure it was 101/75 . could that be why im feeling sick?
Avatar m tn Self-Report Scales * Beck Depression Inventory * CES-D (click here to download a copy of the CES-D screening tool for use in your practice) * Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale * Zung Self-Rating Depression Scale Clinician Rating Scales * Hamilton Depression Scale * Montgomery-Åsberg Depression Scale Each scale can be used to identify symptoms before initiating therapy.
Avatar f tn I was left with a numb chin and lip and depression on top of that. I have been to the oral surgeon several times telling him of this miserable ordeal and he says there is nothing he can do. He says the wait could be 6-12 months, well next month will be month number 6. I have some sensation in my chin, but my lip on the left side is still numb. This has been the worst ordeal ever and this is not my first surgery. I have never heard of anyone having this until I got on this forum.
479244 tn?1271567259 I found something about taking Sam e with an anti-depressant. Joe was taking 800 mg. along with Celexa for quite a while with no apparent problem. I talked to a pharmacist who thought it would be ok. From the sound of this article, they have experimented with even higher doses. Swanson vitamins had their 400 mg box for $12.??(can't remember the cents) but it was the cheapest price I had ever seen. We had quit taking the Sam e for a while because of the cost.
Avatar n tn I've had one test for Lyme disease but I'm really interested in following that possibility. I went through a bout of depression and extreme anxiety and panic b/c I thought I had MS and sometimes those old thoughts creep back in. Anyone have any good advice???
Avatar n tn Yes, even worse than the severe depression and anxiety itself. Isn't it funny how well they work though! Two days on any Opiate and my almost totally untreatable symptoms of crushing Depression and anxiety are completly eliminated! (well, only for a short time anyway) Then the Opiate wears off and you need more and more and more. I know what you mean though. I can take a very low dosage of almost any Opiate and it all but eliminates the crushing constant symptoms of my depressive dissorder.
10996785 tn?1432816577 I've had a terrible med reaction, pneumonia and a mild stroke. Plenty of anxiety and depression. I now have 4 doctors who are working together with one another.
Avatar n tn Hi all. New to this. I am a 44 year old woman who is physically fit (gym 5 days a week) and eats pretty well. Approx 5 weeks ago I developed veins showing on both hands. They have not gone away and infact they are bulging most times, and I can "feel them". They have increased and I can see some starting to climb up my forearm now. Before this, my veins barely ever showed.
Avatar f tn depends a lot on just how severe the level of the depression and anxiety are. There is an actual rating system used to measure severity. Not sure how the scale works. Funny story, it may bore you but I will tell you anyway. When I was first struck with severe symptoms of my depression and anxiety I was only 22. I was a competing amature body builder (natural) and was in the middle weight class.
Avatar n tn The MRI has been rescheduled sooner for friday. Also, I was given lexapro for anxiety, it didn;t help one bit. Another hospital visit and the doctor gave me something called Ativan. It helped tremendously when taken as need. I also see my new physician friday, it wouldnt hurt to mention ativan therapy to him. Man, it's like a constant nervous sick feeling in my gut that never ceases. Sometimes, I feel like i'm in a dream-state and experience derealized vision.
373367 tn?1246405635 (I can honestly say that I am not a person who has problems w/anxiety and I am a lot less worried now than I was in the beginning anyway.) I think these neurologists are going to drive me to have to see a psychiatrist!!!
351317 tn?1204755471 polishprincess50 I would also be very concerned about serotonin syndrome with the above symptoms, and advise seeing a doctor immediately. Anxiety and/or depression often cause sweats, flushes, and excessive teariness however.
577132 tn?1314270126 The Center for Epidemiological Studies Depression Scale (CES-D) was used to determine the presence and development of depression. Multiple logistic regression analysis was performed to assess the relationship between SVR and depression. Results • 24% of the analyzed patients had depression at baseline. • Among those not depressed at study entry, 41% developed depression during the course of treatment.
544292 tn?1268886268 We're all very happy that you have chosen to be here with us! Please make yourself comfy, kick off your shoes and snuggle down. It's going to be a bumpy ride, but the end result is so worth it!
