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Avatar f tn The one definitely has a cyst because it will get bigger and bigger and hurt more and more and then I get my period and it's gone and so is the pain. I've NEVER in my life had this until I quit the pill. In September, I started the pill again (Sprintec) to see if that would alleviate symptoms but it hasn't. The only thing wrong with me is I am slightly hypothyroid... I mean my doc said I could have been 40 until I realized it...
Avatar n tn I had a cyst (a bartholin gland cyst) on my outer labia. It was under the skin and a little red but no "head" or anything. When you lightly squeezed it you could feel that it was solid and the size of a small bean under there. The gyn said it might get bigger with wearing underwear and sex but to be honest when my partner and I started getting more sexually active it started to shrink and now I cant feel it.
Avatar f tn My acupuncturist and the specialist seem to think these symptoms are a result from having bladder infections in the past (I have a sensitive bladder), DOES ANYONE THAT HAS A SENSITIVE BLADDER, or have had many bladder infections in the past, and HAVE SIMILAR symptoms as me? I've seen 2 doctors and 1 specialist, none have really told me anything and ALL tests always come back negative (I was tested for herpes as well.
Avatar n tn I have been experiencing very strange skin sensitivity for the last 3 weeks or so. It all started with one little spot on my ribcage about the size of a softball. The skin felt very sensitive and had like a "sunburned" feel to it - it especially bothered me when my shirt would rub up against it a certain way. Well, it eventually spread around to my whole rib cage area and was very bothersome. Some days the feeling would be worse than others.
Avatar n tn Found a lump in February. New mamo in May showed pronounced cyst development (3 new; 1 is well over 1 cm). Ultrasound last month confirmed cyst, not tumor. Recommended re-screen in 6 months. Given my family history, should I push for biopsy? The radiologist seemed very surprised to see a large cyst appear in such a short period of time (there was no evidence of it last year). And given the recent reports linking some cysts to future cancerous activity, should I have them removed?
199980 tn?1233801004 no pain up until then except sometimes with intercourse. my doc. sent me for an u/s and found a 6 cm cyst on my right overie. actually it's the only thing I have left. I had every thing else removed 6 years ago due to repeated ovarian cyst the largest being the size of a grapfruit. my ? is, this is the first cyst i have ever had that hasnt caused sever pain no less no pain. I was also told there is something in it but he thinks it is blood.
Avatar n tn that would account for the pain. The breast tenderness is likely due to the effects the cyst had on the normal hormone productions of the body. Frequently, the body produces prolactins in response to an injury or infection, and prolactins can have a strong effect on the breast (in fact, prolactins are involved in the milk production phase of a pregnancy/birth, but I have not read those studies in a long time, so I cannot remember any more of it!!
Avatar f tn I have a scheduled "open" surgery soon for the removal of my ONLY remaining ovary. My oncologist said, after ultasound& CT , that my cyst was "stable" but needs to come out. No reports say what type cyst I have . Its only 2.4 cm w my ovary measuring 5.3 x2.7. My maternal grandmother died within 3 weeks of finding ovarian cancer when she in her early 60's. I am 39.. (Normal weight etc)...
Avatar n tn Hey there my girlfriend recently had an ovarian cyst "explode" during sex... My questions to anyone who really knows or has had this happen to them: 1. This happend 6 days ago and she still has a little pain in her stomach and slight nausea.......is this normal or does it normally go away sooner. The night it happend she vomitted twice and was admitted to hospital for the night/day. She was on morphine and gravol. When she went home the next day she vomitted again...
Avatar f tn Like you, I'd try to wipe it off with a damp cloth or wipe, and it came off, but only to return later in the day. Things are still somewhat swollen and a bit sensitive (more sensitive than normal for that area of the body). It's quite bothersome, as I can't find anything that perfectly fits my description on any medical website and I'm weary of having sex at the moment because I don't want any of this spreading....if it is spreadable.
Avatar f tn It was painful and swelled up to the point where I could see it without touching it. It was very sensitive. However, it went away after 1 1/2 weeks. I am now on an all natural hrt that has done wonders for me without all the dangerous side affects of clinical hrts. What I am wondering is, should I be worried, what could have been the cause? Is there a link between breast lumps,cysts, cancer due to hormone imbalance since it showed up so soon after my hysterectomy. I do have fibrocysts.
299940 tn?1192322967 I went to my PC and he said they did see a cyst in my sinus cavity. I knew it was there because of prior scans, but was told it was not a big deal. He said I sould see an ENT. I did last year and was told to use nose sprays to dry it up which did not work. Now the cyst is severe and takes up my entire left sinus cavity. I want to take all my scans to my ENT (which I have an appt with next week) and say I am miserable and here is why when can you remove this?!
Avatar f tn In addition I have begun to have increased trigeminal pain that lasts for hours or days with out relenting. The MRIs also showed up a left maxillary sinus cyst and this seems to impact my facial pain when I have increased sinus congestion. There is a knot behind my left ear indicating an internal cyst that grows and decreases depending on sinus issues and the signal in the right ear canal seems to be irregular.
1939607 tn?1324292900 My pelvic ultrasounds have always been clear and they have never indicated anything pathological. My last set of hormone tests/pelvic ultrasounds/gynaecological tests were in summer 2010 and they were absolutely normal. Three years ago, during a really stressful phase in my lifetime, my constipation got worse. I started occasionally experiencing a sense of bloating and frequent flatulence along with my inability to have a good bowel movement.
