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1584371 tn?1296737578 My sister is 27, turning 28 this year. We are pretty close so I am able to ask her why she thinks her skin is flaring up without being too rude. (although I know it hurts her feelings talking about it). I feel horrible, I don't want her dealing with acne still when she's 40 or something. I know she hates it and wants to get rid of it. She has been to a dermatologist a few years back and i have just said to her maybe its time to revisit them.
Avatar f tn Several factors are usually considered to cause acne such as diet, stress, genetic, dirt hormonal imbalances, cosmetics, work-related and drugs. Treatment options include topical and oral antibiotics, topical retinoids, hormonal therapy, dermabrasion , phototherapy and laser resurfacing. Normally a combination of treatments is followed and if nothing proves effective then dermabrasion and laser therapy are useful. You can discuss these treatment options with your dermatologist.
Avatar n tn I was taking birth control for almost 10 years to control my acne in this specific area. The birth control was the only thing keeping the chin acne under control - it was great. Three months ago I stopped taking the birth control with concerns of being on it too long. Should I go back to taking an oral contraceptive or is there other options that can provide the same results? My chin acne is awful! The acne flares up during ovulation and hasn't completely gone away.
1621269 tn?1327207089 I am 12w 5d and I have developed really bad acne/spots on my chin and around my mouth. I know this is my hormonal area but they are huge, like bubbles which are really hard and sore with no white heads, well not yet anyway. Was wondering if anyone has any remedies or ideas on diet which will help in the future. I know skin problems are normal in pregnancy I'm not worried its just annoying.
Avatar f tn I am a 42 yr old African American female and have been struggling with acne for most of my life. Now I get acne on my forehead and chin area and have been diagnosed with Hormonal Acne by my dermatologist. I was prescribed: Cetaphil Cleanser, Clindamycin Phospate/Benzoyl Peroxide Gel, Desonide Lotion, and Doxycycline Antibiotics. The lotion does help to dry up the pimples, but the breakouts won't stop. I have been on this regimen for approx 2 months.
Avatar m tn Hi, my problem is that i keep getting lots of large red sore spots filled full of white pus around my mouth and upper lip and sometimes on my chin and around my nose. I have lots of blackheas too. I have seen a dermatologist a couple of times. First time she told me to use neostrata facial wash and bionic lotion at night and cetaphil face wash also. I used retin A cream a couple of nights previously but no great effect.
Avatar f tn Never ever had bad acne anywhere but my chin or forehead.. Now im broke out even on my back and chest... Pregnant glow my bum!
Avatar n tn The common causes of acne are poor diet, stress, genetic, dirt, hormonal imbalances, cosmetics, work-related and drugs. Wash your face with mild soap many times a day.I understand your concern regarding this uncontrollable acne. Indeed it may be associated with hormone changes linked to birth control . Avoid popping or scratching them. Drink plenty of water. Take a good sleep.
Avatar n tn My ultrasound clearly shows that i do not have PCOS.However i have some hair growth on my chin and around the nipples.According to her i may be suffering from hormonal imbalance as none of the other ladies in my family have such hair growth.She asked me to talk to my gyn abt this and order a hormone test as this is a minor problem which can be easily resolved.However my gyn has never ever talked abt a hormone test or anything.Have any of you ladies ever had such a problem.
Avatar m tn I was taking orthotricyclen since 15 years and was told to switch to Diane 35 for better results because it seemed to be more of hormonal acne... (Since I had 1-2 small pustules on the chin only) Since 2 months, I'm having big painful cysts on my chin.. Never had this before... And having a lot of scars from those cysts...
Avatar m tn I get acne on the lip and cystic acne on corners of chin. I have tried BP products, minocyclin, retin A, and other supplements. My chin acne always stays persistant and is always very red and rashy around the acne pustules/nodules. At the moment both corners of my mouth have acne sores and another red acne lesion near bottom lip, makes me look like i have herpes and i can not stand it! So embarrasing.
Avatar m tn I currently take minocycline (for about 8 months now) and use benzoyl peroxide nightly (for about 2 years) on the affected area,, which seems to be only below my mouth and on my chin. My acne seems to be under control in other areas e.g my back, but recently i tried to stop using benzoyl peroxide and have now got large cystic breakouts on my chin area....so have started using bp again.
