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Avatar f tn My facial acne was awful, large painful cysts were common, and then I went back on birth control pills. I take progesterone-only and am 31 years old. Now the painful cysts are gone, but I have rashy, itchy small pimples. At first just on my face...then in the last few weeks also bad on my neck and chest. My chest is the worst, on the area above/between the breasts it looks like I have a skin disease.
Avatar n tn i want to know what effect it would have on my liver.... i also had peels done, but acne is still persisting....n i hv got acne scars also.... can u suggest a treatment for my problem.....
Avatar f tn A plastic surgeon once told me that that I should take a sterile needle an pierce the tiny cysts on my face. I had cystic acne. He was the doctor who did the very gentle dermabrasion, using sandpaper. No crusts, leaking, or oozing. No pain. I just had to stay out of the sun for a while and nice new pink unblemished skin was the result. If I have it done again I will not have a chemical peel. (I had the dermabrasion while the acne was still active. You can do that.
Avatar f tn Is there a connection between cystic acne and ovarian cysts? For 6-8 months I have suffered from cystic acne..I'm 45 and never had more than a pimple as a teenager.....I figured it was hormonal and related to perimenopause...last week I had my only ovary removed because of a contortion...now 7 days post op my acne has sprouted with a vengence..it's painful and fluid filled....any ideas?
Avatar n tn I'm 36 w/ signs of hormonal imbalance (excess hair & acne since puberty). With normal cycles (in my 20s, 28-day clockwork), weight and glucose levels, I never had a PCOS workup. Then I hit my 30s. At 31, my cycles suddenly went from 28 days to an avg. of 25 days with a drastic drop in flow. When I mentioned to my doc, was told things were changing because I was getting older. I settled into that routine for 5 years.
Avatar m tn I was taking orthotricyclen since 15 years and was told to switch to Diane 35 for better results because it seemed to be more of hormonal acne... (Since I had 1-2 small pustules on the chin only) Since 2 months, I'm having big painful cysts on my chin.. Never had this before... And having a lot of scars from those cysts...
Avatar m tn advice please for an 18 year-old with ovarian cysts and distressing acne 1. are the two problems related? 2. I took three month Metformine 50mgs/day for the cysts but yesterday's ultra showed right ovary 3.6 X 2.5 cms. Left, 3.2 x 2.1 both with multiple small cysts average 5mm in diameter. i.e. smaller cysts but more in number than the last test. Is it a fact that I won't get rid of the acne until the cysts are gone? 3.
Avatar m tn Ovarian cysts, whether or not associated with PCOS, can cause hormonal changes which may affect weight. And pain levels are not always tied to the size of the cyst. I had a 9.5cm cyst and gained a slight bit of weight but had only one day of pain. If I recall, the pain was throughout my lower abdomen. Hopefully, your surgeon is planning on removing just the cysts and saving both ovaries since the ovaries produce hormones to at least about age 80.
Avatar n tn I have had this reocurring acne. They feel almost like hard pimples or cysts...I had one on each leg and mostly get them on my face. When I try to pop them, ( I know I shouldn't) they do not pop...if I squeeze hard enough I see a hard white thing. I have taken tweezers to them and I pull out something small and hard...Should I be concerned about this? I am freaking out and PRAYING it isn't some sort of parasite. I hate bugs so this irritates me.
Avatar f tn Acne occurs due to a blockage of oil underneath the skin and builds up with bacteria causing inflammation and develops into a pimple. The common causes of acne are poor diet, stress, genetic, dirt, hormonal imbalances, cosmetics, work-related and drugs. Avoid popping or scratching them. Drink plenty of water. Take a good sleep. If the symptoms persist then oral and topical antibiotics like Clindamycin and tretinoin/isotretinoin or accutane may be needed.
Avatar f tn Hello, I am 24 and have had severe acne since I was a pre-teen. I have done 2 rounds of Accutane. The first round was for 6 months in late 2005-early 2006. My skin did well for a while, then flared up again. So, I did a second round of Accutane for another 6 months from early 2008-mid 2008. My skin has had little flare ups off and on since then but recently it has gotten worse.
1165843 tn?1263022169 Spironolactone. Girls can take it, not boys. That is the key to cystic acne for girls. All hormonal based. I'm 49 and have had them since 17 years old. Still get them, but only once a year. Taking Solodyn 105 mg. with it, too. That's a high dose, but necessary. Spironolactone comes in 25mg pills. One pill a day is not enough! That won't fix anything. I take 100 mg a day to maintain. 50 mg in the morning and 50mg at night.
Avatar f tn My 16 year old daughter is suffering from moderate/severe cystic acne. She has been through several antibiotics with no results. She is currently on Bactrim and due to go back to Dermatologist tomorrow with suggestion of starting Accutane. She woke up with this acne in mid-December and began taking Vyvanse a few weeks before. Could there be any correlation? I don't want to jump into Accutane if Vyvanse could be causing it but she is so self-conscious.