Avatar n tn Does anyone else have a hormone problem relating to this type of cyst? Also, if it true that it is estrogen sensitive and I stopped that hormone, will it shrink away?
Avatar m tn Now 3 months after having a cyst and one ovary removed I have issues with hairloss and what I believe is hormone related issues with period etc. Im currently trying to get to the bottom of it with blood work being done. I had no issues with breast tenderness. I would say keep an eye on it, it will take a while for your hormones to settle down but if it is still an issue in a month or two your body might need a bit of help to settle down.
Avatar m tn Will my cyst increase do to Alcohol? +What should I watch out for having a cyst in my Liver? +I read something online saying that a calcified liver will heal itself and nothing special is required, is this true? +I have a high IGA and an elevated IGM levels, does this have anything to do with that? P.S. I have a five major complete work up blood tests drawn all from different Doctors saying that I am completely healthy. I am 35 now, is this just a sign of getting old?
485259 tn?1326312778 I went into hospital for something entirely different last week and by accident, they found a huge cyst on my ovary. I am SO not wanting to be in patient so I am really hoping this is going to be laparascopic. They believe so now, but I have to find out more this week. Can any of you who have had this, tell me was there a point where they decided open vs. lap? What made them decide this for you?
Avatar n tn Hello, A nabothian cyst is a normal finding in the cervix, especially in women who have been pregnant and has no impact on a pregnancy. If you think you might be pregnant you should see your physician, and consider taking a home pregnancy test. When using a home pregnancy test it is important that you are comfortable using the test and have correctly followed the instructions. Also, you should know that not all home pregnancy tests are equal in their sensitivity (i.e.
Avatar f tn Well, I go back tomorrow (Thurs) to see if the hormone meds. made the 6.22 cm septated cyst shrink or not. If it didn't I'll have to have surgery. I don't know if it was the meds. or what but I have been overly sensitive today... I have cried about everything!!! I pray for good news tomorrow. I have told everybody that I not worried, but deep down inside I'm truly scared that I have cancer or something bad. It has really helped to have support from my friends that I have met on this forum!!
Avatar n tn Hi there, A couple of times a year I get a small lump on what i believe is my labia minora. It is very small only 2-3 millimetres. It occasionally feels very sensitive. Sometimes the lump grows bigger over a period of a few days and I can either pop it, or it goes down on it's own. There is only ever one. I think I may have had this since I was a teenager - I wasn't sexually active and am still not, although I have had sex before.
Avatar n tn I am irregular ever since I got off the pill and my doctor put me on progesterone... I started my period so I got off the hormone but my period was only like 3 days long and very light... So I've waited and a week before my period is due my boobs get really really sensitive. THey are so sore and getting larger.... I took a pregnancy test because I am now a week and a half late and it says negative... I feel very crampy and I'm still boob sore.
Avatar f tn My breasts have been sore for a couple months but the last week and a half my nipples have been sensitive and painful. No dryness or anything abnormal. I haven't gained but two pounds. It's been slightly painful to have sex, like I'm too tight almost. I haven't had a period since November. I haven't had any symptoms of PMS or anything. Just wondering what it could be. Set up a doctor's appointment. Just wanted to get an opinion before I go so I know what to ask and if this is a good Dr or not.
Avatar f tn The mammo came back clear but the ultrasound showed a cyst. They never told me at the time, anyway for two weeks now I have had breast soreness and strikes of pain (became slight burning) in my right breast so I went back to GYN. She did a breast exam and found nothing in my right breast besides normal dense breast tissue but she said she feels two "something" in my left breast (both breasts are sore and feels warm-slight burning sensation) so she said one must be the cyst they saw.
Avatar f tn In terms of assessing the pelvic organs by radiology, pelvic MRI is the most sensitive test. Checking hormone levels will give information about whether your ovaries are functioning. In terms of ovarian cancer risk, you should ask you doctor about genetic screening for the BRCA 1/2 gene mutations.If you have a gene mutation, you should see a gynecologic oncologist. Only about 10 percent of women with ovarian cancer have a gene mutation.
875426 tn?1325532016 272 ng/mL (Ref range- not age specified 64-334) Would it be possible that the microadenoma had been depressing my growth hormone, and thus IGF-1 levels, and now that the tumor seems to have disappeared, the IGF-1 went up to what would be my normal level (though higher than the median listed in the age sensitive reference range)? Could it be that this possible pineal cyst or the liver lesions could account for the upswing in IGF-1?
763734 tn?1249388336 Both my nipples became errect and super sensitive. On my left areola a small bump appeared right next to my nipple. My doctor said it was not related to my ovarian cyst. She told me to schedule a diagnostic mammogram and ultra sound. Yesterday, they found a complex cyst in my left breast. They are going to take a waiting watching approach to that also. Is all this just a coincidence? Seems to me what ever is happening on my left ovary maybe affecting my left breast.
Avatar n tn my doc found a cyst near my ovary and now i have to have a cat scan done he said worst case is i may have to be referred to a ogbyn for sugary but best case is that it could be treated with hormones i don't understand any of this can someone help i'm scard what am i facing could i die
Avatar f tn I also had the problem of going hyper every 2-3 weeks but since the dose change, have been ok. If you are sensitive to Synthroid then Armour will make you more sensitive so I believe as it has T3 hormone in it which could cause heart palpatations and send you hyper again if not monitored closely. I also have 2 valves (tricuspid and mitral) regurgitating but as of yet, dont warrant repair. And I was born with a heart murmur.