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Teacher Hello, If you are taking hormone replacement after menopause then chances of pregnancy are less. But if you are in the child bearing age and taking hormones then pregnancy can result. It is very difficult to precisely confirm a diagnosis without examination and investigations and the answer is based on the medical information provided. For exact diagnosis, you are requested to consult your doctor. I sincerely hope that helps. Take care and please do keep me posted on how you are doing.
Avatar m tn Do you need hormone replacement after ovary removal in a 63 y.o. post-menopausal women?
Avatar f tn The thing is, these studies are on post menopausal women. I can see where taking a replacement hormone when your body should naturally not be making this hormone anymore could be bad and I wouldn't do it. But what about the people who were thrown into surgical menopause at a time their body would still be producing it?
Avatar n tn I am 47 and also had both ovaries removed two weeks ago. I am on natural hormone replacement (look at threads from March 16 or around there) and still having symptoms. Some women have no symptoms at all or very mild symptoms and therefore opt to not take the hormones. I think the key is to do your research and know what your options are. By the way - my doctor also said the the risks were so minimial that they barely warranted discussion and that my osteo risk was worse.
Avatar f tn My Gynocologist at MDA said they have found that antidepressants work well for hormone replacement. Even though they have'nt been doing the trick for me she has continued to increase the dosage to the max. which is keeping me knocked out. Well... I guess it's possible to sleep your mood swings and hot flashes away! ? !... She say's that I am not a candidate for hormone replacement. Does anyone have any Suggestions PLEASE? Thanks!!!
171791 tn?1358217981 I went to gyno and this is how I found out I was in menopause. He suggested hormone replacement but so many people get aner from this. I would also have to pay $500 for first visit and $2500 for any visit after that. I am not made of money. This is what the hormone centers charge here in my area. owever I am gonna ask for some estrogen pills.I have cried all day and if I go outside the heat makes me feel like I am gonna pass out.
Avatar f tn Ok, to pick that up again - have any women received advice from their liver docs on starting hormone replacement therapy after treatment (assuming you do not attain SVR). I'm wondering if it's safe. Will it do more damage to my liver. My nurse doesn't have much experience in this area and is a bit non-committal when I ask. And while I'm asking - have any women asked about taking testosterone?
Avatar n tn And also, can hormone replacement make your hot flashes worse. Over the weekend, I filled another prescription for a bioidentical, and I seem to be getting more hot flashes than when I was taking nothing. Thank you for any advice you can give.
Avatar f tn I have been going thru menopause for 1 1/2 yrs, I was put om premilin .
Avatar f tn Anything that could happen with menopause has happen to me two times harder. I'm thinking about asking my dr about hormone replacement to help me with the menopause. I haven't worked in three years. I was working and very active with my church. Between my depression. Mood swings and everything else I'm shocked my boyfriend is still with me. In a few weeks my eye Dr will tell me if he's going to release me or put me on permanent disability.
Avatar n tn Sometimes you may have to sacrifice being totally safe ie. no hormone replacement vs. a little hormone replacement, to get some quality of life back...especially if you are suffering alot from hideous hot flashes etc. They can diminish your daily "quality of life". My mother took Tamoxifen for 5 years and her breast cancer came back as ovarian cancer 13 years after that.
471161 tn?1317194550 Just wondering how many people here have lupus or some other autoimmune disease and have been on hormone replacement drugs at some point. I'm mostly thinking of Premerin but any others as well.
Avatar n tn Hi everyone another question today if thats ok If I do go for sugery and 1 ovary has to be taken, do I NEED to take hormone replacement therapy after? And what if they have to take both.. would it be absolutly impossible to exist without hormone therapy? I understand this would leave me succeptible to breast cancer is that right? Anything else? What would happen if I removed both and didnt take any hormone replacement? Just calcium and vitamen D and herbs for example. Is this possible?
