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484508 tn?1290014144 been around for many years with little or no side effects. I've been using the pellets for about 10 years and I have many male friends who use them. There is an adjustment period when your body is absorbing and adjusting to having hormones present again and that always happens for me at about 7 to 10 days after. By now I bet you like the new you just fine and the anxiety is gone.
484508 tn?1290014144 I had been on Androgel for low testosterone, but it did nothing, so I started testosterone therapy replacement using pellets, a newer procedure. I am 65. After 7 days, I was hit with overwhelming anxiety, panic, the yawns. Today it is a bit better- Today is day 8. I had no idea that testosterone replacement could cause anxiety. I took the stuff because I had anxiety, that Celexa had done a tremendous job of helping. I had to take a Klonopin last night because I was so anxious.
1344197 tn?1392822771 Sandra Fryhofer speaks on Medicine Matters; the topic, hormone replacement therapy and the truth about bioidenticals. A new review in theCleveland Clinic Journal of Medicine clears up common misconceptions and sets the record straight.[1] Here's why it matters. In 2002, the Women's Health Initiative dramatically changed medicine's views on the safety of hormone replacement therapy (HRT).
Avatar f tn These drugs act at the vascular level and should be discussed before trying something more radical. The side effects of these drugs would be minimal and of so much lesser intensity than that with the T replacement. T replacement has risks of cancer associated with it, and you can try other options that include testosterone-enhancing food groups and supplements first.
Avatar n tn This was listed as one of the side effects (loss of scalp hair). I stopped the medication. Will my hair come back. It is extremely thin to the point of seeing my scalp through. I see tiny hairs in the bright light, but wondering if that is a good sign or not. Has anyone else had this happen with HRT. It was Femhrt, which is estrogen and progestin. However, I read that just the Estrogens also list this side effect, so I am afraid to take anything at all.
Avatar f tn I agree with brittle patients, ones that easily get side effects to changes in medication, one has to "start low, go slow", but why do so many doctors "take a year and a day" to get their patients feeling better? In my practice, following an old textbook from the American Medical Association's drug evaluation committee, I change my patients' thyroid dosing every two weeks (if they can tolerate it), so they can better sooner.
Avatar n tn I am having a total hyterectomy on July 12th and will be starting hormone replacement therapy and have been trying to research and see what to expect. I am 42 and pre surgery I am having trouble sleeping and tend to get night sweats. Any info you find out I would really appreciate if you would share it with me. Best of Luck!
196469 tn?1365391575 What side effects have you experienced since starting HRT. I started 1 week ago today and I still have hot flashes and I have been very emotional the past few days. Is this normal? I am on antibiotics and have been for 4 weeks for wound separation. Could this affect the performance of the hormones?
Avatar n tn If I can't stand myself and understand, surely they can't either. I think my gyn kind dropped the ball on this one by not explaining the side effects as he said since I have one ovary left I would be fine!! Fine, yeh compared to to someone in "One Flew Over the Cukoos Nest"--ha, ha, I have to find something to laugh about. The Dr did say that I appeared to be suffering from a sleep disorder as I'm only getting a couple hours sleep nightly and prescribed Ambien.
237152 tn?1206654636 3 years ago I started to feel something strange. First it was my memory, then headaches, and many more side effects and thought I was going crazy. I went to so many doctors and I remember them asking if I had my hormones checked. Your wife had gone the oppoisite of me cause I couldn't get out of bed. I am now getting back on the hormone pellets and its going to take a while for me to get back myself and it is possible.
Avatar n tn A friend of my sent me to a Doc that raises tour testosterone using bio similar steroids . No side effects supposedly . He put six pellets in my hip .It's been 3 weeks and I feel terrific . I haven't had my blood test to check my testosterone but I suspect it will be in the six hundred range . I suggest to anyone to have your testosterone level raised with bio similar steroids. Oh by the way it lasts six months .
Avatar m tn I can't remember saying she had other side effects like dizziness or anything. But seemed to do nothing but cost money so she stopped taking them after about two bottles (about 2 months) with no felt difference. I have been here and reading and researching and studying Thyroid for several years. And almost nowhere have I ever come across much of anything other than anecdotal story occasionally where any mention of thyroid interaction with sex hormones.
