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Avatar f tn The doctor came in my room, and told me i was healthy and both my lungs and heart were good. He told me i had a anxiety problem and i had a panic attack. But when i went home i still have the tightness of my chest and waking up at night with pains. Im living in fear that i could have an attack, and not wake up. I feel like i will never get better i dont even want to hang out with friends. Please give some insight, if i have something bad with my health. Thank you!
Avatar n tn I have had mammograms and all are fine. I wish you the best of news and pray that all will work out fine. Keep us posted.
Avatar f tn Recently my prolactin has been a little elevated and I'm taking my third blood test. It appears the dostinex helped with the anxiety and depression and nothing has since. My questions are: has anyone felt anxious and depressed when off the pituitary meds? Only to go back on and feel better? Also, are most people with pituitary tumors on anxiety meds as well?
Avatar f tn As for your lack of concentration and motivation and numbness (anhedonia), it could just be symptoms of anxiety and depression. My advice to you- leave the diagnosing to the professionals.
Avatar f tn 30, because it's probably still working in the morning and thats why i'm always tired. We talked about my anxiety of going to the hospital and had I thought about what I want to say to the consultant and I said yes I kind of know what to say. We did some really intense EMDR and it was really hard. I had to recall what I was thinking about and they were really bad memories of which I had to focus on until I got physically upset.
2105456 tn?1334368647 I've been depressed most of my life it did not surface until I lost my house not from foreclose or not paying taxes..From my family...I had a nervous breakdown and had to go to a hospital...And my diagnose was major Depression......And I did drink....I wanted to change and I wanted gastric bypass surgery was told Yes.....Went to all the hoops..................And was told no..............I knew the risks...............He knew even got a green light from the committee................
Avatar f tn I found him hanging there. He had either killed himself or had been practicing and he made a mistake and it was too late. His doctor knew he was doing this and told me about it later. I thought he had done it one time. He had visited me the night before and I felt that he might take his life. I'm not sure why. His visit with me was unusual and he had done and said some things that are known warning signs. I had asked him if he was ok and he assured me he was.
Avatar f tn Well, when I first got there, they made me do a mental health evaluation test, and then they had me do these weird test things where they would show me a picture of blocks that were made into a shape and I had to take real blocks and make them look like in the picture. I did all kinds of tests including the ink blob one. At the hospital we had a therapy group, where all of us would sit with the therapist and talk about coping skills and stuff.
Avatar n tn low blood pressure and depression. I already have those. I want to exercise to help the anxiety and depression but I am afraid to because of the pvc's (they seem to get worse w/adrenaline). If I could just eliminate one of these problems I feel I could cope better. I use to exercise regularly but stopped the day of my first episode with pvc's. I just want a plan to help myself overcome some or all of this. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much.
Avatar f tn Swollen lymph nodes Groin pain Oral thrush with white patch on inside of cheeks Joint pains Extreme fatigue Rash on hands n feet Dizzy / vision blur no mater how hard you try and focus your eyes, Difficulty swallowing Is this possible thanks
Avatar f tn I felt like I was going crazy. I got home and started crying. My mom and dad took me back to the hospital. They gave me more fluids and more Ativan. I then went to the doctors and was prescribed .5mg of lorazepam and 10mgs of Lexapro. The Ativan seemed to help when these feeling of doom, fear, and terror came back. After about 3 weeks the Lexapro seemed to be working. Some days I would experience almost no anxiety. I even left the house a few times to go to my girlfriends or the store.
Avatar f tn Ihave been to the dr. and he thought i had bppv and that i needed phisotherapy iwent and did this and the phisotherapist said he didnt think i had it because he did all these things to induce dizziness and i didnt get dizzy.He told me to go back if it happens again but i cant afford it .So the dr. just gave me some pills (serc ) to help with the dizziness and did a few blood tests but no he didnt actually diagnose me with vertigo.
Avatar n tn Hiya all,I'm new to this !! So lately I've Been having lots of problems! I have been though a lot these past couple of months. Ive been to my doctor about it all and he had diagnosed me with depression. The test came up with "major depression" I also think I have anxiety. Ever sinse I was 13 I always had a fear of being in the public and how I looked infront of people. I got panicy when I was around loads of people.
Avatar f tn Within the next few days after stopping the Reglan, my anxiety and depression became extreme and I had thoughts of suicide. I also had a headache for two days and had hot and cold flashes. I spoke with my psychiatrist and two pharmacists and they all claim that the Reglan is out of my system and not causing the anxiety and depression. I know they are wrong, this is so different!
Avatar f tn That's what is called an anxiety attack where you need to lay down and that still doesn't make it all better. Anxiety and depression cause these symptoms to your body and mind. 5mg of Lexapro is actually very low, I'm at 10mg and like I said, you will feel better eventually by seeking some help or something to help you with your anxiety and depression either be meds, or meditation relaxation classes. Those are also often recommended.
