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1936698 tn?1333918793 I'm confused. My doctor has never told me anything about hormone levels and looking out for them or anything. My friend just had a miscarriage last night at 11 weeks, and I feel terrible for her and I just want to cry because she was so excited. Her hormone level went from 73000 to 1200. How do you tell if your hormones dropped and what is so important about them during pregnancy? I'm 31 weeks along and I am so confused about all of it.
Avatar f tn I am pregnant again and I will be 5 weeks tomorrow. I went last Friday to have my hormone levels checked and my HCG was at 450 and progestrone was at 35. I went again today to have my levels checked and my HCG was 1050 but my progestrone dropped to 26. My doctor said sometimes progestrone can drop in early pregnancy as long as it doesn't go below 20. I have one child already and had no problems. I am getting retested on Wednesday. I wanted to know if this ia a sign of another miscarriage?
Avatar n tn Dropping levels are generally a sign of impending miscarriage. Your doctors needs to continue to monitor your levels. Have you had any ultrasounds done?
Avatar n tn if they aren't rising like they are supposed to then the baby isn't growing right and it will most likely result in a miscarriage. Did they test her levels 2 days apart? If not then she needs to get them checked again before anything should be decided. She might want to get a repeat ultrasound next week to see if she can see a baby. By 6 weeks they should be able to see a fetal pole and maybe a heartbeat. I hope this helps I'll keep you in my prayers.
Avatar m tn The ultrasound indicated that I was only about 4-5 weeks along so they started monitoring my hormone levels. In the 3 separate days of tests the doctors noticed that my levels were not increasing as they should and informed me that I would more than likely miscarry. The bleeding started two hours after the phone call. About 4 weeks later I returned to my doctor to make sure everything was going ok, as ok as these things can...
Avatar f tn I tested again today and another faint line. My hormone levels were 63 on 12/29 (down from 213 on 12/26). Could the miscarraige affect the lh test? I am supposed to have blood test again on 1/8 to make sure my hormone level is at 0. I am worried that if I get pg before then they will mistakenly think it is from the miscarraige. Would the hormone level be rising if I get pg this week? I know I should tell the doc all of this and I will, but thought someone here may have some insight.
Avatar m tn i thought this was good news? but then i had a phone call to say my hormone levels were very low for 7 weeks and they were only 2300. I have to wait and have another blood test on tuesday. What does this mean? can women just have low hormone levels or should i expect a m/c???
Avatar f tn When I went in today, my OBGYN told me that my hormone levels are not doubled like they should. That they have only gone up by like 500 or something. He told my finace and I to be prepared to pass a miscarriage. He offered me the surgery but I turned it down in fear that there is still a possiblity. I am really worried because we have tried and tried for a while and finally got pregnant. I am 6 weeks along, but have only really been pregnant for 4 weeks....
Avatar f tn Well- I went to the er because I started having severe cramps and bleeding. I've seen my doctor and he took my blood. My hormone levels aren't going up right so he said I'll probably miscarry again. The second time - I had a d&c done. I don't know if I'll have one again this time or not. What I'm wanting to know- is there any options for me and my husband? Should we go see a specialist? I just don't know what to do anymore. He has a child with someone else before we were together.
Avatar f tn Do you have current thyroid hormone levels that you can post here, for us? If we can see your levels, we will be able to better assess your situation. Be sure to include reference ranges, since those vary lab to lab and have to come from your own report.
Avatar f tn The problem is that four days later I began to spot very lightly I went to hospital they tested my hormone levels and labeled it a threatened miscarriage. My hormone levels were 48, they retested me two days later still with light spotting then gave me an ultrasound and also transvaginal ultrasound! They could not say much my cervix was still closed and hormone levels had dropped to 38. So at that point they assumed I was going to miscarry!
10064121 tn?1415179673 I had the exact same thing I went in got a V ultrasound and there was no fetal poll got blood test done levels had sky rocked went back again levels were even higher went back 3 weeks later and there was a baby and I am now 12 weeks and everything is good just hang in there. Trust me I cried for weeks terrified it was a miscarriage I have had3 so I was expecting the worse.
1151666 tn?1265726742 If you were my patient, I would ask you to come in for HCG levels ( pregnancy hormone levels) and an ultrasound. By 6-7 weeks we should be able to identify a heartbeat if the baby is healthy. Also, the hormone levels should be increasing normally. I would also want to be sure that the pregnancy is in the uterus (not ectopic or tubal). Good luck!
Avatar n tn They took blood Friday and again Monday to compare the hormone levels. Friday's level was 20,843 and Monday was only around 21,000. The doctor did another ultrasound Tuesday morning and still no heartbeat. The doctor said sometimes these things happen because there was a genetic problem and the baby stopped growing. I was just wondering if anyone else has been through this. I have to undergo a D & C tomorrow afternoon.
Avatar f tn By your hormone levels. They are high when you're pregnant and low when you're on not. Sorry for your loss.
Avatar f tn Also my hormone levels did not double within 48 hrs like they were suppose to so the Dr is thinking possible misscariage. :( at this point I am scheduled for another internal untrasound to see if there is any change in growth. I guess I'm wondering if there is a change in the gestational growth but my hormone levels are not normal what could that mean?
Avatar f tn What should be my hormone level after a miscarriage? For how long should my hormone level go to zero after a miscarriage? Is it ok not to have a surgery even my hormone level is 12 after 3 weeks from the time i had a miscarriage?
Avatar f tn i had a miscarriage at 10+4 it is now 5 weeks later and i am still having positive results on pregnancy tests also i have been on a period this week and have been bleeding for a week now is it possible that i am pregnant or could it still be reading from the mc
Avatar f tn I did go to the GYN this morning and they did a blood test. I should have results of hormone levels later this afternoon. However, everything I read indicated when miscarrying, bleeding usually lasts about a week, and there is period like cramping. Is it still likely that I miscarried even though my experiences are quite different?
Avatar n tn I can really use some advice here, is this possible or is my hormone levels still high, I was 4 months pregnant when I miscarried. Also the bleeding was and has been at at heavy steady flow. I am still bleeding. Any suggestions?
Avatar n tn The pregnancy tests will keep coming up positive until your hcg levels are below 5 or something like that. Are they testing your hormone levels? If they aren't, I would probably request it so that you can get peace of mind and try to move on. I know that it is very difficult, but I know in my case I just want to start fresh! Good luck to you and again I am very sorry for your loss.
Avatar f tn Also I would suggest you to get your serum HCG levels estimated since this is more specific than urine for pregnancy tests. The HCG (it is a hormone) levels rise only in pregnancy and its presence will confirm the status of your pregnancy. If pregnancy is ruled out, then other causes of delayed periods need to be looked into. So my suggestion would be to consult a gynecologist and get serum HCG levels done. I hope it helps.
Avatar f tn Even after a MC it takes a while for the pregnancy hormone to go back to pre-pregnancy levels. At least they are giving you time to see if things happen naturally and aren't trying to rush you into a D&C. There have been cases of misdiagnosed M/C. There's nothing wrong with praying for a miracle, right? Just be strong - you'll make it through, whatever the outcome Good luck and take care.
4332249 tn?1355461825 My first was terminated 2 yrs ago and most recently i had a miscarriage. I was referred to a specialist by my doctor because my progesterone levels had dropped. The specialist emailed me a copy of her report that was given to my doctor. I am having trouble understanding some things. "IMPRESSION: 6-week-2-day plus/minus 5-day intrauterine embryonic demise." Does this mean I was at least 6 weeks and 2 days and miscarriage happened 5 days before?