Homeostasis and blood glucose levels

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Avatar n tn I have had a blood sugar test and gave a reading of 6.1 about 1 hour after a breakfast (Weetabix, Milk, Orange Juice). I have to go back and have repeat test but after having nothing to eat approx 9 hours beforehand....will this give an increased or decreased reading.
Avatar m tn I went to see a physical therapist who put me under a strenuous back strengthening program - lots of resistance stretching along with seeing a pain management specialist (doctor). In less than a month the pain went away. And my glucose returned to my normal levels.
Tbd Preventive Services Task Force recommends screening for abnormal blood glucose in adults aged 40 to 70 years who are overweight or obese, and repeating testing every 3 years if results are normal. Persons with family history of diabetes or other risk factors should be considered for earlier and more frequent screening.
452066 tn?1400626877 First of all, I am not a diabetic, but would like to learn more about it and blood sugar levels due to a severe arrhythmia problem I have(also have an implanted defibrillator) and I am tired of talking til I am blue in the face to doctors and I feel there may be a link to either my glucose levels or hormones. I have been seen by 2 endocrinologists and both said I am fine...BUT they have told me that my insulin production is very high but they won't do anything about it.
Avatar m tn Is there any relationship between blood glucose and sweat? And are there articles that will support the relationship of this two? Thank you very much.
Avatar m tn My doctor just started me on Tricor and my blood sugar levels have gone up as well. Prior to being on Tricor, my fasting blood sugar has always been between 89 and 101. Now they range from 119 to 125. Any thoughts on alternative medications to lower high tryglicerides?
304573 tn?1345577338 Anyone start having problems with their blood glucose levels...seems I am becoming hyperglycemic.....
Avatar n tn It may seem counterintuitive but hunger and glucose levels are two separate processes. Hunger is what your body craves vs excess sugar circulating in your blood stream. Make sense?
Avatar n tn I compensate by testing a couple of hours after my first sip of coffee and compensating with a tiny bit of insulin if glucose levels are rising. I believe that in my case, my body starts producing adrenalin when the caffeine kicks in. And adrenalin can make sugars rise. So I suspect that this effect is different for different people. Just check often while drinking coffee so you can catch it and compensate if glucose levels rise.
Avatar m tn Perhaps to be safe I should abstain from smoking as well as food prior to the test, as nicotine could affect my blood glucose levels. But on the other hand, doesn't *nicotine withdrawal* also affect blood glucose levels? I've heard it claimed that some nicotine withdrawal symptoms are really mild hypoglycemia, although I am unsure about the accuracy of that claim. Any suggests on how to proceed?
Avatar m tn With lemon juice, t2 diabetics can digest food easier without risking elevated glucose levels or putting their glucose levels at risk. So go ahead and enjoy those lemons.
Avatar f tn When there are large amounts of the amino acid, tryptophan, it crosses at higher concentrations and more serotonin is subsequently made. When the blood levels are tested - I don't know exactly what that means. One would think it would be reflective of the concentration in the brain. I've been on SSRIs for a long time, theoretically preventing unused serotonin from being reabsorbed back into the nerve fiber from which it was released.
Avatar n tn Consumption of foods with a low glucose levels appears to reduce postprandial glucose rise and improve glycemic control. Reduced calorie and nonnutritive sweeteners are useful. However at this range it is also better to start with medications for diabetes to bring down the blood sugar levels. Please consult an endocrinologist for the same. It is very difficult to precisely confirm a diagnosis without examination and investigations and the answer is based on the medical information provided.
Avatar f tn I just recently got blood tests done and my bile levels were elevated and I had to go to a high risk specialist for a possible cholestasis diagnosis. I am still waiting on more blood test results to actually see if my bile levels are elevated because my syptoms went away. I am driving myself crazy thinking what ifs....
Avatar m tn I need to clarify my earlier post. Exercise does burn energy, and eventually exercise lowers blood glucose. When I mentioned "cardio level aerobic exercises" I meant this to be "rigorous" exercises. For example cardio aerobic, fast treadmill workouts, or even continuous pumping of weights. In a way, your liver "has a mind of its own" and continues to produce glucose while you exercise.
Avatar n tn it just never occurred to me to set my schedule to test once before breakfast, 2-3 hours after breakfast, once before lunch, 2-3 hours AFTER lunch, before dinner, and 2-3 hours after dinner, etc. Glucose levels can then be seen dropping or rising and she can adjust her insulin or drink some juice accordingly, BEFORE something severe happens to her. She might want to start always carrying 2 small 6-oz.
Avatar m tn Also testing two hours after meals is a good way of seeing how different foods affect your blood glucose and knowing then what is good and not so good for you to eat. So bottom line is there is no absolute time you have to test but it does provide you with important information about managing your diabetes.
1538488 tn?1331483305 You need to see an Endocrinologist for blood work. Your glucose levels are high, and the sooner you start treatment the better.
Avatar n tn Well, the fact that the first poster's husband did a comparison test and his number was normal at 86 would seem to indicate that the machine is NOT giving false numbers. Her blood sugar probably really IS that high, and this is extremely dangerous -- could be life-threatening. It really is imperative that she have a true lab test done to see if there really is a blood sugar problem.
Avatar n tn "But it would not be immediate. Doctors provide careful warnings about glucose spikes, at least mine have, can lead to disruption of the heart rhythm." Understood. I should have worded that better. I meant that once the caloric intake is reduced and the body adjusts, that over a short period of time, the blood glucose levels would probably drop to within normal levels, assuming the individual is otherwise healthy and has normally functioning organs.
Avatar n tn These conditions include having excess weight around the waist, high blood pressure, and abnormal levels of cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood. Having several of these problems is called metabolic syndrome or insulin resistance syndrome, formerly called syndrome X. Fasting glucose test. This test measures blood glucose in people who have not eaten anything for at least 8 hours. This test is most reliable when done in the morning.
173119 tn?1296999736 I am pre-diabetic, and I was wondering if it was normal for blood sugars to be a bit higher when suffering from an illness, like a cold. I have a cold right now, and my blood glucose levels have been testing slightly higher since I have been sick. Will they go back down after the cold is gone? My fasting glucose this morning was 133 and it is usually around 110 to 112. And my 2 hr post-prandial glucose after lunch today was 133.