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Avatar m tn Oral sex alone does not put you under a risk of HIV and therefore you certainly did not transmit it to her because you do not have it. There may be reasons for her illness, other than HIV which is only comeing from your own fear.
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Avatar f tn i keep having hypos without any warning signs. on the off chance i have tested my bm and it been 2-3. i have reduced my insulin but still have them. why arnt there any warning signs like the usual ones i used to get like for example light headed.
Avatar n tn If you are thinking about HIV, test for an answer, Just because your symptoms are not due to HIV, DOES NOT mean you do not have HIV.
Avatar f tn Are there any signs you get a week or two before you go into labour or just it just happen?
Avatar f tn the area that surrounds my nipples were darkened.....dr said due to hormone levels....that was one of my first signs! Good luck!
Avatar f tn The reason for my postis not to sscare but to educate others about the seriousness of the disease and highlight the warning signs. For a disease so common (according to my research) I think I was failed by my gynae. Don't get me wrong, I don't blame her but I am now telling u what she shud have told me; which is: SWELLING IS EXPECTED IN PREGNANCY. HOWEVER, IF U SWELL IN THE HANDS AND FACE, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE GET UR URINE TESTED FOR PROTEIN TRACES AND UR BLOOD PRESSURE CHECKED.
Avatar f tn did I read on a medical website that post nasal drip, ear pain, oral cavity pain, sore gums and teeth, persistent sore throat, etc. are one of the first warning signs that physicians look at for early HIV infection? I can post the website if I am allowed -- it was from a reputable (looking) family doctor-type website.
Avatar m tn blood, urine, gono, herpes, syph,chylamdia, hiv +90, hiv RNA : all negative. Counselors of STD test say tests are 99.7% accurate and my results are "squeaky clean". None where "unequivocal" or middle of road. Counselor says I was in the sweet spot of 9-11 days to detect early HIV, which is negative result. (wondering about antibotics causing false negative) On day 13 started taking Cipro on premise I may have prostatitis..since all tests are negative.
Avatar f tn They use the term "severe" though within : It’s true that some people don’t show any symptoms of HIV infection until after many years of living with the virus. But the majority of people with HIV (70-90%) do show some symptoms soon after infection. Symptoms usually develop about 10 days after infection. This is often called primary HIV infection or sero-conversion illness.
Avatar n tn NO. HIV medications can cause those signs not HIV itself. You DID NOT have a risk. Anymore questions and you'll be refered to MedHelp.
Avatar n tn This is my second post. I am showing new signs and have a few more questions. Event: 18 days ago I had unprotected oral sex with a stripper, ~6 min fellatio, ~2 min cunnilingus. I also inserted my finger into her vagina for a minute. I had a minor soar throat at the time – still persists today. I have since called the stripper and she said she was not menstruating and had no signs of open soars around her vagina. She has kids but never tested for HIV and says she’s not a drug user.
Avatar m tn lm baffled by my negative 4th generation blood test results post 90 days of exposure as lm showing serious signs of something neurologic but dont know what it is yet. Ive had some muscle wasting along with all the classic hiv symptoms. Could a neurologic disorder impact my results past 97 days post exposure? Anyway one of you good drs could outline specific variables that may impact these results?
Avatar m tn I'm worried. I'm not showing any other signs but today I got horrible tender pain from a gland deep in my neck not ones under my chin. It hurts do bad I see no dental problems it started last night should I go is this it? I should note I finished pep about 20 days ago however maybe csuse I missed a few pills I don't know it's making me want to just die I'm so worried. What else should I do I wanted to have a good weekend.
1478333 tn?1287401534 The Alzheimer’s Association has developed a checklist of common symptoms to help family members recognize the difference between normal age-related memory changes and possible warning signs of Alzheimer’s disease. Ten Warning Signs of Alzheimer’s 1. Memory loss. Forgetting recently learned information is one of the most common early signs of dementia. A person begins to forget more often and is unable to recall the information later.
480448 tn?1426948538 Thanks, I found it interesting. They should post it in the health pages.