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Avatar m tn m still infected with HIV after 13 years of encounter. Apart from Herpes Zoster, I felt like I lost 4 Lbs (I was 170 LBs and now 166).. I'm not really sure abt the weight as I checked on digital and needle scales.. Needle scale shows 171 and digital shows 166. Apart from that I dont ahve any other symptoms after Herpes Zoster Attach. So I just wanted to know if still need to be worried about HIV. Please doctor help me to understand.
Avatar f tn Zoster has nothing to do with HIV or ARS.
Avatar m tn But he suspect it is the cause of HIV after understanding my experience as young people like me rarely gets herpes zoster. He refer me to a more comprehensive HIV checkup which is on tomorrow (18th April). At the same time I realize my lymph node on my left groin was swollen. This is 1 of the symptom of HIV? I am so worry, its seems like the signs of STD is getting more n more obvious. Shall update again.
Avatar m tn After that i have 4 to 5 times protected sex with sex workers, the last exposure was 5th august 2017. May i know is my herpes zoster related to hiv and the chance of getting it? Thanks.
1708219 tn?1307934260 5 weeks ago I had a protected vaginal sex with a CSW, I had no idea whether she was hiv positive or not. On 40th day I felt my chest hot, and two days later I saw 4 lumps of rashes on my chest and back, which felt quite painful. I saw my doctor, he said it is Herpes Zoster, and gave me some pills.
Avatar n tn Finally, for her to get herpes zoster is a bit unusual but again, while zoster does occur in persons with HIV, most often people do not have HIV, just the bad luck to have herpes zoster. I would suggest that, since you've worried about this for nearly a year and a half, you should get an HIV test (just 1 !!). When the result comes back negative, as I'm sure it willbelieve the test. They are VERY good. good luck.
Avatar n tn See above. there is no HIV risk. As for your zoster, not as long as they received the zoster vaccine recommended for all kids. 4. Of course there is 5. That is what I would encourage you to do. If the memory of your indiscretion is weighing on you heavily, then I would suggest you consider talking with a mental health counselor to help you work through things. This is not a sign of weakness but a way to help yourself and your family. Hope this helps.
Avatar n tn Teak i surfed in the internet ,i found it Herpes zoster will happen in people with HIV positive.. and the people more than 50 years old.. so i am 27.. why does it come to me now? please help me..
Avatar m tn There is no realistic chance you caught HIV or any other STD from the exposures described, and no need for testing for HIV or anything else. Although herpes zoster (shingles) is more frequent in HIV infected persons, that only applies to repeated or widespread shingles; a single episode of limited extent is not evidence of immune deficiency.
Avatar n tn It in fact worked very well and the rashes were gone in a week after i started taking the medicines. I read that shingles is mostly common in those who are above 50 years old, with HIV, or it may also cause because of stress. It freaked me out cause I am just 28 years old, so i went for HIV testing and it was negative. I am now curious to know if it is common to have shingles at this age, what could have possibly caused shingles on me? Do I have weak immune system?
Avatar n tn Further, while persons with HIV are somewhat more likely to get herpes zoster, zoster is common and most people who get zoster do not have HIV. There is no association between cutaneous cysts and HIV. Bottom line, nothing you describe has put you at risk for HIV. Your wife does not need testing based on the exposure history you have provided and, neither do you unless it is for your peace of mind. I hope my comments are helpful to you.
Avatar m tn A Doctor told me it was disseminated Herpes Zoster. Another one told me it was not Herpes Zoster. However I took acyclovir and pregabalin. The blisters had gone completely but I still have some pain (not constant) in the foot after 4 weeks. Honestly and due the nature and locations of the lesions, I'm not completely sure it was Herpes Zoster. My blood tests were OK, and also no positive HIV.
Avatar m tn t have HIV concern,(shingles) is reactivation of the virus that cause chicken pox in childhood,and this usually happen when body immune system decrease,so herpes zoster can happen in late stage HIV persons.but if you don't have history of unprotected anal or vaginal sex search for other causes that cause body immune decreasing like diabetes , sever anxiety....
Avatar n tn I am terrified that everything I have read about shingles, HIV is mentioned. I know an HIV test is the best way to find out but I also wanted to get your professional opinion. Should I be very concerned?
Avatar n tn But I recently developed a kind of allergy on the back which I suspected as a symptom and got myself tested for HIV with a HIV AB, HIV 1/2, EIA with reflexes test which was negative. This was approximately after 8 weeks of any possible exposure. Do you think I need to get retested again or is this timeframe appropriate to think that I am HIV free. Your response to this would really help ease out the anxiety.
Avatar n tn Hi Dr, Last july i went to an strip club ( full Nude ), i took a lap dance, i touched her boobs and vagina ( did not finger her ), while leaving she kissed me in my lips, so coming out after about a minute i used my fingers to wipe the lipstick. I got scared if i contracted HIV. I kept thinking what if i had some blood on my fingers and rubbed it on to my lips and i had a canker sore inside my mouth that time.
Avatar m tn Thank you. I'm trying to collect information about my medical history (not sure if I had chickenpox or the vaccine during childhood). But in either case, seemingly dependable webpages like mention that "Zoster may occur at any time in the course of HIV-induced immunosuppression, and may be the first clinical clue to suggest undiagnosed HIV infection.
Avatar n tn as i understand it herpes zoster is one of the capital symptoms of hiv. what are the symptoms of herpes zoster?
Avatar m tn But, I know people lie in this world and this caused me more anxiety for some reason. Lastly, last week I went in for an anonomous test for HIV/Syphilis/HSV-2 IgG (10 days after the massage). All were negative. My question to you... Could I have caught something from the massage guy? Are the shingles just from my stress? Should I get tested for anything else (or any other tests)? Is this all in my head? Your advice is much appreaciated.
Avatar n tn I read that shingles is mostly common in those who are above 50 years old, with HIV, or it may also cause because of stress. It freaked me out cause I am just 28 years old, so i went for HIV testing and it was negative. I am now curious to know if it is common to have shingles at this age, what could have possibly caused shingles on me (though i think it is because of stress)? Do I have weak immune system? Do I need to go for another hiv testing? or see a primary care doctor?
Avatar m tn Welcome to the forum. Thanks for your question. The vast majority of apparent "HIV symptoms", as you put it in the title you gave this thread, in fact are not due to HIV. That's the case even in people at very high risk for HIV, either by general lifestyle or a recent exposure. HIV symptoms are nonspecific, meaning the same ones occur with many other medical conditions in addition to HIV.
Avatar m tn On 30 Dec 14 I was tested for HIV and tested negative. My question, was my shingles symptom of HIV infection? as I read the shingles is OI in HIV.