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Avatar f tn You tested negative so if the test was past the 4 week window, then you do not have HIV. HIV doctors can't diagnose from symptoms so neither you nor I can either so it is time to stop trying to link your symptoms with a diagnosis of HIV. SInce you work in a clinic I hope you can get more info on HIV there, so you will accept your negative tests.
Avatar n tn But one thing I could never really find out is what a common rash from HIV looks like. Does anyone know?
Avatar f tn i just have one more question, i know i should stop being paranoid but i just wanted to know what the ars rash looked like? does it just look like any other virus rash? i tried looking at pictures online but different rashes keep coming up.
Avatar f tn Some information also suggests that an additional test after 6 months is sometimes warranted. Get tested - HIV is a difficult virus to catch so a negative test result would surely put your mind at ease. Also, another lesson to be learned - if you often have memory lapses from a "night of it" you might want to limit the number of drinks you have when you party and keep your wits about you! Good luck!
Avatar f tn Do you know HIV is contracted? Here is a little bit of information for you regarding HIV. If you were to take a needle with HIV tainted blood in it and stick yourself with it, you would have less than 1% chance of becoming HIV positive. In order to get HIV from sex, you would have to have sex with an HIV positive person and that virus would have to get deep into the tissue to cause infection. You worried about Herpes before.
Avatar n tn test will tell if I got infected, so I go for it and I hope every thing will be fine ( the doctor told me I will get the result while I‘m in the clinic ( 1 hour only)) , as far as the symptoms I think I should looking in the internet about the symptoms because as soon as I read about HIV and look at on of the pictures I feel I have all of those symptoms, thanks once again for your help
Avatar f tn The answer to the first question is that less than 1% of the US population has HIV so the likelihood that the person before you had HIV was less than 1 in 100, or, if you believe that persons with piercings are more likely to have HIV, maybe twice as high- 1 out 50 chance. Then, what is the likelihood of transmission through (worst case) improperly cleaned shared needle - estimates are the probability of infection would be about 1 in 100. Any cleaning, etc would reduce these odds.
Avatar m tn You are HIV negative and you were not raped. You would know if you were rapped regardless of alcohol consumption.
Avatar f tn this one looks like urticaria I saw some pictures and those of hiv are totally different , I had this on the legs , 1 year and a half ago, I had sex with condoms (except oral...
Avatar m tn To confirm the data finally you can ev let make an HIV-PCR assay, direct virus detection, highly sensitive. If also this is negative (what is likely) I would exclude that you had been infected with HIV in this past event described. Considering the tongue problems, you could eventually contact the dermatology in the XXX. Specialist 2: Dear XXXXX, I am not sure whether RT-PCR solve our problem. In the case you do not have HIV-antibodies 1.
Avatar n tn Would the virus have immediately died once the condom hit the floor? Can the HIV virus live on inanimate objects eg. mail or does the virus require warmth to live?
Avatar m tn If you suspect that you were exposed to the virus, you can test at 4 weeks with a IV Gen HIV test or alternatively, at 6 week with any standard antibody test. No one can diagnose you online. Symptoms do not mean any thing.
Avatar m tn When trying to figure out what this rash was, I stumbled onto pictures of the HIV rash, it looks very similar to what is on me, which is FREAKING ME OUT! My rash is pinkish, and barely raised off the skins surface... When I first noticed the rash 7 days ago, it looked slightly different than now, it was a bit more pink at that time, and it had like 5 or 6 dots that looked similar to very wimpy pimples with no puss...
Avatar f tn Does the labcorp ICMA test detect HIV-2 in early exposure as effective as HIV-1? Should I go get a HIV-1 again AND a HIV-2 PCR test from labcorp? I'm to the point where money doesn't matter. I want my life back. Any suggestions would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.
20817617 tn?1521532028 Hello, well we are not doctors on here but I am a microbiologist. You have quite a medical history. I am not an HIV expert. If you do have HIV were you tested and confirmed positive? If so then I don't know any particular doctors in Los Angeles but these links might help: The CDC has other things on HIV that might help. I personally don't look at links off of MedHelp.
Avatar m tn I changed the lab and went to a hiv refferal labas advised by a doctor,after 7 days in a refferal lab ( NIH ) using vironostika 4 gen ab/ag plus every time they run the elisa,they do aswell on 2 rapid test Determine and Bioline.1 week= negtive.3 weeks=negtive.5 weeks=neg.i talked and The csw agreed to get tested .she tested negtive on three different labs in (NIH), and one using ECLIA 4gen cobas 6000 (e601) plus another reputed lab .
Avatar n tn 2. Wouldnt problems with the tongue come much later in hiv than 3 months 3. I know you say 8 week hiv test is conclusive but thats to americans where hiv is uncommon. Because Im in S A should I go for another test. 4. Do my symptoms sound common for Hiv or am I being an idiot. 5.