Avatar f tn I would speak to your doctor/therapist specifically about this increased anxiety. I've had anxiety and yes, it can get much better. Keep the faith!
Avatar m tn -stomach pain (all thyroid and gastro testing performed and negative) -SEVERE headaches followed by complaints of being cold -punching -swearing/yelling -difficulty falling asleep and restless sleeping -obsession with making contact with other people including strangers (touching someone's arm, leg, back or head) -much quicker turn from "good" to "evil" -"potty" accidents (has been fully day trained since 18months but is not yet night trained) -difficulty paying a
Avatar f tn He put me back on 75 mcg and I still didn't get better and now I'm with this doctor, he put me on 88 mcg and now 30 mg of natural thyroid. And no, I had false positive RA and alot of more test and everything came back fine.
1515545 tn?1291399364 I am not sure what is going on with me, but for 3 days when I have gone out to public places, like today the BMV I was OK sitting there waiting until they called my number, I went up to the desk and couldn't talk and froze and had to run out of the place, I was sweating and just totally freaking out...
Avatar f tn I had a similar experience with chest pain and had the ECG and yes, everything was normal. Maybe your anxiety has manifested into physical symptoms? If you're open to medication, please see a professional. But if you're not, I can give you some tips about keeping grounded and in the moment. I just posted this to another member but this is called grounding: sit in a chair, both feet on the floor, hands on your legs or on your stomach. Close your eyes. Breathe deeply through your stomach.
Avatar n tn Sounds like anxiety to me...I had brutal chest pains and strange feelings and was convinced for months that I was going to have a heart attack. Ended up in the emergency room a few times. Therapy helped me get out of the cycle that makes it happen. Like you said, when you don't think about it, you're OK. But if you are like I was, you think about it ALOT. My anxiety was not connected to any particular life situation...
Avatar f tn But they gave out many handouts so I can go back over it. I am 36 years old and I have lost almost everything. I had had a career at a prestigious hospital and made good money. When I was ill we had to cash in pension money so we could eat. We have no savings and very little pension and maxed out credit cards. Now I am working part time at minimum wage and I barely make enough to pay for groceries. I am not certain I will ever be able to work full time again.
Avatar n tn Some have health anxiety(like myself)I worry about my heart and have pvc's. since 1998 I have had stress test,stress echo,cardio lite stress test,event holter.more ekgs than I can count,blood work for every thing.All comes back heathy as a horse. I do have high BP controled by meds.This anxiety is a terrible thing.
2111850 tn?1334369185 My partner had to drive us home as soon as we pulled up in the driveway i ran inside and sat on the lounge, i now had pins and needles and felt like i couldnt breathe, i was so weak. I called the hospital they advised me to attend the er. I made my partner (with a suspended license) drive me to the hospital (i know not the smartest thing to do, but he was the only other experienced driver).
Avatar f tn Heart-rate test to measure mental disorders The Vancouver Sun Pamela Fayerman, Sun Health Issues Reporter Vancouver Sun The first physical test developed to confirm mental disorders such as depression and anxiety will soon be tested on Vancouver patients. Until now, doctors have based their diagnoses of depression on physical symptoms such as fatigue, changes in sleep and/or eating, and feelings of worthlessness.
Avatar n tn I dont know if you still check this forum or not but i recently had a miscarriage and a d and c and i think i am fine one day and the next the whole world is coming down and all i see are pregnant people everywhere. We have been trying again which make me feel better until i get a neg test or some other bad news and i am right back there again. Nobody understands unless they have been there.
667078 tn?1316004535 I have been prone to depression my whole life and have had MS since 1965. I still get embarrassed by it. I would not look badly to anyone else with depression. I just think I should fix it myself. My hardest thing is being at the Cancer Center every Thursday for over a year. I have to wait, and get a needle put in my port, be examined, drink contrast which tastes like yuck and wait an hour for a CT every two months.Then wait hours for the results.
429326 tn?1282331954 I took my father with me, after she explained the mri, and reassured me the 2 syrinx in my spine was not causing symptoms, my father chimes in about STRESS, oh yes she says stress can cause these symptoms and depression can too, and how I should talk to my pcp about antidepressants.....I could have choked him for saying that...
Avatar m tn I was given meds and told to go to the hospital for treatment. I am doing my best to keep positive but, I got so much going on at the moment. It all seems so overwhelming. I have given up so many great tasting foods and I can't grow facial hair cause, it will irritate my skin causing breakouts. The current antibiotic I take is quite helpful but, I know its not the solution. I am not willing to go on a wild goose hunt. I have been trying forever. After this, I am going to use accutane.
Avatar n tn Luckily I was with a great psychiatrist in the hospital and had people to support me. I have had anxiety my whole life and constantly worrying about stuff and memory problems...etc. But never as severe as after my second child (I have never in the past had to take meds before). My doctor about a week ago all os a suddenly said for me to take HALF of the Klonopin dose of what I have been takeing this whole time. I FREAKED! I usually take 0.5 mg. in the morning, 0.5 mg.