Avatar n tn In the last 6-8 months I have being getting facial cysts on each cheek. I've never had acne problems or taken any hormonal pills except in the last 3yrs I've been on Effexor 150mg. I've had a lot of stress this past year and I went to two dermatolagist and they both said they were cysts caused by stress and hormones. I was on antibiotics for 2-3 weeks. I believe they want to put me on something like accutane but better.
Avatar n tn I have tried pelvic floor exercises and pilates for over a year with no noticeable difference. If there is a hormonal cause what kind of treatments might work? I am thinking the problem might be hormonal as I also have very small breasts/nipples, am rather hirsute and have quite a long menstrual cycle (a bit over 5 weeks). A few years ago I was concerned about my hormone levels, had an ultrasound and was told that I had cysts on my ovaries.
Avatar f tn You need to possibly have some hormonal treatment, as it most likely is related to the endometriosis and the ovarian cysts. Please ask your Dr about hormonal treatments for this.
583580 tn?1231139983 Hi everyone, I just have a question about hormonal changes in women. Here's a little background: I'm 28 (I'll be 29 in May 09), about 1 1/2 months ago I started experiencing some odd changes that have me scratching my head a little.
Avatar n tn How can I get rid of acne on my back. I am now 47 yrs. old and have had this issue since teenager. I did use accutane 20 yrs. ago and it worked.
Avatar f tn I drink plenty of water and eat healthy and exercise. Don't have hormonal imbalance. No medical condition. Keep myself clean. What could be the reason of unexplained acne? I have been getting since I was 10 and now I'm 19 yr old girl. So far I have consulted 2 doctors, there medicines help but for a short period of time. Nothing works! What should I do? Thanks!
Avatar f tn My dermatologists have tried quite the variety of treatments for the acne with no success. The acne isn't cystic, but a bit more problematic than mild acne. Also, a sulfa allergy limits that option for treatment. Current regimen includes Azelex (for redness and inflammation) and Tretinoin. I'm curious if there is an effective treatment that takes the fibromyalgia into consideration.
Avatar f tn try eating oatmeal and cut out sugar...I started eating oatmeal and my skin cleared very nicely. I have hormonal acne, I don't use any topical medication as it is b.s.! I can tell you one thing, if you are over 30 and still have acne...there is probably a hormonal imbalance. Think about balancing youself from within. Diet and excersize increase my blood circulation and improve my skin drastically.
Avatar m tn I have very sensitive, pale skin, and I also have had an ongoing problem with cystic acne. Recently I've had a bad breakout of cysts, around my nose area, and on my chin. I also have a terrible habit of popping them, and picking at the skin. My nose is now peeling, burning slightly, and red, and I was wondering if I had possibly taken off a layer of skin, and it was growing back? Also, will it grow back fully, how long will it take, and is there any way to help it along?
Avatar n tn Hi there, Acne Rosacea is different to acne vulgaris. Acne Vulgaris is caused by the hormone androgen (male hormone in men and women) when acne occurs this is due to an over production of androgens or the person havning sensitivity to the hormones, this then causes an over production of sebum (oil) in the skin which then bacteria then feed on. However, Acne Rosacea does not occur in the same way, and it does actually occur in people around middle age.
Avatar n tn I had a total thyroidectomy in April 2008 and iodine radiation treatment in May, then started on 175mcg's of Synthroid. In August I started experiencing severe cystic acne. A dermatologist put me on an antibiotic and a topical cream. The cysts on my face are gone which left bad scars but now I have severe bumps, like a red rash all over my face. I have never had acne and I know this must be hormonal.
Avatar f tn I've tried just about anything but my acne seems to get worse and i have recently developed acne scars. Lately i have experienced severe hair loss, literally when i shower a lot of my hair just falls. After reading a few things about home remedies for Acne today, i came across an article that said that hair loss and acne can be a cause of adrenal gland disorder or polycystic ovary syndrome.
Avatar n tn I had really heavy, irregular periods beginning around 15 years old, along with stubborn, cystic acne. I tried everything for my acne, including Accutane, but the only thing that ever really helped was the Pill. So, I stayed on birth control pills until I got diagnosed with PCOS and started taking Metformin, which regulated my periods and cleared up my acne without the use of the Pill.
Avatar f tn I am 21 now, it doesnt seem to stop. And when I say acne, I mean all sorts of it, i even get those painful cysts. I break out every day, and i consistently pick my skin...its addicting. I have the post acne scars, but nothing deep. I know in time they will fade so its not my greatest concern. I am really just sick of breaking out.
Avatar f tn I use Jan Marini products which I have found to be quite effective, and this is after a lot of trial and error with many different acne products. I have had hormonal issues my whole life, which each month makes my acne go from manageable to horrible. I am working with the Aust Menopause Centre atm to sort my hormones out, which seems to be working. Oestrogen dominance causes my acne, and most adult females will find that their acne is also caused by this.
Avatar n tn My wife has been having benign cysts for the past 2 years. She is 31 y/o white female, 3 children (2 sons 9, and 5, and daughter 2). She is a 1 pack per day smoker currently just started Chantix, she has smoked since she was 15 y/o. She has had Past Med History of Endometreosis that has went doormant after our second child who is now 5 1/2 years old.