Avatar f tn Well I haven't been back to the NP yet but the Endo ordered these test & I have been on 120mg of Armour. I requested they do all of the above we discusec & I was told .... Do you want us to treat you or your NP, I will draw these & get with you. I got a letter that stayed my T4 level is good but my TSH is very slighy low. TSH High sensitivity 0.550-4.780 ulU/mL. 0.393 (L) T4 FREE 0.89-1.76ng/dL 0.99 I go to the NP on the 26th of March.
Avatar n tn I've tried all kinds of suplimentation and nothing has worked. Have you gotten an answer yet? Cialis does the trick, but has bad side effects: serious depression, from sweats to chills, lack of motivation and the list goes on so I try not to take it. I used to work out ALL the time and then 1day no sexdrive and I just had no urge to workout...I try to make myself work out but it's not the same as before. Unlike you though I never took any andro products...any answers yet?
Avatar n tn I have researched it and there are some sites that do list these side effects. I have tried many times to talk to him about it and he will not listen responds with do you know I could die from having low testosterone. I just wonder if it produces some kind of high effect they like. Please feel free to message or reply if you need someone to relate who is experiencing the same issues.
Avatar f tn I was researching the subject and it seems the liquid form has more side effects with weight and tooth decay.But other than that no answers.
Avatar n tn without those horrible toxic chemical hormone replacements! Did you know that one of the top hormone replacement therapy pills is PREgnant MARe urINe? That's what I was told at the health food store. I found out that we are gaining "estrogen fat!" Hmmmm...no kidding, Sherlock! We need something natural that our bodies can understand. I have gained 40 lbs and have a horrible history of dual lineage and sibling diabetes and high blood pressure. Yes, I'm freaking out about my weight...
Avatar f tn For example, I have Interstitial Cystitis (bladder problem) and I take 25 mg of Elavil for pain. I have zero problems with Elavil. Didnt gain weight, none of the side effects. But if you search the internet, some people swear that Elavil is the devil. I took a chance and it worked for me. It sounds like you thought this out and that is great. Whehter or not you decide to take or not take Armour, I wish you the best!
Avatar m tn it usually starts from bottom right side and goes to left side. sometimes after i masturbate i get very very strong pain from all my testicles that i cant even stand, sit or touch it.it hurts so much and can stay for two three hours. so, my only question is all my tests came out as normal. so can my hernia cause this problem? and can this be because of adrenal fatigue as i havent done any tests for it? thanks a lot!!!
Avatar n tn Alcohol blocks the production of growth hormone and blocks the liver's production of IGF-1 in response to growth hormone. If a person is on growth hormone replacement therapy, a single glass of wine, can of beer, shot of liquor wastes that day's growth hormone dose. It is a waste of time and money to give growth hormone to a person drinking alcohol daily. 2. Alcohol is a simple sugar.
Avatar n tn Now my Doctor would like to put me on effexor, and I just don't know about taking an antideppressant when I'm not depressed, side effects seem so bad. My chiropractor has given me a naturopathy doctors card. He said that maybe I can start taking some vitamis that may help me. I am so tired of feeling this way I am willing to try it. I was having really bad chest pains last week, xray came back fine so that's why my family doc thinks it's panic attacks or anxiety.
Avatar n tn I have been experiencing the same symptoms for about six months now. I seem to have sometimes dull sometimes sharp pains under my breast bone. I get bloated very easily after eating. I burp a lot of stomach gas. Lots of belching ensues. Sometimes I feel like my esophagus swells up and then I can feel my heart beating in my chest, the fluttering and butterfly feeling. Then, this irregular beating in my chest scares me and causes anxiety, then the viscous cycle repeats.
Avatar f tn My husband thinks I should go to the doctor this week, but I will be printing out some info from this website... Have any of you experienced side effects from the prescriptions? I have no history of cervical spine injuries, but did have 3 epidurals. I believe that without a doubt it gets worse with sun exposure. I am an RN and determined to seek out answers to this weird thing!
Avatar n tn Try to detox first, but remember if you never detoxed before you may have few side effects. These side effects are common, because they are expelling the toxins and waste out of your body. You must drink plenty of water also when you are detoxing. Drinking lemon peel slices in water is also a good cleanser. There was an item told to me by a friend that I purchased on line back then, it was called the itch zapper. It may sound funny, but it works.
Avatar m tn I too have the exact problem and have had it for about two years. I have tried almost every product on the market which has had various side effects. Most recently I visited a Health store and they directed my to this product called Black Walnut & Wormwood herbal supplement. I have found that this product seems to make them less active on your body when comsumed with some type of liquids.