Avatar n tn It is always a little more difficult to offer advice without an exam and a little more information. Here are some suggestions that might be helpful. Uterine cramping and bloating might be an indication of fluctuating hormone levels that are not high enough to cause a period but still present in active amounts. This is much like the cramping and bloating many teens experience prior to their first period. Now the process is in reverse. A pelvic exam can be helpful.
Avatar f tn My OBGYN told me i would go right into menopause and he was not joking. I am not taking any hormone replacement as I do not trust it. May I suggest taking a herbal medication called Promensil(once per day) as well as Black Cohash( twice per day). This is the combination that I take daily and my hot flashes have almost gone. I may get 1 or 2 per day if even that. I highly recommend you talk to you doctor for some more suggestions if you find these don't work.
1353379 tn?1278830400 You might want to talk to your Dr about hormone replacement. This could really help with your sex life, sleepless nights, headaches and crying spells. I take a generic hormone because I had a complete hysterectomy. It's very inexpensive.
Avatar f tn It's because the ovaries are still producing some hormones after menopause. Now that you've had them removed they can not produce hormones. Since you did have pre cancerous cells your Dr may not want to put you on any hormones replacement. Some women are able to take Black Cohosh though. You can buy it over the counter. This is something to ask your Dr about first before trying it.
Avatar n tn I had mine at 31, almost 14 years ago, and I have had some hormone replacement experiments, now am on the bi-est capsules and though I am 44 a lot of people think I look younger than my age and I have not gained weight. My husband can't really tell I am "different" except that I have to mentally conjure up more sex drive, libido is less, though you can have a vaginal orgasm, may not be from intercourse!
Avatar m tn I know from some female friends of mine that they had similar symptoms when they has their menopause (a lot of anxiety, depression, etc) BUT the funny thing is that, immediately after they took hormonal replacement, they were back in their tracks as if nothing has happened before. I wonder why this does not work with us.
Avatar n tn Taking estrogen in any form, whether as hormone replacement therapy, or in birth control pills, can affect thyroid test results. For example, some women taking supplemental estrogen may need to take more thyroid replacement hormone. Estrogen increases a particular protein that binds thyroid hormone to it, making the thyroid hormone partially inactive. Thyroid tests can end up showing falsely increased total T-4 levels.
Avatar n tn That has gotten better lately. Dr. Northrup said that your brain literally rewires after menopause ( I would have to look, but, she may have referenced surgical menopause regarding this one..but, change does happen, no matter). Well, let me know how it is going. And, if I missed something, ask away, and I will do my best for you. You know I am more than happy to help. As I have said, I wish I knew then what I know now...and, I am still learning. 'Night.
Avatar f tn I'm 38, just finished chemo and radiation for breast cancer, i am positive for braca 1, and am seriously considering removing my ovaries... and possibly the boobs.... My question for you all is my concern for "menopause," after ovaries get removed... the word menopause scares me, and hormone replacement is so much more hard for me... the pill even in the smallest doses made me nuts...
Avatar n tn I experienced and abrupt Surgical Menopause due to OVCA I cannot have any form of Hormone Replacement both tumours were hormone receptive . I have terrible mood swings and feelings of anxiety alongside the sweats and loss of sex drive etc etc ! I was prescribed Efexor to try and help some but not all of the symptoms i did take the pills for a few days but dreadful feeling slowed up head like cotton wool and slurring my words.
15946915 tn?1444177214 This not only makes for worse symptoms but also increases risk for a number of health problems. Hormone replacement can be a big help for symptoms and also mitigates some of the health risks.
Avatar n tn I am having a total hyterectomy on July 12th and will be starting hormone replacement therapy and have been trying to research and see what to expect. I am 42 and pre surgery I am having trouble sleeping and tend to get night sweats. Any info you find out I would really appreciate if you would share it with me. Best of Luck!
1563533 tn?1345369896 Prolactin was normal, Karyotype was normal. I was advised to follow up with my MD for hormone replacement. I didnt understand, so I went ot see my MD and he told me I was going thru Menopause, and I'm unable to bare a child. I have not had a period in many years, that part isnt so bad, its the not able to bare is the problem. I have bouts of depression with this.