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Avatar n tn I don't think anyone has every gotten HIV from a single exposure of unprotected vaginal sex. Your symptoms do not reflect HIV (5 chances in 10,000 according to the CDC). ARS symptoms are flu-like and are experienced a week to three weeks after exposure. However, there are a hundred other illnesses that can cause these symptoms which are way more likely than HIV. Plus, your partner probably wasn't infected. Your chances are 1/100,000 at worst. Don't worry, get tested at 6 weeks.
Avatar m tn hi med community, kindly tell me, do the early signs of HIv include joints pains. i am having pain in my knees n lower muscles. it remain whole day i my body through out day. dnt knw y.
Avatar m tn Hi there, Your sysmptoms are not HIV specific. One cannot base on signs and symptoms to link HIV infection. The only way to know if you are infected is to do a HIV blood test. Since its about 8 weeks already, I recommend you test at 12 weeks after the last possible exposure for a conclusive HIV result. I would also suggest you stick to one doctor and tell him all your problems, do not hide information from him/her. The doctor will than be able to treat you accordingly and apporiately.
Avatar m tn blood, urine, gono, herpes, syph,chylamdia, hiv +90, hiv RNA : all negative. Counselors of STD test say tests are 99.7% accurate and my results are "squeaky clean". None where "unequivocal" or middle of road. Counselor says I was in the sweet spot of 9-11 days to detect early HIV, which is negative result. (wondering about antibotics causing false negative) On day 13 started taking Cipro on premise I may have prostatitis..since all tests are negative.
Avatar m tn If you didn't have an HIV risk, then HOW could any "symptom" you have be related to HIV? We cannot convince need to accept the factual info for yourself.
Avatar m tn I wish to add - I had 2 CBCs - (i) end June (does not include HIV testing) - no irregularities; and (ii) 5 Nov 11 (together with the Elisa test) - all normal except lymphocites slightly high at 49% (normal = 20 to 45) Together with my late Nov rashes, I also had diarrhea (together with sore throat, mild fever (which went away after a day with medication), cough and flu).
Avatar n tn Skin conditions are unrelated to HIV. Some HIV-infected persons will develop ARS symptoms 2-4 weeks after the exposure, and one of the symptoms is a rash that does not itch. If you are worried about your HIV status, test for HIV.
Avatar m tn I freaked out when I read in a local forum that some of the masseurs here are trying to spread HIV by placing their infected blood and vaginal fluid into the 'massage oil'. Since the exposure, I begin to experience various ARS-like symptoms. I remember I had 1 episode of rashes on my body that resolved the following day. About 1 month post-exposure, i develop other significant symptoms such as palpable cervical and submandibular lymph node, as well as inguinal lymph nodes (???
Avatar m tn Oral sex alone does not put you under a risk of HIV and therefore you certainly did not transmit it to her because you do not have it. There may be reasons for her illness, other than HIV which is only comeing from your own fear.
Avatar m tn I had used home hiv test kit for 3 times on august 16, nov 16 and feb 17 and it shows negative signs. Currently i am waiting for lab blood test results. Im asking bcos im very confused and stress regarding the signs on my body and with the hiv test kit as it shows negative. Please advice.
Avatar n tn slight itching is happening on the tip of the foreskin, but this new boil or sore is making me mad and i am constantly thinking about the possibility of HIV exposure because i have read about the sore lymph node as initial signs of HIV. its just been 10 days in total till now but i don't know i am feeling worried about it. pls help me on this again, i would be very grateful to you for your reassurance and advice.
Avatar n tn The guy who assisted me with the test told me my chance of getting HIV through the mouth is low to none. I had called HIV hotlines numerous times and all them workers told me what am I worried about. I understand HIV can be spread by blood, semen, or vaginal fluid. She isn't a lesbian so I know she can't contract HIV through vaginal fluid. It's the semen or blood other guys might have transmit to her without knowing that might transmit to me.
Avatar m tn I had stopped worrying but the fact that after 2 and half weeks I suddenly have two clear signs of HIV - sore throat and swollen glands have now worried me sick. I used a condom for oral and vaginal sex and as far as I am aware it did not split but statistics show condoms still pose a small risk. Statistics show one documented case of HIV via deep kissing with 2 bleeding gum people.
Avatar m tn Im not sure if this is because im just really paranoid and stressed or if i actually caught something. Im more stressed about HIV/Aids then the stis because i know stis are treatable. what are the chances that i could have gotten Hiv? thanks alot guys!
