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Avatar n tn Just wanted to know anyone has seen HIV virus through his/her naked eyes if anyone did how does it look like shape,size,colour and stuff thanx and waiting for reply......
Avatar m tn Hi I got stuck with lancets after less than 10 seconds after I used on 22 years old black girl to check her blood sugar. How long does hiv virus leave? Is less than 10 seconds enough time for virus to die? Please help.
Avatar n tn in cold weather if temperature is about 1 to 10 degree, and HIV virus expose to air, will it die in few mins or not? as i heard this cant stay longer in heat, how about is this can stay in cold or not?
Avatar n tn The doctor gave me some antibiotics for the impetigo, but she also told me if the prostitute had HIV, I will get it too as Impetigo means there are open wounds/ulcers in her mouth. The doctor reminded me that she must have had very poor oral hygiene and was bleeding from her gums/mouth otherwise I would not have been infected with Impetigo. The doctor told me I should’ve gotten circumcised as it would have reduced the risk of getting HSV, HIV, or even impetigo tremendously.
Avatar m tn Been diagnosed 8 years ago with HIV, taking ARVs religiously and now when i went to do my 6 monthly check, the results were negative and the virus undetected. Is it gone or must go test again?
Avatar m tn When people talk about Seroconversion beyond 6 Months (delayed seroconversion) they speak of existing immune defiency conditions or being a IV drug user, etc. But no one ever speaks about the virus itself. The Virus is apart of a virus family called Lentivirus. 'Lenti' is Spanish for Slow. HIV is a stealth virus evades the body's immune system which in turn delays the body's defenses and delays Antibodies.
Avatar m tn The russian forums are wrong--saliva renders the HIV virus inactive and unable to infect you.
Avatar m tn When the virus is exposed to the enviroment the outer shell of the virus is damaged which is where the gp120 are located and the gp120 is needed to attach to the dendrite cells for the virus to enter the cell for the replication process to take place.
Avatar m tn First of all remember this you should never rely on some other persons status to determine your status, I am saying this because HIV is a difficult virus to transmit so it is not necessary that you immediately get infected once you are exposed to the virus, so if your partner is positive and you get to know that and you start believing that you are also positive and ruin your life, secondly as you said your partner lied to you so any one can lie to about their status further someone can be in th
Avatar m tn I don't know enough about the biology of HIV testing to answer those specific questions. The important thing is that delayed seroconversion (or failure to develop positive blood tests) is too rare to worry about. Your negative test results 3+ months after exposure, which I gleaned from a look at your HIV community forum discussions, proves you weren't infected. Please move on.
Avatar m tn s why many spouses of HIV infected persons remain free of the virus for years (which you may not have known). And you describe a partner who almost certainly does not have HIV. In most population groups in the US, fewer than 1 in 100 CSWs have HIV; and your partner's test history strongly indicates she isn't infected. So it is exceedingly unlikely you were infected -- and if you were not, of course you could not have infected your wife.
Avatar m tn http://www.medhelp.
Avatar m tn Consider therapy for your HIV fixation because your other thread this week had all the advice you need.
Avatar m tn Thank you for your response.. I am sorry (nursegirl6572) if I said something offensive, because I am young and I didn't read enough about HIV.. All I know is that it's a fatal disease and I saw pictures and videos which made me scared. I have a question : If I didn't have a risk, what is the explanation of all these symptoms which came immediately after 2 - 3 hours and I still suffer till now after 4 weeks ?
Avatar f tn What this all got to do with HIV? This is an HIV forum.You need to post that question in the appropriate forum.
Avatar m tn No Please No...HIV cant survival in tattoo ink .
Avatar m tn About 12 hours ago I fingered a girl I knew through a friend [therefore, of unknown status]. I know fingering is not considered an HIV risk, however, I think my scenario merits consideration. I fingered her in a dark room and when I took my hands out, although they were very moist, I thought nothing of it and went to sleep and did not wash them. I only noticed the next morning a bit of dried blood on my hand and marks on the clothes and sheets.
Avatar m tn You are HIV negative and you were not raped. You would know if you were rapped regardless of alcohol consumption.
Avatar n tn For my tongue i did 2 time hiv test for 8 month and it is negative and i dont think to have hiv because i dont have ulcer nowhere in my mouth .I am married of 1 years and as a whole i f??l good except i feel discomfort in stomach and pain in kidney.i dont have this some dental infections or my problem is inside of me.What can be couse on my condition with my white tongue and rash lip.
Avatar n tn its alway antibodi hiv1/2 test and about hiv 2 if u didnt test for it and thats wont happen this virus is in afriqa only
Avatar f tn yes, u r right - i have done too much hiv screening test NOT elisa in lab. Now pls advise about the p55/p66 western blot , any problem.