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Avatar m tn White thing on your tongue alone is not an indication of HIV related symptom. This development could be due to other reasons also.
Avatar n tn Hi, for about 4 months now I have had a white coating on my tongue. It has at times been worse and sometimes better but consistently there. I am able to scrape off the "top layer" but some of the coating still remains. I use the tongue scraper twice a day but this top layer does come back. There is no pain associated with it although I did notice once that after scraping there was some blood. In the past 1 or 2 months there have appeared white spots on the sides of my tongue.
Avatar m tn No STD, including HIV, would cause either red bumps or white coating on the tongue, and I doubt this has anything to do with the oral sex event. But if you remain concerned, see your doctor.
Avatar n tn For about 3 months I've had a slightly white tongue, like a white/pale yellow coating. It's mainly towards the back of my tongue and it's not painful. It hasn't gotten worse at all, but hasn't really gotten that much better either. I've been to the doctor 2 times and the dentist once for other conditions and they've routinely checked my mouth and didn't say anything or act concerned, so it might only be really noticeable to me.
3140641 tn?1342878073 while surfing net i came across oral hairy leukoplakia and i found the web pictures resembling with my tongue .. i am totally confused . should i go for hiv test again.
Avatar n tn Today, my throat is more raw and redish color. The back of my tongue has white bumps - looks like swollen white taste buds to me. No larger cottage cheese looking growth like many thrush pictures. I've also lost about 8 lbs. Similar to many others on this website, my mind is getting the best of me. Is it logical to think I could become infected with HIV with this one incident with pre-***? Why would my mouth be messed up?
Avatar n tn After 3 day my throat become itcht and it the 4th day I had white coating on my tounge. It cannot be brushed but it is not thick as the thrush pictures I saw in internet. Also I have fever and whenever I drink something it takes only 20 minutes I pee it out. And my pee is coloured like water. I read in most sites that hiv cannot make these symptoms in time less than a week. But i couldnt find any other disease that looks like these. What can it be? p.s.
Avatar m tn Sounds to me like you're irrationally fearful of HIV, if you've googled lots of pictures and info about HIV. UNLESS you've had unprotected vaginal or anal sex, OR shared IV drugs, or drug works, then you could not have HIV.
Avatar n tn i realized that my tongue started to become white and furry, it doesnt look like anything scary like in those pictures i see where the tongue has white spots and such. ive tried cleaning it and before it used to sort of come off but the white furry coat would come back later. now it has decreased a bit but i can still see it, however when i try to clean it it wont go away as easy. either way i am just scared that this that i have in my mouth could mean i have HIV.
Avatar n tn t appear to be overly sensitive, has some spots that move around a bit (might be geographic tongue) and a bit more buildup in the morning and on the back of the tongue. i can scrape it off some it doesn't appear to be a thick coating though really.
Avatar n tn I have a white tongue, it is not outrageous like the google image pictures of thrush, but its the middle part of my tongue, and it goes all the way down the back of it, and it is white and fury. I can scrape it off, and there is no bleeding afterwards. It is just like this white fur is growing off my tongue. I have been really thirsty lately because in my dorm I don't drink a lot of water, so maybe dehydration is a reason, but I also am coughing up flem. Any idea what this is?
Avatar m tn i got antibiotics then which cured the infection. since then ive noticed a white layer on my tongue as well which caused me to think i might have candida. i have noticed these black spots on my penis, are they candida related? see pictures please. i have used terrasil Balanitis relief but i dont see any change. the spots are my concern and also the edge of the penis head looks a little swollen? please i need advice. i am using CANDIDA FX now, capsules for a couple of days.
Avatar n tn Update: Ok guys, summarizing: I had unprotected sex with a girl on August 22 -About wednesday (15) of last week I was sneezing sometimes when on the air conditioner, nothing too special. -Friday (17)I was feeling good, went to a party. -Saturday (18) was feeling good too, went to another party. - Sunday (19) wasnt feeling very good, maybe hangover, maybe sickness, maybe both. - Monday (20) wasnt feeling very good, slight headache - Tuesday (21) had a slight sore throat and a slight headache.
Avatar f tn My tongue is white in the morning. But after eating and drinking water the white spots dissapearred. Is that normal? After hours without eating and some water the white spots appeared again.
Avatar m tn As an adult, the only risks for HIV are: 1) having unprotected, penetrative vaginal or anal sex, or 2) sharing IV drug needles with other IV drug users. You had no risk and do not need to test. Whatever your symptoms are, they are NOT due to HIV as you had no risk. There is no information that you could add to this scenario that would turn it into a risk, so you can confidently move on knowing that you did not get HIV from this event.
Avatar n tn From your preamble it appears that you are well informed about HIV transmission risks and for that I congratulate you. Knowledge is power but, sometimes it is insufficient to overcome anxiety over potentially risky exposures. Having acknowledged this, I will do my best to answer your questions, asking you do to follow with a long stream of "what if" questions.
Avatar m tn I went to a walk in clinic on the previous Sunday and was diagnosed by a PA (said I had strep, but I have no fever, or swollen glands, no lab tests) who used a shotgun approach of zithromax, and when I complained about white tongue, nystatin (which doesn’t seem to help), I didn’t start fearing HIV until recently when I looked online.** Oral Hairy Leukoplakia(OHL) : I have read that this occurs in almost exclusively HIV+ patients.
Avatar n tn Can white tongue appear a couple of weeks after hiv exposure. I have a slightly white tongue but does not seem to scrape off. It is slightly white in front and really white on the far back of my tongue. I was tested at six weeks and was negative but still worried.
Avatar f tn ve do HIV test but the results is negative. I bet if the white tongue causes from the HIV then the results will be positive is it? Until today my tongue are white and my mouth will dry at night after I wake up from sleep. On 2nd week, there are some abnormal rash in my right hand, two was like burn rash in small size. And other three like small pimple in my hand. I left it there and they leave me mark. And it was random, not like red mark all over. On 3rd week, I got fever and sore throat.
Avatar n tn jpg is acutally exactly what they look like there were other pictures too that resembled the back of my tongue i really dont know how to thank you do you by any chance know more about genital warts that dont look like teh severe pictures ive seen online
Avatar m tn To follow up on this. I still have a white tongue with small white patches at the back of my throat. It looks like Strep more than thrush going by online pictures. Is this very contagious?
Avatar m tn experience with someone of unknown status, but claimed to be clean almost 10 weeks ago. I have had virtually no symptoms except for a white coated tongue, which may be thrush, but doesn't look as bad as most of the pictures I have seen since searching pictures online.
1519309 tn?1290956580 Not really sure where to put this, but I've been told that my 3 month HIV test was conclusive, and yet i'm not at ease. Can someone tell me what is going on with my tongue here please?!?!
Avatar m tn I looked at pictures of thrush online and the online pictures seem to be far more severe than what my tongue looks like. My tongue looks like the taste buds are whitish all over my tongue, but the whiteness cannot be scaped off easily and does not look like cottage cheese, each of which I understand are hallmarks of thrush. No other possible HIV symptoms (e.g. no rash). I am sooooo terrified that I got HIV and passed it on to my wife (knock on wood both times).