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1308034 tn?1337648584 The medical Doctors in Dr Cabot's Clinics are able to help with all hormonal problems, specialising in natural hormone replacement therapy.
Avatar n tn I know that clinics in India do have donors available. If she has proper hormone replacement, she should be able to carry a baby that came from a donor egg and your sperm.
Avatar n tn Try yellow pages for "weight loss clinics". Look for ones that say "medically supervised" and call them to see if they use hcg. Good luck!
Avatar n tn I have never been obese but have always been heavier than I'm suppose to be at five feet tall, i had a baby in 04 and i gained almost 40lbs, and the weight didn't come off afterwards, I have tried evertything, diets, pills, everything otc, even went to weight loss clinics, nothing worked, I recently started going to the gym over the summer, everyday for and hour, but nothing, no weight no loss. Within the last month I have lost 21lbs total. I guess my question is why?
Avatar n tn by Elizabeth Vliet MD and it really goes into detail on how hormones affect every organ system. Are you on Hormone replacement? I hope this helps, and I hope you get some answers. Keep us posted, and get the book. Its nice being your own advocate...
897400 tn?1303332748 Progesterone essentially is a brain relaxing hormone because it converts to another hormone, allopregnanolone. This metabolite of progesterone, allopregnanolone, activates the same "relaxing" nerve receptor, the GABA-A receptor, as does Valium, Xanax and alcohol.
Avatar f tn this means i will be undergoing IVF with a donor egg i was wondering if any one can tell me what i will have to go through before this procedure as far as what hormone shots and other stfuff will i need to do!! I have searched the internet up and down and can not find anything that is very helpful and doctors are to busy!! I thought maybe someone who has had donor IVF could help me!!
Avatar n tn They have everything posted about where you can buy HCG, how to inject, other clinics, I hope they start food ideas!!! You can also list your starting weight and we can watch everyone's progress.
Avatar n tn HCG is a natural protein hormone secreted by the human placenta and purified form the urine of pregnant women. This hormone is not a natural male hormone but mimics the natural hormone LH (Luetinising Hormone) almost identically. This LH stimulates the production of testosterone by the testis in males. Thus HCG sends the same message and results in increased testosterone production by the testis due to HCG’s effect on the leydig cells of the testis. not sure how this would affect fat cells ?
Avatar m tn So why in the HECK can I not get testosterone replacement therapy. I strongly feel like I need it so I can overcome these humps that have been preventing me from growing up in life and doing things I should be doing like going to college and getting a degree. Am I out of hope? Is there anyway I can change my doctors mind? If so how should I go about doing it? I am going to make another appointment here soon and talk with him...
Avatar f tn Hi All! Need some suggestions/advice. I am a 54 yr old woman who has been spotting/bleeding for the past 3 1/2 years. EVERY DAY! Only went away for 5 months 2 1/2 yrs ago, then on again. Just had an endometrial biopsy at the "clinic" (charity care), and they say I have this complex atypical endometrial hyperplasia. They are telling me I need a hysterectomy, but before I can get it I need a hysteroscopy first. Telling me it is pre-cancerous, but that 40-55% is usually cancerous.
Avatar m tn I dont know what you call me, I guess im one of those women that are menopausal and taking hormone replacement but ive never felt like I was in menopause cause im not, everything is just fine, lol, just fine!! Ive not been back to the dr. since the surgery, I hate doctors and dont go unless im dying. Maybe thats why all the questions, im trying to figure out if I need to go to the doctor, lol!
129961 tn?1189759434 Check out the rejeuvation clinic in Florida. They offer all kinds of hormone replacement therapy.. including HGH and HCG. They typicially don't sell the hcg for weight loss, but they will. You may have to take a blood test, but they will set all that up for you and then you can order what you want. So far I've lost almost 5 pounds and my co-worker has lost 9 and it's only been a little over two weeks. Good luck to everyone.
Avatar n tn Cyclic pain usually is normal in menstruating women or in postmenopausal women on hormone replacement therapy. Fibrocystic changes represent the most common cause of cyclic breast pain and symptoms are typically bilateral and described as diffuse, dull, full, achy, and heavy.
Avatar m tn Ok great thanks :) So will the doctor tell me that my levels are within the "normal" range? Am I going to have to fight to get meds, or do you think my levels show enough that I won't have to fight too hard?
150091 tn?1189759426 There are also low cost clinics assosciated with some universities. I also doubt its your weight, but it sure could be a serious cyst, hormone problem, or something more serious. You need to find out what. No one here will be able to help you. Guessing is not help. Going to the doctor is help. Find a new one if your old one is not helpful.