Avatar n tn I have read that sometimes HIV takes a while to be detected coʼz it depends how the body will react to the virus. 10years the most. Is this the same as STD, like in my case? 3. Right now, i have swollen glands on my throat since the start of the outbreak, suggesting that it might be HIV coʼz it is one of its symptoms, feeling nausea, dry mouth w/ lesions on the back of the throat, fever like flu & frequent outbreaks & sweating too.
Avatar n tn Doctor, I think that this forum is great. I have learned so much. It would be nice to let a young person going to college read some of the posts so that they can more fully understand the risks out there. Because the information on the web is unclear and many times contradictory. Keep up the good work. I know it can get a little frustrating answering similar questions over and over, but it helps to relieve many peoples anxieties seeing the same responses each time.
Avatar m tn I know night sweats and fever can be a symptom of anal fistula and hiv, so could be either or both. But timing seems more than coincidence. I am getting tested in 2 weeks but am really really struggling mentally at the moment. I know anal fistula can happen more often in HIV infected people, but does this include in the acute infection stage. Considering I may have had some lumps from time to time. Is there any cases of anal fistula advancing quickly due to acute HIV infection?
Avatar n tn To my knowledge, acute HIV symptoms never start within 2 days, and the risk of catching HIV during any single episode of vaginal sex is very low. Your symptoms may be typical for acute retroviral syndrome (ARS), but they also are typical for many other illnesses that are more common. You probably caught a garden-variety virus, maybe or maybe not from the same partner.
Avatar f tn You can't contract HIV that way anyway,it's not possible.If I don't have HIV from all my exposures then no one will,it's such a difficult virus to contract--once you understand this your OCD won't be so bad.I don't believe when people say you have to assume everyone has HIV and protect yourself but in reality most people don't.Only a very small percentage do if you remove Africa from the equation.Don't feat whats not there.
Avatar m tn Hiv antibodie ( non reactive 0.12) 82 days : HIV antibodie ( non reactive 0.11) 85 days : HIV antibodie ( non reactive 0.24) 90 days : HIV antibodie ( non reactive ) 94 days : HIV antibodie ( non reactive ) i decided to go to a doctor ( not HIV doctor ) to check on myself who ask me to do another general tests, Other tests: i did syphilis, virus c,virus b (all came back negative) urine analyses, liver function (normal) and a lot of others normal text with normal results.
Avatar f tn Even with blood, lactation, cuts, rashes, burns, etc the air or the saliva does not allow inactivated virus to infect from touching, external rubbing or oral activities. The above HIV science is 40 years old and very well established so there is no detail that you can add that will make your encounter a risk for HIV.
936016 tn?1332769204 We know that gonorrhoea and also Chlamydia will increase the amount of HIV virus which is shed from both the cervix and also in semen of HIV infected men and women. Equally, concurrent infection with herpes 2 virus in the genital tract of either of the individuals will make HIV acquisition much more likely for a previously HIV negative partner.
Avatar n tn I have read on a few different sites some people say no risk, while some say very small risk. Being told that HIV virus cannot be transmitted outside body and would have to be transmitted during intercourse. Please let me know your thoughts/comments on this manner as I have been extremely scared with very bad anxiety, loss of appetite and depression. Also, do u recommend testing is warranted and if so how long should I wait? Plus any other std's I should get tested for and how long?
Avatar f tn There is no 1% failure rate, modern tests look for the virus and antibodies, there is NO DOUBT at all that you are HIV NEGATIVE You are just worried that you may have done something that you did not! HIV is a very fragile virus and actually hard to transmit... You did not catch it from your night in the hotel nor from the test itself, you are clearly HIV NEGATIVE. I would suggest you now move on from this, you are fine and do not need to waste another second of your life worrying about it.
Avatar m tn Hello all. Where do I begin? I’ve worried about hiv nearly my entire life. I don’t know how or exactly when it started, but my first, I guess, ‘episode’ goes all the way back to middle school where some kids would spread rumors about a friend of mine having aids. I know, kids will be kids, but at the time, it really scared me. The first 3 or 4 test I took came after ‘non risks’. I mean, I wasn’t even sexually active and already had multiple negative tests under my belt.
Avatar m tn Consider therapy for your HIV fixation because your other thread this week had all the advice you need.
Avatar n tn One doctor didn't think it was acute bronhcitis, but rather a virus. He gave me albuterol to ease the caughing. I was doing lots of wheezing. Then I developed symptoms like strep throat and I went to the second doctor. I developed these symptoms after spending a day with a friend that had simmilar symptoms (white stuff all over her throat). I drank from the same bottle of gatarode as her.