Avatar m tn 5 weeks after the event I have developed a mild sore throat and a my lower back is very sore, are these potential signs of HIV? I'm starting to worry that the condom may have failed as I was very drunk and cannot remember everything clearly. Please advise and I will put this to bed.
Avatar m tn 22 days after i went to the STD clinic and and saw professionals about HIV/STDs and told me the same thing ur symptoms are not HIV but still we will still test you for all STDs and HIV rapid test where u get ur answer same time but other stds u will come back for the result next week. I was tested negative on HIV and the person was very friendly and told me she can see from my eyes that i am too worried and that's normal since HIV is a scary disease.
Avatar n tn You kissed a girls and you think you think you might be at risk of HIV? Seriously, you need to educate yourself on HIV transmission. If you have access to the internet, you'll have access to other forms of media as well. It really is unaceptable that in the 21st century people are still ignorant about how HIV is and isn't transmitted. For the record, HIV can only be transmitted via the following routes; 1. Unprotected vaginal and anal sex. 2. In fected blood products and sharing needles. 3.
Avatar m tn I've obviously been obsessing about this and terrified so I know all the warning signs of HIV and I have quite a few of them. I have had quite swollen tonsils ever since I got sick in August. I haven't been tested yet because I'm absolutely terrified but have gotten to the point where it is very important that I do so. Has anyone gone through this same thing and been positive or negative? What happened? Any advise/help would be much appreciated. I'm just worried/curious. Ugh...
Avatar m tn How Come I read in different places that 3 months is conclusive,but then i see six months? my last test after unprotected vaginal was 13 weeks and 3 days so 94 days, have a few signs but who doesnt? im thinking about going for a test today so it would be 109 days, should i or am i no matter what signs and symptoms conclusivly negative???????????????
Avatar m tn I have a wellness screen scheduled for 12 days from event and a HIV screen 6 weeks from event. Thinking of a 28 day Duo Test too? Do you see any value in doing so?
Avatar m tn A fresh one each time… My first concern that she was wear me the condom while my pines is soft as she was put the unrolled condom in her mouse then start sucking and roll it while my pines is growing … I read on the web that condom should be rolled on erected penis not soft penis to prevent twisting also I afraid that she might cut the condom with her teeth .. Is there any risk for HIV transmission?
Avatar m tn Currently, I have some abdominal cramping, but no signs of hiv. No swollen lymph glands, no night sweats, et. My bowel movements are different (coming off the anti-biotic) but no diarrhea. Do I need to keep getting tested, or do I put this behind me and try to live a better life? Also, what were the first signs of hiv that any positive posters had?
Avatar m tn hoping to get advice,i had sex without a condom with a women of unkown status within weeks i got nearly all the early signs of a hiv but things got worst coz of the stress i had a test at 5 and half weeks elisa test at gum clinic was negative i then stupid enough had deep troat kissing a couple of days later with another women of unkown status i suffer from bleeding gums and had mouth sores,i became more stressed coz of all this then went back at 10 and half weeks from the first risk and 30 days
Avatar m tn Can the fungus in my stool means i have a compromised immune system? Can all of these be signs of HIV or can all these be signs of anxietY? Pls. help me. I am so worried.
Avatar n tn After ejaculating I immediately ran to the washroom, took off the condom and filled it with water and saw no signs of leaks nor signs that the integrity of the material was compromised. I thoroughly washed myself afterwards. I did touch the outside of the condom but under running water while I was checking for leaks. Hours before, I had a hang nail on my thumb that was bleeding but did not see any blood nor felt pain while I was touching the condom.
Avatar m tn Recently my feet have started to tingle and burn when sitting or sometime standing in one place. I read that is one of the warning signs of HIV. Might be a lot other things also. Bottom line I have tried to see where anyone ever caught HIV from oral sex and most things state there is a chance but low. Other studies say that most of the tests that have been done really never proved it. I have never had anal sex and I've only been with the same women for the last 10 years.
Avatar n tn I recently had an STD test done at a local STD clinic (in the United States) I had some blood drawn and I was wondering if this was a risk for HIV. From what I've read a similar incident like this one happened somewhere in Nevada so it got me wondering. Now I did see the nurse set up some equipment and pull it out of a drawer. I never really saw her open a needle or anything. After she drew blood, she appeared to place an orange cone cap back on the needle.