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Avatar n tn I'd love to go off of the hormonal birth control, but I'm not thrilled about a return of acne. Do you know of any other alternatives that would successfully treat my seemingly hormonal acne? Thanks in advance!
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Avatar f tn I have been dealing with acne since i was 13 and therez no end to it even now .... after so many anti boitic courses to herbal meds to over the counter creams .... i tried accutance , 40 mg for 8 mnths .... Accutane magically cleared my skin ... free of acne ,,,, but my Skin only stayed Acne free for a year... I started to have break outs ... face and body ... Frustrated ... I was suggested to take another course of Accutane which i did , another 6 mnths which lead to another acne free year ...
Avatar n tn I don't know what forum to post this under but, I am pretty sure I have a hormonal imbalance. Hair loss, ringing in ears, no sex drive, etc. I had my progesterone, testosterone, and estradiol tested. Like every other time the doc. says they are normal. I don't think they are, Testosterone- 61 (limit 14-76) Progesterone - 0.
Avatar f tn Could all of this inflammation + weight gain + inability to lose weight+ insomnia + acne indicate an increase in cortisol and or a hormonal imbalance? I saw my doctor who is an internist and pediatrician and he ACTUALLY laughed in my face. I am seeing on the internet that seems to be the norm.
Avatar n tn I'm 36 w/ signs of hormonal imbalance (excess hair & acne since puberty). With normal cycles (in my 20s, 28-day clockwork), weight and glucose levels, I never had a PCOS workup. Then I hit my 30s. At 31, my cycles suddenly went from 28 days to an avg. of 25 days with a drastic drop in flow. When I mentioned to my doc, was told things were changing because I was getting older. I settled into that routine for 5 years.
Avatar f tn One year ago, when it was first discovered, it was 7*8.9mm, so almost the same. I also have hormonal imbalance, and I discovered it when I visited a endocrinologist with my two problems. The results of my analyses are these: These hormones were in normal range - Antibodies to thyroid peroxidase Anti - TPO (6.34 IU/ml), PRL-prolactin(210.5 mlU/l), Testosteron (1.43 nmol/l), Cartisol(blood) (424.3nmol/L), Luteinizing hormon (3.
446896 tn?1237806342 I have also had it said to me many times that the sudden onset of this more extreme anxiety that I have been experiencing the last few months, in addition to the fact that I'm broke out like a 16 year-old, might very well be a hormonal imbalance---too much estrogen maybe. I have not taken any birth control since 2003, and at that time I was on a 3-phase pill. I also have no children.
Avatar n tn I have a closet full of medications and internet products that do not work. I am sure my acne is related to hormonal problems, but of course I am over the age limit for taking bith control pills My skin is full of melasma spots from previous years of take oral contraceptives.. My doctor has given me a brochure on accutane but the side effects are endless and I am running out of options for primary bith control. I have no children some day would like to have some but not sure of this risk.
Avatar f tn Drinking lots of water, washing your face, avoiding sugary foods.
Avatar n tn if this is childhood acne cortisone cream will make it worse.My son is 8 and has had acne most of his life as have i, i'm 31. Get your doctor to refer you to an endocrinologist who can rule out hormonal imbalance. If it is more like ezcema he may need to see a dermatologist. Please do not be worried, but don't ignore the problem either as skin problems can be very distressing. If your GP isn't sympathetic, change to one who is.
Avatar n tn After suffering a host of hormonally related problems for over a year, I went to a new doctor today and am finally getting my hormones tested. I'm 37 years old and am suffering from erratic periods. 32 days between periods last month, only 24 this month; cyclic depression; constant feeling of coldness; cyclic IBS; extreme fatigue--you name it; I have it (except for the notorious hot flashes ironically).
Avatar f tn hi doctor im 14 years old and i had acne and some mole on my face and i picked 3 of the little moles off and now i have a scar there and my acne also left some marks on my face. i also noticed that the cleanser I'm using is leaving deep brown marks. I only have 5 but I don't know how to get rid of my skin problem. I've had these problems from about three years. One more thing I have is a very deep eye shadow how do I get rid of that.
