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Avatar m tn am using a local remedy for hiv treatment, but the viral load is not coming down quickly 798000 to 378000 in five months. should i consider other options? This discussion is related to <a href="/posts/HIV--Living-With-/start-antiretroviral-therapy-or-not/show/1850722">start antiretroviral therapy or not?</a>.
Avatar m tn Does viral load and amount of bodily fluids exchanged affect HIV transmission?
Avatar f tn A follow on question to my earlier post, is it worth me getting a viral load test (12 weeks) to rule out HIV? or can people have a undetectable viral load at 12 weeks?
Avatar f tn I need to know what herbs can reduce the viral load? Secondly, for a viral load of 195,000 and CD4 Count of 209, can one start ARV treatment?
Avatar n tn There has never been a confirmed case of HIV transmitted orally. No risk, no matter the viral load. Oral sex is a theoretical risk, it does not happen. There are several published reports of suspected oral sex transmission but none can be proven. If they could, don't you think that there would be a ton more cases of HIV? Yes there would. No risk insertive or receptive. Period.
Avatar n tn Viral load to increase? You don't want your viral load to increase you want you viral load to become undetectable.
Avatar n tn your viral load can be undectable. real low. there are many new infection with hiv with a undectable viral load, that is why the antibody test is used for diagnosis. you can have antibodies and be undectable. i know that terrible, but true.
Avatar m tn I found out that a guy that I had sex with just tested positive for hiv meaning that when we had sex, he would have a super high viral load. They say when you are first infected it can be as high as 40 million. I've been looking at all the studies done on oral sex (that was the only unprotected thing done) and they all had people who were treated...the highest viral load being 10,000.
Avatar f tn The viral load is 9.8 millionIU/ML.Plz i want to know is this viral load high or low.
Avatar m tn I don't think there is any way to know why some people have low vl and some have high ones, there does not seem to be a significance in the vl and amount of liver damage, either.
Avatar n tn My Husbands Type is 1 and his starting viral load about 5.5million. Doctor just said "it shows that the virus level has dropped to about 1% of its prior level which is encouraging. .. Can anyone shed more light then just encouraging for me please. I dont know what to expect regarding the speed at which it drops.. Seems 99% in 4 weeks is very good is that correct?
Avatar m tn Viral load isn't that important until you start doing treatment, then it's used as a gauge of how well you are responding to the meds. In rare cases for certain genotypes it can be considered along with other factors to consider shortened treatment. The second set of numbers probably refer to the range/sensitivity of the test.Do you know which genotype HCV you have and have you had a biopsy or other procedure to determine the actual condition of your liver?
Avatar n tn hi, i have been diagonized with hepc c, my viral load is 2.3million/ml, is it considered very high? is there any treatment? my liver enzymes are normal, so what to do now?
Avatar f tn i suspect an exposue to hiv ,now i made pcr-rna test and the result was viral load test of hiv-1-rna <40 copies/ml,and the detectiol limit of this test is 40copies/ml(cobas taqman of roche diagnostic).so i want know if iam hiv positive or not or i want to know the meaning of this result .plz reply me on medhelp and on my email .. medical-***@**** .
Avatar f tn hi i would like to know what should be the normal HIV RNA viral load after 15 days of infection.
Avatar n tn So i am concerned now. I had a needle stick 2 weeks ago by a patient who was confirmed HIV+. My initial tests were all neg. and her viral load was <48. I went to the Dr. today and he ordered a HIV viral load test. Why would he order this if my test was neg.? SO if it comes back that i have a viral load than does that mean that i will eventually sero-convert? If it comes back undetectable than does that mean that i will be negative the next time I have a antibody test?
Avatar m tn Additionally, I am curious if anyone can speak to how high one's viral load would be a week after being infected with HIV? Thank you for your consideration and replys.
Avatar n tn worriedaboutears is right, in your case the viral load is not an issue. Yes the degree of the female's viral load does become an issue in more risky situations.
Avatar m tn can a person with this type of viral load transmit hiv through unprotected sex
Avatar m tn They are used to count the viral load in patients who are confirmed HIV positive. The only test that can diagnose HIV is an antibody test. You had no reason to get a PCR test. If you're concerned you may have contracted HIV, have an HIV antibody test at 3 months after your last unprotected exposure and your result will be conclusive.
Avatar f tn I know the window period is 90 days but because I was so worried the doctor did a viral load test. She said that if I have HIV the viral load test will detect it. My test was normal but I did some research and according to the information the viral load test will come out undetectable if you do not have enough virus in your blood stream. How accurate is this test? The reason for the concern is that I had repeated unprotected sex with my partner for 2 weeks straight. He says that he is o.
Avatar m tn Is there any medicine of Retro Viral treatement for HIV/AIDS in India?
Avatar n tn c and a prc or pcr viral load test. This was after 16 days after exposure. The rapid hiv and hep c test were neg. (non reactive) the prc viral load test came back no detectable limits or as my doctor states negative. Is this a conclusive test that I was not exposed to hiv? Your help would be greatly appreciated... What is this prc or pcr viral load test?
Avatar m tn i read on another website that if you have been infected with HIV and your viral load remains sky high it is possible to test negative even though your infected. is this true ?
Avatar m tn Hi there, Is 55000 a high viral load? The ID doctor said that my Viral Load was 55000 but he did not have the cd4 count yet.
1194986 tn?1268675445 Unlike HIV, viral load is not prognostic in hepatitis C patients. So I wouldn't worry too much about how high it is. It also tends to fluctuate, sometimes by quite a bit. Good luck with your biopsy.
Avatar m tn Undetectable viral load in serum is not the same as undetectable semen viral load. You were at risk of contracting HIV. If you were exposed less than 72 hours ago you can go get nPEP you should discussed it with your doctor or infectious disease doctor as early as possible. .