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Avatar f tn Your body needs to pass the baby completely for your levels to start going down again. I'm sorry but it's highly probable that you've might of lost this baby. Your levels should have doubled unless it was ectopic but I'm sure you would have been told.
Avatar n tn I have had no spotting or cramping whatsoever and no history of miscarriage. In fact, this just feels like a normal pregnancy with the usual morning sickness and fatigue. I was started on prometrium 100mg bid and will have my first u/s on next week at 11w1d. I know that the u/s will be the most definitive answer to the future of this pregnancy, but while I am waiting, is there any explanation for what's happening to me?
1936698 tn?1333918793 At 31 weeks your hormone levels are not being looked at anymore. By hormone levels I think you mean HCG. In early pregnancy if a Dr. is trying to tell if you are pregnant or if they are unsure if you are having a miscarriage or not they will look at your HCG levels. These levels should double every 48-72 hours, if they do not it is usually a bad sign. After they can see baby on the Ultrasound and get a strong Heartbeat they will stop taking these HCG levels.
Avatar f tn I am pregnant again and I will be 5 weeks tomorrow. I went last Friday to have my hormone levels checked and my HCG was at 450 and progestrone was at 35. I went again today to have my levels checked and my HCG was 1050 but my progestrone dropped to 26. My doctor said sometimes progestrone can drop in early pregnancy as long as it doesn't go below 20. I have one child already and had no problems. I am getting retested on Wednesday. I wanted to know if this ia a sign of another miscarriage?
Avatar n tn I am so sorry for your loss, but would like to warn for future women in our shoes. A drop in your quant levels means miscarrage not a small increase. I had very low levels, same as yours and no heartbeat at 7 weeks. they said I would miscarry. At 9 weeks my levels had no increase but had not dropped and sure enough there was a heartbeat. She is now 3yrs old. I am just glad I did not let a doctor talk me into a D&C. I have since then had 2 miscarrages.
Avatar n tn your dr knows what he is doing and if in fact your levels are low you will be given a prescription for meds and your levels will be checked and monitored closely for the rest of your pregnancy and afterwards...
Avatar f tn Well- I went to the er because I started having severe cramps and bleeding. I've seen my doctor and he took my blood. My hormone levels aren't going up right so he said I'll probably miscarry again. The second time - I had a d&c done. I don't know if I'll have one again this time or not. What I'm wanting to know- is there any options for me and my husband? Should we go see a specialist? I just don't know what to do anymore. He has a child with someone else before we were together.
Avatar n tn I don't knoow how to post a reply to a question I originally posted--so I am posing another question. I am confused about the levels my doctor gave me. He said my hormone level was low on the 1st blood test--only 2 digits. He said he wanted to see an 11 or 12. What exactly was he talking about. I keep seeing everyone talk about 3 digit levels--130 or so. What was my doctor talking about. I am bleeding, have a low level(?
Avatar n tn This is some information that I have gathered. Women who experience low thyroid hormone levels during pregnancy have an increased risk of delivering infants with neurological development complications. During pregnancy, having enough thyroid hormones is important for fetal brain development - especially during the first trimester, when the fetus depends solely on the mother for them - and for avoiding a miscarriage or premature birth.
Avatar n tn I had a miscarriage sue to low hormone levels, shouldn't I be medication now before i become pregnant again, so that this problem does not repeat? I am on clomid and metformin now.
Avatar n tn My doctor ran blood tests and said my pregnancy hormone levels were very low, plus I am bleeding. I asked to begin taking progesterone pills to increase the levels in hopes the bleedng would stop. My friend had VERY low levels and bled for awhile also, took progesterone and in 5 days they heard a heartbeat. Has anyone else had such low levels, bled for a couple of days, and had success with progesterone pills in delievering a healathy baby? Please help with advise.
Avatar n tn I know i have a hormone imbalance as i have been feeling tired, bad memory, low iron levels and very low libido. Is there somthing natural one could use to get back to normal? Also since pregnancy i cannot consume any diary products at all i get bad headaches and sinus build up any suggestions.
Avatar n tn There are probably charts and ranges out there, google estrogen levels in pregnancy or estradiol levels in pregnancy and you might get some hits. My IVF clinic says that the ranges of normal on hCG tests vary widely even in the same day. I don't know if that also applies to estradiol levels, but I would judge a chart or range more favorably if it mentions that the range of normal in hormone levels (even in early pregnancy) can vary. Good luck!
