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Avatar n tn If a horse needs alittle extra a high fat low protien grain is great. Adding alittle oil adds fat too. Rarely an older horse or injured horse will get weightbuilder suppliment to help out w/ weight. It sounds like you need to feed out alittle more hay and try adding in a haystretcher type feed. It makes my hay last longer and reduces hay belly on my easy keepers. Also is it possible your horse is cold?
Avatar n tn Since it is spring now, please schedule an appointment with a horse Vet (let me know if you need a recommendation, but please give me your city and state) to have him/her do the vaccines and also check out the breathing problems. Do you know about how to worm a horse, get the teeth "floated" and getting the hooves trimmed? Please tell me more about your old? and where you keep him and what you are feeding him and how much.
Avatar m tn I have a 30 year old galding, that has bad teeth, he eats but when he chews grass or hay he will spit it out. I am currently feeding him sweetfeed and regular grain feed twice a day, I have spoke to a vet and they say that my horse is just old, there has to be something we can do any suggestions would be appriciated!
Avatar f tn how much sweet feed can you feed a horse a day w/o causing any problems? we have several horses & they have started losing weight fast one has died. what else should we feed the ones that r looking skinny to prevent them from starving to death as well...they have plenty of hay.
Avatar n tn My daughter says to have the horse wormed and have the teeth floated. Might try the anti-sand treatment. One scoop every other day for a week. Helps the horse pass the dirt and sand it has in its stomach. The teeth need to be floated - ground down so she can eat properly.
1374927 tn?1278690152 Horses can lose weight for a variety of reasons. It is concerning that your horses are losing weight rapidly, and even dying. About food.. Have you weighed it out? The amount of food you feed one horse in a day should be about 2.5 percent of the horses' body weight (the weight you want teh horse to be). For a 1200 pound horse , that would be about 8.2kg (18.0lbs) of forage (hay) per day, and 5.5kg (12.0lbs) of concentrates(grain) per day. You should aways feed more hay than grain .
Avatar n tn I have sever allergic reactions whenever I go near horses or anyone who has been near a horse. My symptoms are mainly chronically asthmatic, watering eyes, runny nose, red itchy patches on my skin and sneezing. Unfortunately my wife works with horses and as you can imagine this is a big problem. There is no way she can avoid this as she is a professional athlete. I have tried every kind of over the counter medicine and antihystamine and nothing works.
Avatar n tn My symptoms are strange. I have been grinding my teeth 24/7 and my legs tense up a lot. Sometimes I twist my legs or ankles or straighten them and hold the position due to the leg tension. What could be the cause of this?
Avatar n tn I would also suggest you to go for a doppler ultrasound as you have family history of deep vein thrombosis and condition like delivery after pregnancy may cause some problems. You have symptoms in your calves after pregnancy. You would need to do some exercises at your ankle joint to prevent yourself from getting any thrombosis. Discuss all issues near an orthopedician, gynecologist and if required a vascular surgeon for thrombosis issues and start treatment immediately. Take care!
Avatar n tn It maybe an idea to try a probiotic if they have gut flora problems and their teeth looked by a equine dentist, check they dont have lice or ticks which can pull a horse down . Check your worming program for wormer immunity or rotate program.
Avatar f tn has he been wormed? talk to your vet...check his teeth ect. if he needs his teeth floated he may not be able to chew all of his food and hes basically spitting it all on the ground.
Avatar f tn A bunch of my back teeth are broke off to the gum and my front teeth look so awful. My babies has took all the calcium out of them.
Avatar f tn It is not really my business, and I don't feel good about intruding, but this may be (no exaggeration) a matter of life or death. I think BTS1022, who is an expert, will back me up on this. You don't say how old your daughters are, or their background with horses. Unless they are very experienced, they could be in substantial danger around horses that have never been handled. The purchase price of a horse is the cheapest part.