Avatar n tn As you have noticed, acne is a hormonal problem with cysts appearing the week before your period. Freederm is a good over the counter remedy. Or, go to your doctor for a prescription cream like differin, or oral antibiotics. If you are on the progesterone only pill this can cause acne so either come off it or change to one with eostrogen like Femodene, yasmin or dianette.
Avatar n tn Certain brands such as Diane35 and Yasmin are particularly effective at clearing acne. Avoid the mini-pill, hormonal IUD or depot shot as these can make acne worse. Lemon juice does not have anti-acne properties. See your doctor for an effective topical acne gel such as Dalacin-T or Duac gel. Eloise.
Avatar n tn I had been getting painful cystic acne on my chin, and also postules on my chin area for the last six years. The condition worsened, then got better, on and off. Finally, I decided to try Accutane. I am on it now. Why do I only get cysts and acne on the chin? Have you ever seen this in any other male patients? I know it is common along the jawline for women. I had my hormones tested, and everything was normal. Can it be dental, glandualar? I am confused and concerned.
Avatar n tn i'm 24 years old and gets sudden break outs of acne. It appears mostly around my chin and under my neck. could certain foods i eat be the cause of that?
Avatar f tn hey nurse thanks for ur reply it was helpful.ok i have never had pimples or acne on my face ever until past few months i have been having terrible acne on my chin.it doesnt go away,i always have black spots or big pimples on my chin,i need to know what causes this and what i can do to get rid of them.
Avatar f tn The accutane helped while I was on it, but as soon as I was done my acne came right back. It appears as underground bumps all around my chin and cheeks, no matter what I do nothing helps. Can you provide any help or suggestions?
Avatar f tn I get some acne on my chin every once in awhile since I got pregnant. Mine isn't bad but I bought a grapefruit acne scrub from Walgreens and it works really well.
Avatar m tn I'm a 21 yr old male and.. I have unbearable acne which is painful around my chin and even more painful around my forehead. I need help getting the right treatment. Proactiv irritated my acne and surrounding skin. I was told to try ACV, any other suggestions? Right now i am just letting my skin be, in attempts to heal the acne by itself,...i tried to rub a potato on my skin/ sorta helped..
Avatar m tn I always had very clear skin even during teenage years, but all of a sudden in past year I just started breaking out on my forehead, chin, cheeks...really bad breakouts starting red, some have white heads that pop eventually...first I thought that waxing causes it and stopped, but nothing helps...no systems, nothing....I haven't had any amounts of stress, no real change in diet, I do take birthcontrol pills every couple of months, but break outs started before i started on them...
Avatar f tn I'm a 26 yo female with supposedly hormonal acne that appears on my chin/jaw and tends to breakout around my period. I am currently using a glycolic/salicylic leave-on treatment by Murad at night and have seen improvement but there could be more. Do you think I do better off with a glycolic/salicylic cleanser instead of a treatment instead? I also currently use a gentle foaming cleanser.
Avatar f tn For 3 years i have had several under the skin pimples on my chin. Sometimes it's just 1 big one then other times 5 or 6 little ones. As soon as one goes away another one pops up. If I'm really lucky I can go 1 or 2 days a month with no pimples.
Avatar n tn Hi. Acne around the mouth often has a hormonal cause. Speak to your doctor about changing to an anti-androgen contraceptive pill like Diane35 (also called Dianette) or one not based on testosterone like Yasmin. A course of oral antibiotics like oxytetracycline may also be indicated.
Avatar n tn Irregular periods and acne are linked as they are both hormonal problems. Ask your doctor for the contraceptive pill called Dianette in the UK and Diane35 in the US. It will both clear your acne and regulate your periods.
1549562 tn?1304008089 also don't use any kind of scrub or exfoliant and this type of acne is hormonal, simply wash with a mild face wash and use a water based moisturizer (I use Cetaphil for normal to oily skin) I don't have the same problem with my hair as it is growing like crazy and is super thick and soft, but a hot oil treatment will help with the dryness or (this is kinda gross) i have heard of women putting mayo on their hair to add oil and shine!
603543 tn?1255298050 Does anyone know if a chemical imbalance can cause a hormonal imbalance? Ever since last year when I got really deopressed and the drs started messing around with my meds Ive been breaking out badly on my chin( which means its hormones ive read)..anyway ive tried every over the counter thing to get rid of thm but nothing works....I thought this might be the reason, I had good skin before thie mess with an occasional break out......