Avatar m tn Hello, Treatment of acne include topical and oral antibiotics, topical retinoids, hormonal therapy, dermabrasion , phototherapy and laser resurfacing. Normally a combination of treatments is followed and if nothing proves effective then dermabrasion and laser therapy are useful. You have been given the correct treatment for acne and should follow your doctor’s advice. For the hair loss, laser treatment can be used but the diagnosis needs to be made first.
Avatar n tn Hi there, I'm 24 and I've had acne problems ever since I was 20. I too found that the birth control pill helped with breakouts. And I too, have used e v e r y t h i n g with little to no success. The only thing that has helped me is Proactiv. I've been using it for about a year. I still do get pimples but they are NOTHING like what they used to be. I used to get the huge cystic-like breakouts that are itchy, painful and last for EVER.
Avatar f tn Talk to your doctor to see if oral or topical antibiotics could help you, and also ask about hormonal solutions. Acne scars are often superficial and fade on their own within a year. Products I recommend to fade them faster are Bio-oil and Palmers Cocoa Butter Scar serum. Clinique make a product called post-blemish formula which fades the scar and discourages a new blemish from forming in the same place. They also make a wide range of cleansers and moisturisers which may help you.
Avatar n tn I've eaten almost everything I was introduced to my entire life, and has never had my acne change just because I ate something new or something too often. Never heard of it. I'm a huge milk drinker, and never had any acne problems arise from it.
Avatar m tn At age of 15 i started getting regular acne but over the years its just become more like boils or ingrown hairs. Ive tried everything possible out there to the point that i gave up. Nothing works at all and i keep on getting this medium size to large boils on face, neck, back even in between legs and pubic hair area.
4565515 tn?1373414685 So in addition to the stomach problems of the past two weeks I've developed acne! I NEVER get acne and I don't know why I've started breaking out! I'm not stressed, I get plenty of sleep, NOTHING in my life has changed! So what's up? I take hormonal birth control it's called Apri. I switched to it two or so years ago because my other bc pills were causing acne, but it cleared right up when I started Apri. I know bc can cause acne but I've been on it for over 2 years with no problems.
Avatar n tn Hello, I am 33, no children, with a history of moderate acne since age 12 (tried antibiotics, various bcp, currently on Mircette and fairly well under control). This week, I am going off the pill to start charting my cycle, and last time I tried (3 years ago), I developed pretty severe acne on my back/chest (where I'd never had it before), as well as on my face. Within 6 weeks I was back on the pill, because I teach and it's tough enough without looking worse than the average 13-year-old.
Avatar f tn She prescribes me Doxycycline, 10-days regular dose and then 45 days of low dose. And I can not remember the name of the recent cream she gave me to use at night and the Metro Gel in the morning. I am at the point, I will refuse long term anit-biotics. It just comes back with or with out them, so I think it's better for my body in general with out them.
Avatar f tn Has anyone else had a similar experience with hormonal acne? Or even any advice. I don't mind paying for treatment but I feel like I have been everywhere - dermatologist etc - but it didnt seem to help (I presume because the issue is internal? ) P.S. I also see a nutritionist so I have a very balanced diet plus take supplements she advised. P.P.S. I am from the UK Many thanks in advance!
Avatar m tn Acne along the jawline and the neck and back indicate a hormonal imbalance for women. Typically, men get acne in those areas. There is no one answer for everyone. The first food to get rid of, in my opinion, is cow's milk products. That is the food that gives my daughter acne in those areas. My daughter needed to get several things out of her diet to cure her acne. It's not easy for her and every time she cheats, she gets flare ups.
Avatar n tn Irregular periods and acne are linked as they are both hormonal problems. Ask your doctor for the contraceptive pill called Dianette in the UK and Diane35 in the US. It will both clear your acne and regulate your periods.
Avatar f tn I had acne problems with my first (and I seldom get acne regularly), but had great skin all through the second pregnancy. Each pregnancy is definitely different!