Avatar m tn And if Effexor wasn't right for you, don't give up on meds--there are many other good choices for managing depression and anxiety. (By the way people with depression AND severe anxiety/panic attacks represent a higher risk for suicide.) After you become stabilized, you should have ongoing outpt tx to provide emotional support, enhancement of coping skills, and help with problem solving.
Avatar m tn just had a ton of blood work done and am going on mon. for an mri of the pancreas etc. by the way in was in the hospital for a week and only went home because i was afraid my ins. wouldn't pay for that long , as it turns out they were willing to pay for 5 weeks which gets me to thinking that there is more going on. I have no appatite at all, tired all the time and a fwew other things.
544292 tn?1268886268 Good Morning Tramadol Warriors! Welcome! So happy to see all of you, and welcome new friends. This is a good place to be if you want to get off Tramadol ... You can do it!
Avatar m tn After chopping and changing psychiatrists, meds and life-narrative situations in marriage, family and employment from the 1960s to the 2010s, I became tired of the various manifestations of BPD over its several decades in my life and I was happy just to leave my sodium valproate(for BPD) and effexor(for OCPD and depression) package as they were even though this new package had significantly altered my behaviour and life-experience.
Avatar m tn ’s that will handle sx’s of tx and write you rx’s for what ails you during your time on the meds. (stomach pain, gerd, nausea, anxiety, depression, headaches, bone and muscle pain, sleep, even for getting up in the am) Most people only feel flu like symptoms. Some get hit hard and then there are those in between. It’s a crapshoot for sure.
20391860 tn?1497234141 A full 7/10 on my silly little scale. My mind still remains oddly clear however, Jumping here and there with hopes of the future and regrets of the past. I'll be honest and tell you that this level of withdrawal, at this extended of a period, has caught me completely off guard. People told me it was an Insidious kick and I tried to appreciate their wisdom but perspective matters and I suppose I'm earning mine now...
Avatar f tn I haven't read that anyone else has experience this fading effect. I take it for anxiety and happened to notice the amazing the weight loss effect. I lost about 8 pounds, but I sort of eat more at times so I don't lose too much and people don't get on my case. I have very thick hair and have not noticed any falling out, but have noticed a change in texture for sure. Maybe not due to the Rx, but with all the hair talk, I'm starting to think it is.
Avatar n tn mitral valve prolapse (no meds), hypothyroidism (synthroid), depression (Wellbutrin), anxiety (Xanax--occasionally), and recurrent UTIs for which I'm on a maintenance antibiotic and flomax---just in case that provides any clues. Oh... and I HAVE been very stressed over the last few years, to the point where I've been concerned it might affect my health.
543518 tn?1245325627 I have always been self employed and worked since I was very young got my first job when I was 14 spending nights in a veterinary hospital giving dogs and cats medicine and sleeping on a cot then started beauty school when I was 16 they let me in early I went after school and on Saturdays I have never known not working Self employed means you work harder than anyone else that works for you and work is never done Insurance you only have it if you pay for it I pay for it and have never been w
Avatar m tn He has been in perfect health but just out of the blue had a grand mal seizure. I took him to the veterinary hospital as it was in the evening and he had two more there. Within 24 hours they got me in to see a neurologist and now he's being treated for a bad case of Valley Fever. He drinks a ton and eats more, but my biggest concern is his lethargy and lack of coordination. It takes him so much effort to get up, particularly the hind legs; it's so sad to watch.
181575 tn?1250202386 Disadvantages of peginterferon therapy are parenteral administration, frequent side effects (especially flu-like symptoms, depression or irritability, and cytopenias), need for more intensive laboratory monitoring, contraindication in advanced liver disease, and higher cost.
Avatar n tn I've had blepharitis for 15 years and the only people that talked any sense were Sunderland eye hospital You may solve it (or make it easier, it's never solved)by bathing your eyes 4 times a day in salty water. Baby shampoo made mine worse.
Avatar n tn My labia gets sore from the scratching and I break skin often from scratching. I have tried everthing, but it doesn't go away. I know it's not an STD because I went to the doctor's and have been tested. However they haven't helped me none. The labia skin is thickened from the scratching, is very dry (white-like) and flaky (at times). So are my inner thighs at the crease yet they do not itch that often. There are no bumps but my skin is raised, and I don't know what it is.