751397 tn?1367437548 Have you ever injured the back of your neck in a fall or whiplash? I had a horse riding accident in 1969 when the horse I was riding spooked, reared up and fell on top of me. The back of my head cracked open and later I found out I had shattered my pelvis. In 1976 I developed headaches that would not let up. I was 21, raising 2 kids, lost both of my grandparents. I tried pain clinics with injections into the back of my neck. Nothing worked.
Avatar f tn It causes inflammation of the outside of the teeth and gums but usually does not clear up with banamine but usually required steroids and sometimes extraction of teeth. However, usually the x-rays of these teeth are abnormal. As far as opening the mouth, this could be pain or inflammation in the muscles of the jaw. I would consider sedation and finding out if the can open the jaw or just does not want to do so.
Avatar n tn Hi everyone. I'm currently about 4 weeks pregnant and have basically no symptoms.. My boobs have grown alot and I have a pulling sensation in my pelvic area and am eating like a complete horse I can't seem to reach a full up stage.. I had a misscarraige 5 years ago and I had terrible morning sickness with that pregnancy so just wondering is it normal that I feel good I'm not overly tired either but if I was to lay down I know id fall asleep...
Avatar f tn I have a horse we bought 2 years ago along with her 2 year old mare. We don't know how old the "Mama" horse is, but she again became pregnant about a year ago. She was fed hay and 16% feed while pregnant and still began to lose her own weight. The baby was born very fat and healthy, now 5 months later, the baby continues to be a chubby one, but the Mama has gone down severely. Her hips and ribs are showing.
Avatar m tn ve been having like after images and trails behind moving objects and an increasing sensitivity to light, all of this started at the same time, I had my eyes checked and I have perfect vision, could my symptoms be from either TMJ or incoming wisdom teeth?
Avatar n tn Thanks for the super-fast reply. Just hoping to make everything go away with one very unwanted trip to the dentist. I'm getting it fixed anyway.
Avatar f tn But as far as the severe pain in molar, you can die from that kind of teeth infection. Teeth infections like that can kill a grown man. It spreads to your heart and other sinuses and areas around the jaw and face. causes a bacteria infection in the heart that can be deadly if left untreated. If you told your dentist all of that and he says it was a sinus infection, then it's time to find a new dentist. Really need to see someone about the blood.
Avatar n tn Six months ago I went for a check up with my local dentist. On this day I was told my teeth were perfectly healthy however he took an x-ray to make sure. When this x-ray was taken I was then told that I needed 8 fillings. He said they were all surface fillings on the enamel that were not visable to the naked eye. I was shocked as I have had weak gums from a young age so have always brushed, flossed and used mouthwash and have never experienced the slightest discomfort with regards to my teeth.
Avatar n tn Went to a new dentist, who seemed shocked that I had three wisdom teeth still in my mouth. Said I should get these out to avoid future problems. Is it necessary to take these out NOW? They are not causing any discomfort.
1170694 tn?1285097509 However, please keep an eye on him, and take his vial signs as well...temperature, respiration, pulse. Is this an aged horse? Old horse? When was the last time you had his teeth floated? If it were food related, perhaps he could not chew properly and experienced a bit of a choke? Please let us know how he is now and if you have any further questions.
Avatar f tn What kind of eye problems do you have? Thyroid eye disease symptoms first start as a lot of tearing and a dry, gritting feeing in the eyes. Later symptoms include the bulging eyeballs that most have heard about, and sometimes, double vision. It isn't normally associated with poor vision unless caused by double vision or pressure on the optic nerve(which is very rare).
Avatar n tn I will try again with this one!, Some of the symptoms you stated are thyroid symptoms, such as Insomnia, fatigue/Energy Loss, Muscle Joint pain, stiff,achy neck, Depression, weight gain , Anxiety and dry skin. The others you mentioned could be side affects of the Anxiety medication you are taking are symptoms of Diabetes, those are Frequent Urination and Odor It is difficult to advise or give opinions without lab results and the ranges provided with each result.