594189 tn?1386920207 I have an increase in testosterone can that be caused by the low pregesterone? Also my blood sugar is 104 is that really that bad and can the hormone imbalance cause that? Thanks in advance for all information. I really just want to have a baby.
Avatar m tn In most women the levels double up every 48 hours, but in some it may take about 3 and1/2 days. If this trend is seen chances of pregnancy carrying forward are high. So, in your case, yes, it is a cause of concern. However, it’s too early in pregnancy to give a definitive answer. While you wait another week for a clearer picture consult your gynecologist to find why you had a miscarriage earlier.
Avatar n tn Well, the doctor who did my transfer told me to take 2 estrodial per day and 3 prometrium per day and shot of progesterone every other day and I wasn't due to go back until my pregnancy test 10/7. However, I was unhappy with several lapses in care that I received along the process so I switched and they immediately started doing my blood levels every 3-4 days. I guess it helps them to keep your hormones where they need to be to support pregnancy.
Avatar n tn A review of pregnancy rates following hormonal treatments for luteal phase deficiency concluded that the benefits are uncertain, and a meta-analysis of six trials has reported that exogenous progesterone supplementation after conception does not improve pregnancy outcome. (Grade A recommendation). Low progesterone levels in early pregnancy appear to reflect a pregnancy that has already failed.
Avatar n tn The only important thing is they double in 48 hours. I too am very early in my pregnancy and my HCG levels were tested last Friday when I was 5w 4d they came back at 3500. I was tested again on Monday 6w and they were 8500. That's just me, and if you are lower/higher at the same point in your pregnancy it doesn't matter. As long as they are going up and up and up! Best to you and a healthy 9 months.
Avatar n tn Ive thi bit of information while surfing. I hope it might help you some. God bless Chrisy HCG LEVELS IN PREGNANCY hCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) is a hormone produced by the placenta during pregnancy. Home pregnancy tests (HPTs) and Blood serum tests are designed to detect it. hCG is detectable in the blood of pregnant women by 8-10 days after ovulation and the majority by 12 days past ovulation. This is when the embryo burrows itself into the lining of the uterus.
Avatar n tn Hi KB0131 and Jordons mom, This is what's is happening to me: Hi I m abt 4.5 weeks pregnant getting a lil bit of spotting..a tiny dot..not much... I had a Sonography yesterday & the Gn suspects that the feutus is not growing adequately...I had a miscarriage abt a yr ago...I was 6 weeks preg had brown discharge..& there was no heartbeat showing... I m so stressed now...i have to wait another 10 days before we can c the feutal if there is a pole & a poss heartbeat..
Avatar n tn 8 weeks pregnant with second pregnancy started Bleeding at 6 weeks no cramping. Had 3 blood Test so far my hormone levels keep going up But last blood test was on Monday and hormone Levels in the 600's , I'm going for another Blood test on Monday, trying to keep hopeful has anyone had such low hormone levels and still have normal pregnancies.
Avatar f tn I go back on mon 3/12 but I'm going crazy! Could I poss be just 4.3 wks and have the low hormone levels? They said its either a normal, abnormal pregnancy or miscarriage-which I haven't had any bleeding or cramping. They are pretty confident its not an ectopic pregnancy bc my uterus IS enlarged and the US showed my ovaries and kidneys look good. Please help!!
Avatar f tn I had my blood drawn and she said my levels were low. My progestron was 21.6, I ve read 15-30 is good why would she say they were low? Do doctors test differently? ALlo I didnt ask my HCG level, I go back tomorrow and get more blood drawn to see if its doubled. I had a m/c in dec. and I remember they told me the same thing at the beginning of that pregnancy also. I would appreciate anyone help thanks!
Avatar f tn Various factors causing it are endometriosis,ectopic pregnancy,hormone imbalance,endometrial hyperplasia,polyps,use of IUD’s and depo shots, sexually transmitted diseases,PCOS and benign and malignant pathologies of the uterus. You should get a reevaluation done from your doctor. It is very difficult to precisely confirm a diagnosis without examination and investigations and the answer is based on the medical information provided. For exact diagnosis, you are requested to consult your doctor.
1134902 tn?1296069744 However I have been suffering with low back pain, dizzy spells upon standing, nausea once in awhile...