Avatar m tn I have had the same problem - and the hormone replacement has made them shrink even more. I've also had problems with hyper-retraction (for some reason they keep trying to pull up into my abdominal-inguinal cavity) which causes a continual dull ache in both that at times spreads up into my abdomen. Rather than getting implants to enhance what is there, since mine have never produced sperm or testosterone, I am finally opting to simply have them removed and replaced with normal sized implants.
Avatar f tn My TSH read 3.5 and I was wondering if that was normal? My doctor won't prescribe medicine, so I've been thinking about buying drugs from one of those Canadian pharmacies. I just can't cope with this anymore and willing to do anything to feel better, illegal or not.
Avatar m tn If your T levels are normal you dont need testosterone replacement, i dont know enough about the rest of your hormone levels to know what your protocol would be, that's why you need to have a complete endo checkout... If you have a mechanical failure instead of a hormonal failure it could be anything from super easy or really hard to treat.
Avatar f tn Yes, damage to the pituitary often causes dramatic personality degradation. Scientific American did an article on the subject. One of the most famous cases involved one of the members of the group "The Beachboys". The pituitary controls hormone production, and hormones control mood, ambition and many other aspects of a normal existence.
Avatar n tn I will be coming back to her to continue treatment for my thyroid issues and bio-identical hormone replacement. I don't know how long they are running the two for one special, but call and ask and get it on it!!
Avatar n tn I can be very committed to doing it correctly, however, I am on bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy, will I have to go off of it to start this? I have only been on it about three months, and feel great but I am 40 pounds overweight and have tried everything!! Do you know the answer to this?
393419 tn?1228450993 Your medication should be adjusted, based on actual hormone levels, rather than TSH, which is a pituitary hormone and can fluctuate greatly, even intraday.
Avatar f tn Evacuation DPO - Days Post-Ovulation DPC - Days Since Last Clomid pill was taken DPR - Days Post-Retrieval DPT - Days Post-Transfer Dx - Diagnosis E E2 - Estradiol EB,EMB - Endometrial Biopsy EDD - Estimated Due Date ENDO - Endometriosis EG - Evil Grin EOD - End Of Discussion EPO - Evening Primrose Oil EPT - Early Pregnancy Test ESP - ESPecially ET - Embryo Transfer EW,EWCM - Eggwhite Cervical Mucus F FET - Frozen Embryo Transfer FHR - Fetal Heart Rate FIL - Father in law
Avatar n tn Gaining height is within the period of puberty. And also estrogen is the common hormone in boys and girls that is required for growth, in boys, it is produced by conversion of testosterone, so, I would expect it to be low in boys during growth period. If you have any contra information, please let me know. You could as well check this with your endo?. For various stages of puberty, you may refer the following link: http://en.wikipedia.
20003388 tn?1515169640 ) of the clinics (they make decisions for about 20 clinics within 2-3 counties). Apparently when you become a patient you agree to abide by the decisions of the committee and in such a way cannot sue them for decisions made or overruled by the committee. I don't know if that would legally hold up, never really looked into it. Up until now I haven't really had much issue with the committee or my healthcare.
Avatar n tn It is diagnosed with a blood test and is treated with replacement of thyroid hormone with oral medications. It is not a life-threatening disease, although without treatment can interfere with your active lifestyle in caring for your family. The joint pain can be related to many different causes including other changes in your hormones. Have you noticed any connection of the joint pain with your menstrual cycle?
1045917 tn?1376598210 I know my body and I know I dont produce enough progestreon at the beginning I didnt with my daughter either and they would know that if they read my chart instead of assuming I am ok just because we are there doing IVF because my husband had a vasectomy, I had one blood test for hormone levels almost 2 years ago!!!! Hello?? You cannot guess hormone levels, anyway I want to thank each and everyone of you for your help and support and encouragement!
Avatar f tn 5 mg daily, in two doses) and thyroxine (50 mcg once daily) two years before this surgery. He got extremely ill after starting hormone replacement. It took months for his body to adjust to these meds. He was not given any other treatment and no changes were made to his doses, in spite of the illness. I "worked" with it and found he did better on 25 mcg thyroxine, and 15 - 20 mg hydrocortisone daily. His vision changed when symptoms first began, three years before diagnosis.
1309220 tn?1273701460 You can have severe pituitary gland dysfunction with Empty Sella Syndrome, causing many symptoms from hormone imbalance. Did your doctors test all of your pituitary hormones yet? This is not something to ignore!